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Oremantis map & design studio


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A portfolio of my mapping and design work. Please view more at

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Oremantis map & design studio

  1. 1. MAPPING PORTFOLIO Liezel Bohdanowicz DAVID McCUTCHEON Cartographer extraordinaire, FBCart.S | DVD Maps Tel 07990 580357 ROELIEN THERON Managing Editor | Struik Travel and Heritage Tel +27 (0)21 460 5400 KRISTOF VAN DEN BRANDEN Managing Director | La Mosca Tel +32 478 88 30 13 GORDON CHEERS Managing Director | Millennium House Tel (612) 9817 4971 contactable references
  2. 2. 1985 – 1999 education 2000 – 2002 Office Secretary & PA at an advertising agency 2002 – 2004 Digital Cartographer at Struik Publishers Special Projects 2004 – 2005 Research Editor at Struik Publishers Mapstudio 2005 6-month gap break in UK mid-2005 – 2007 Assistant Events Coordinator & Internal Communications Officer at Sanlam Investments Lamosca The Target maps South Africa by Road maps Beautiful Kenya map Paths to Pints maps Sanlam corporate brochure Dorling Kindersley maps Bradt Travel Guide maps Millennium House Earth Platinum PGUK Yellow pages maps 2012 RATE: ZAR 160.00 Highlights 2006 - now Freelance Cartographer & Graphic Designer at Name Liezel Bohdanowicz DOB 05031979 Tel +27 (0)21 9031678 Mobile +27 (0)79 194 0163 Mobile Location Cape Town, South Africa Born and raised in Cape Town, I began my creative studies at school where I enrolled in an art academy in the afternoons. Here I studied art history, textile and fibre art design for 4 years. I wanted to become a Textile Designer. Between 1997 and 1998, I studied Textile Design at the local technikon for a further 2 years. I was yearning for work experience and quite honestly, I had had enough of fabric. I did however pick up photoshop and professional design practice skills while on the diploma course. I wanted to change my career and decided against another 2 years at college. As a stepping stone, while deciding on the perfect career direction, I enrolled at a college where I studied the intricacies of becoming a really good secretary. I was fortunate enough to find a job at an advertising agency where I learnt valuable skills about the admin behind the creative industry. During my time at the ad agency, I enrolled in a web design course, evening classes. I learnt how to design a web site and web-friendly graphics. Towards the end of 2002, I applied for a junior map editing position at Struik Publishers, Special Projects department. The department worked on exclusive projects contracted by Struik’s sister company - Lovell Johns UK. When I applied for this job, I had no idea about the passionate and totally obsessive relationship I would develop with maps. After only two days on the new job I knew that my true career calling was standing right in front of me. I worked hard, training on the job, staying late to practice what I had learnt about mapping everyday. I worked at an internet cafe some nights to supplement my income - as we all know, a junior map editor must be penny wise. In 2004, I moved internally to the major map publishing department in the country - Mapstudio. The position was titled Research Editor, but really it was a Quality Assurance position where I would check both the content and the cartographic styling of the maps. I enjoyed this, but I missed making maps. At the beginning of 2005, I had the chance to travel to the UK for 6 months. It’s a long story, but it gave me a kick start into getting ideas together to run my own mapping and design freelance business. Upon returning in mid-2005, I had to find work quickly and so applied for a position at an investment company. It was a creative position where I designed brochures, internal communication letters, promotional gifts, updated the company’s website, letterheads, business cards and even had the chance to design a recipe book for a staff year-end gift. Nice job but I never lost sight of my goal - making maps. During my time at the investment company I contacted Lovell Johns UK and informed them that I was available for possible freelance work. I had always had a good working relationship with David McCutcheon, the project manager at Lovell Johns at the time. He was happy to have me on board. I created maps every day, when I returned home from my day job. This taught me fearlessness of an all-nighter. There were plenty of these. The same year I won bids on mapping projects advertised at Locally, I had two more clients added to my list and by mid-2007, my freelancing was too busy to continue with a day job. I went completely solo and have worked on innovative, exciting and groundbreaking projects ever since. I use a pc but I am mac literate and should a project require additional software, machine or OS, I am willing to purchase. pg1-2 pg3-4 pg5-8 pg9-10 pg11-12 pg13-14 pg15 pg16 ABOUT ME MILLENNIUM HOUSE RANDOM HOUSE STRUIK LA MOSCA THE TARGET LOVELL JOHNS UK DVDMAPS OTHER WORK REFERENCES timeline Portfolio contents 01
  3. 3. 1 2 3 4 5 1996 LA ROCHELLE GIRLS' HIGH SCHOOL MATRIC English, Afrikaans, Art History, Fibre Art, Textile Design, Typing, Needlework 1997 – 1999 TEXTILE DESIGN - CAPE TECHNIKON Photoshop classes on Mac platform Design practice and principles Screenprinting 1999 COMPUTER APPLICATION CAREER DIPLOMA All Microsoft office applications at an advanced level Secretarial and reception etiquette 2001 WEB DESIGN – DAKOTA TRAINING Dreamweaver 4 UltraDev Fireworks 4 Flash 5 Design and Actionscript Silverfish e-commerce Html 2002 SPECIALIZED TRAINING FROM LOVELL JOHNS UK FOR ARCMAP, ILLUSTRATOR AND FREEHAND Learning how to gazetteer & digitise to create the foundation of a map & to complete the process thereafter 2003 CARTO101 1-week Carto101 company sponsored course with S. Jansen from Land Affairs: Surveys and Mapping to learn the principles behind Cartography Oremantis was born on my return from the UK. I wanted to register a website to showcase my map design skills and had to establish a web presence. The idea behind the Oremantis logo: ORE relates to roads, buildings, man-made structures. MANTIS is used for the bright green displayed in a praying mantis insect to signify nature. These words join to form a balance and combination between nature and industry. One can therefore compare these elements to roads over landscapes, parks in cities, buildings - all depicted and used in mapping. who is education find me on 02
  4. 4. Publisher: Gordon Cheers “An outstanding milestone in publishing at 6ft x 4.5ft (1.8m x 1.4m), this exquisite book is unsurpassed in size, quality, and detail. A showcase of the craftsmanship of more than 100 international cartographers, geographers and photographers. Specifications Total collection limited to thirty-one individually numbered copies 6 feet × 4.5 feet (1.8m × 1.4m) Earth Platinum ISBN 978-1-921811-11-1 128 pages, portrait More than 45 pages of the finest contemporary maps Cost $100,000 USD Once in a lifetime, the opportunity comes along to acquire something truly exquisite and unique—a piece of history, a rare collectible, a masterpiece... EARTH Platinum Edition is such an acquisition. With only 31 individually numbered copies of this immense, limited edition atlas available, this beautifully presented book will be sought after by fine institutions and discerning collectors. Superb cartography is displayed on the massive pages when opened: each spread measures a breathtaking 6 feet x 9 feet (1.8m x 2.7m), presenting an unsurpassed view of the world. Every step required to produce this exclusive atlas has challenged existing processes, and the exacting standards of quality and presentation expected by Millennium House have contributed to the development of improved techniques and demanded the finest craftsmanship. EARTH Platinum Edition is destined to become a prized reference and a focal point of the world's major libraries and repositories.” “This particular map shows your passion for cartography and any praise given to you is well earned. It has been a true pleasure to have you work on this project, without your skills it would not have been possible in the short time we had left to complete this incredible project.” - Craig MacAlpine, Geographx (a general comment about my work) A rather amusing, yet very flattering, note from Gordon: “We would like to do the whole book with you. Sadly we don’t have the time. You don’t have a twin?” - Gordon Cheers, Managing Director at Millennium House before after EARTH Platinum Edition The World's Largest Atlas a snippet from the imprint 03
  5. 5. I was part of both the clean-up and corrections team during the Earth Platinum project. The clean-up team are primarily tasked with turning a computer- generated product into something worthwhile. They look at label placement and also the labels that Maplex has placed as opposed to unplaced. The maps went through the following processes before the clean-up phase: 1. Type labels and symbology for each map are extracted, projected and exported from the central geodatabase using Maplex and imported into an Illustrator page template. 2. A number of scripts are run for character and symbol replacements 3. The marginalia and the linework are added 4. A projected raster scan of an earlier MH map is then added to provide a base reference for clean-up team > This is where I stepped in for clean-up 5. Following clean-up, the scanned raster is removed and replaced with the proper raster relief map (created at Geographx) 6. Checks are run and a 1st draft pdf is created which goes back to Millennium House, where the editors mark it up for corrections. 7. The marked-up pdf goes, together with the Illustrator file, to those charged with implementing corrections. The cartographer corrects the Illustrator file and notes anything he/she finds that needs to be brought to the MH editor’s attention. > This is where I stepped in for corrections 8. This editing/correction process will go through at least 2 iterations. 9. The files then go back to Geographx for last minute checks on formatting, colour profiles etc. All the Gaz_IDs are exported so that the Gazette can be created. A press quality file is created and sent off for final proofing and printing. before after 04
  6. 6. Supply 1 outline map, 1 locator map, 29 chapter maps and update 12 town plans Convert original data from Freehand to Illustrator Tweak the map design to compliment the rest of the guide Implement a visually attractive way to display an English and Afrikaans version of a map label Add POI’s mentioned in each chapter, where they are not in the original file Use clipping masks and relevant cropping required for DPS maps such as the Garden Route in the news The brief 05
  7. 7. South Africa by Road A Regional Guide “South Africa by Road: A Regional Guide is more than a mere travel guide; it is a comprehensive handbook to the country, giving insight into the many national treasures that line our highways and byways – from vibrant cities to charming country towns and one-horse dorps steeped in history. The ultimate companion for any road trip, it offers sound advice on the best routes, and contains all that holidaymakers need to know when planning their next vacation. Full-colour photographs and an interesting mix of side panels will inspire travellers to take to the tarred and gravel roads of South Africa, and explore the many absorbing nooks and crannies of our extraordinarily diverse country. Each chapter gives an overview of a region’s climate, flora and fauna, and history and heritage, and highlights the most noteworthy places. Ideas for what to do in each location are outlined, as are key activities, routes and trails. From hot-air ballooning to white-water rafting, 4x4 trails to strolls in the countryside, spelunking to visiting museums, and festivals to architecture, there is something for everyone. Customised full-colour maps in each of the 29 chapters show national, secondary and dirt roads, toll roads, passes, game reserves, national parks and nature reserves, as well as places of interest to help you plan your journey. A separate 46-page road guide and 12 town plans complete the useful cartographic section.” ?titleID=3162&imprintID=1 “Liezel, Thank you for all the time and energy you put into SABR. The maps look amazing, and truly make this book a cut above the rest.” - Struik Travel and Heritage | Random House Struik 06
  8. 8. “Kenya – The Beautiful guides the reader on a journey through each of the country's distinctive regions, following in the footsteps of the travellers who have gone before in search of the beautiful land.” Country map: 230mm (h) x 220 mm (w), full-colour Electronic files and fonts of base map supplied Texture map to be dropped in Show all park boundaries and names Additional parks and marine reserves to be added Add labels for geographic features "YOU ARE A MAGICIAN! The map is beautiful and your work is brilliant!" - Roelien Theron, Managing Editor Struik Travel and Heritage | Random House Struik (on ‘Kenya - The Beautiful’ map) Kenya - The Beautiful The brief 07
  9. 9. Book size is A5 portrait Base maps supplied by NGI Base maps to be grayscale, 70% b/w and 300dpi Ensure base maps are supplied with a straight orientation Maps to be done in Illustrator Map spec and font supplied on a template Font is chalkboard bold 7pt Add scale bar and north symbol Create parking, POI, gradient and directional symbols Use the base map, hand drawn routes from the authors’ notes and supplied spec to create and supply the final maps “The most detailed coverage yet of the many paths that crisscross the Cape Peninsula, this book describes 72 trails that traverse Table Mountain, the rocky headlands of Cape Point, and the mountains, ridges, beaches and forests of Constantia and the villages that hug the peninsular coastline. Best of all, however, there’s a chapter presenting 33 favoured watering holes where weary hikers can wet their whistles after they have worked up a sweat. Besides a detailed description, each trail features a concise route summary, contour map , and GPS coordinates for the start and end points. A handy overview presents the distance, duration, difficulty, exposure and gradient of each route; colour photographs and varied fact panels on local flora, fauna, geology and history add lively interest. The carefully selected pubs have been rated according to atmosphere, value and quality of food, and useful icons illustrate where there are views or sports viewing facilities. Mountain safety and emergency rescue advice and tips on hiking gear and what to pack are also included. This practical guide, written by veteran hiker Tony Burton, is a must-have for novice and experienced hikers as well as casual ramblers. Even teetotallers will not want to be without their copy.” “Thanks for the great work you've done on this title. I know it's been demanding but we could not have done it without your massive contribution.” - Roelien Theron, Managing Editor, Struik Travel and Heritage | Random House Struik (on the ‘Paths to Pubs’ maps) The brief Paths to Pubs: A Guide to Hikes and Pints in the Cape Peninsula 08
  10. 10. “The Target is an exciting chase game that is unique in the world. You will be playing a video game with the city as the setting. A dangerous gangster has just escaped from prison. A client will give him money for every crime he commits. Three policemen are sent to catch him, before he has managed to collect € 1,000,000. The gangster has to steal (virtual) objects that are located all over the city to be able to commit the crimes: a knife, a rope ladder, explosives, etc. Every time he steals an object or commits a crime, however, the gangster leaves a trail for the police teams. Thanks to the satellites, the police teams are able to localize the gangster every 6 minutes. They can also check continuously how far away they are from the gangster. But the gangster knows how to intercept the satellite signals and is given the same information as the players on his screen... and he has a few special defences to shake off any police pursuit, like the mines or the bullet-proof vest. Will the police succeed in disabling the gangster before he has achieved his goal?” “We are very happy with the maps you have made for us over the past few years! Thanks again for all the beautiful and accurate maps you have made. You are always ready to produce a last minute map and deliver on time.” - Kristof Van Den Branden, owner of La Mosca I met Kristof, owner of La Mosca, in 2006 via I won a bid on a project and we have been working together ever since. It’s a wonderful and exciting way to play a city game and I commend him for his originality and use of combining mapping and technology. To-date, I have created 170 cards and 330 customized maps for La Mosca, The Target city game.©La Mosca above: Bercy 720x720 The Target game map below: Versailles 720x720 The Target game map below: Disney World 720x720 The Target game map La Mosca The Target 09
  11. 11. Design a map spec to fit in with the La Mosca brand Create a sliceable grid over the map that will not have any text running over the edges so that it can be displayed on a standard GPS-enabled cellular device screen (120px per slice) Research and collect information from various reference sources on the internet so that the map is nearest to actual structures on the ground Source and fit street names and other applicable labels For the laminated cards, create a back to back card design that can be printed by La Mosca and accompany the player during the game Add symbols to the map Front image supplied by La Mosca below: Multilingual Hong Kong 720x720 The Target game map above: Card design for The Target game map The brief - maps The brief - cards 10
  12. 12. above: examples of the editor overlays supplied for updates 1st stage map tidy Restyle data Extend south of map Apply overlay edits Add tunnels and intersections Hill shading added by Lovell Johns before The brief - DK maps after 11
  13. 13. Organise layers and data Import a .tiff base Tidy all linework Tidy all text Maintain indexing features Organise layers and data Tidy all linework Tidy all text Add symbols Restyle data where required Tidy all linework Tidy all text Maintain indexing features Since 2002, I have had the opportunity to be an employee and a sub-contractor to Lovell Johns, UK. Clients and titles range from AA and Philip’s street atlases, PGUK, Dorling Kindersley and many more. I received in-house on-the-job training from my manager - Carl Germishuys (Cape Town), Clare Varney (UK) and David McCutcheon (UK) during a two year period within the department. below: a map from one of the many Philip’s street guides I worked on in 2003 My favourite part of mapping is most definately any first stage map tidy, restyling of data & placing labelsThe brief - Philip’s Navigator Atlas The brief - InterContinental Hotels Group The brief - Philip’s Street guides 12
  14. 14. Origination of 65 maps using base maps from (credit given to OSM) Maps: Regional, DPS and SPS Restyle map Add all labels Add building shapes and POI’s from editorial notes supplied and other research sources Apply round joins to all linework Tidy motorway centrelines & simplify Clean up major junctions Improve town name positioning Review spacing of road numbers Name every road/street that the route follows. Use Leader lines where required Reposition the bus stops over the new route Add the timing info for each bus stop Review position of motorway junction numbers Reinstate unplaced labels where required The bus routes need to exactly follow the data In 2009, David McCutcheon, ex-Production Manager at Lovell Johns, went solo with his mapping career. I owe most of my skills and mapping know-how to David and I consider him to be my map mentor. I partnered up with David and we continue to create many beautiful maps together. We do however have the freedom to find and work on our own projects. above: Bath PGUK SPS map “When I first traveled to South Africa in a training role, I came across a young woman with a talent for making maps and more impressively, playing pool. Little did I know this would be the start of a professional relationship spanning over 10 years. I have a long list of Cartographers who I can call upon when needed and Liezel is top of that list. With an eye for detail, an inquiring mind and quick to learn, she has matured into an accomplished Cartographer. However, I'm not sure how her pool is these days.” - David McCutcheon, Cartographer, FBCart.S owner of DVDMaps The brief - PGUK maps The brief - Green Bus maps 13
  15. 15. Convert Freehand to Illustrator Create a layer structure and relayer the data Change the map number, date and the map title. Replace symbols Reunite fragmented text Restyle the scale bar and all pattern fills Be sure to work in Overprint preview mode Use the hand-drawn notes on the scans provided to originate a new map using reference sources Use the key document containing points of interest mentioned in the chapters to add them to the maps Make sure to adhere to the styling on the Bradt stylesheet Use the appropriate frame size and type of map, eg. regional/town plan etc The brief - Bradt conversionsThe brief - Bradt new maps 14
  16. 16. Design a brochure that can be emailed to, or printed for, our clients Design a logo Originate a brand spec Design various in-house corporate brochures to be used by staff members as handbooks, at conferences and workshops. Honour the Sanlam brand while at the same time, making the handbooks and brochures fun and interesting to use. The brief - Lazarsigns brochure The brief - Sanlam brochures 15
  17. 17. DAVID McCUTCHEON Cartographer extraordinaire, FBCart.S | DVD Maps Tel 07990 580357 ROELIEN THERON Managing Editor | Struik Travel and Heritage Tel +27 (0)21 460 5400 KRISTOF VAN DEN BRANDEN Managing Director | La Mosca Tel +32 478 88 30 13 GORDON CHEERS Managing Director | Millennium House Tel (612) 9817 4971 contactable references 16