6 Trends to Watch in Wearables


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Wearable Tech. It’s evolving at a breakneck pace. In fact, tech in fashion can potentially be bigger than the smartphone market in a few short years time. Here's my look at 6 big trends in wearables today.

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6 Trends to Watch in Wearables

  2. 2. Wearable Tech. It’s evolving at a breakneck pace. In fact… ORENTODOROS.COM
  3. 3. “Wearable Devices” will be BIGGER than the Smartphone market. ORENTODOROS.COM
  4. 4. The number’s don’t lie… ORENTODOROS.COM
  5. 5. Wearable devices are currently a $3-$5 Billion dollar industry. In as little as 18-24 months, the wearable industry is estimated to be at nearly $50 billion dollars a year. ORENTODOROS.COM
  6. 6. 100 million wearable devices will be sold in 2014. By 2018, that number is set to top 485 million. ORENTODOROS.COM
  7. 7. Wearable devices are demolishing crowdfunding goals. The pebble was the highest funded campaign ever. Misfit Wearables’ activity monitoring device raised $100,000 on Indiegogo in less than 10 hours. ORENTODOROS.COM
  8. 8. Which is why, when it comes to Tech in Fashion, I’m going all in. ORENTODOROS.COM
  9. 9. Here are 5 trends impacting Tech in Fashion right now. ORENTODOROS.COM
  10. 10. Oh, one more thing. In case you’re wondering… ORENTODOROS.COM
  11. 11. I’m not promoting, or endorsing any of these products, but I am extremely excited about the opportunities they present. ORENTODOROS.COM
  12. 12. HEALTH AND FITNESS With devices like the Jawbone UP and Nike+ Fuelband already available on the market, it’s always exciting to see what else creative and tech savvy minds can do to improve our overall health. After all, being healthy isn’t going out of style any time soon, right? ORENTODOROS.COM
  13. 13. 3D PRINTED FASHION Personally I think that the most interesting thing about 3D printing is how it’s disrupting the production process, while sparking new creativity. The individual costs of each design unit is currently more expensive than tradition methods, but it’s helping designers push the boundaries of conventional ideas, and that’s something you really can’t put a price tag on. ORENTODOROS.COM
  14. 14. GESTURE CONTROL Myo is a gesture control armband that works out of the box with things you already have like your Mac, Windows PC, iPhone and Android. The Myo Armband uses Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy to communicate with the devices it's paired with so you can control presentations, video, content, games, and much… ORENTODOROS.COM
  15. 15. SMART WATCHES I admit, smart watches may seem a little dorky right now, but you can’t neglect the impact that the Pebble and it’s app store have had on the wearable’s industry. Smart watches are a necessary stepping stone towards making other devices like Glass more socially acceptable. ORENTODOROS.COM
  16. 16. SECURITY Wearable tech is set to give parents a little extra piece of mind by helping to keep a watchful eye on their loved one's whereabouts and receive alerts if they stray too far. In addition to helping protect your family, wearable devices provide two-way communications capability where family members can contact each other instantly should the need arise -- or simply stay in touch. ORENTODOROS.COM
  17. 17. LIFE CASTING Think that Instagram, YouTube and Facebook have taken social sharing to a new level? Just wait until life casting wearable devices like the Narrative Clip become the norm. Things are about to become a whole lot more “live” than ever before, and the wildest part is, you probably won’t even realize it’s happening. ORENTODOROS.COM
  18. 18. But don’t take it from me… ORENTODOROS.COM
  19. 19. "I'm online all the time... I sleep with my iPad. That's where the world is going…” ~Diane Von Furstenberg* Diane of Fürstenberg is a Belgian born American fashion designer. ORENTODOROS.COM