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Keep downloaded BBC iPlayer TV shows Permanently.


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Keep downloaded BBC iPlayer TV shows Permanently.

  1. 1. Removing DRM from BBC iPlayer programmes
  2. 2. • The BBC iPlayer Desktop program brings much convenience for us, for example, you can find and watch the newest BBC television shows, catch up on the last 30 days of episodes, even download BBC iPlayer TV-shows onto local hard drive or copy the video downloads onto the BBC-authorized portable devices.•• However, to prevent the iPlayer programme downloads from being pirated, BBC encrypts their digital contents using Microsofts Windows Media DRM – PlayForSure, as a result, the downloaded BBC iPlayer programmes have 30 days of preserved period on consumers’ computer, once the period expire, the digital download files will self destruct. And when you start to play the programme, you have 7 days to watch it.• However, if you are particularly fond of a BBC programme, and want to download it via iPlayer to your computer and keep the downloaded BBC programmes on local hard drive or burn it to DVD for a long-term preservation, but not to re-distribute the digital material, this article teaches you how to remove DRM protection from BBC iPlayer programme downloads step by step.• Related Articles:• - How to burn iTunes movies/TV-shows to DVD.• - How to burn BBC iPlayer programmes to DVD.• - A good copyrithed DVD ripping software.