Insights About Portland's Software Cluster


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Over 800 individuals took part in a 3-month online & in-person exercise to define the Portland-Metro region's attributes and needs related to the software and high technology cluster.

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Insights About Portland's Software Cluster

  1. 1. Developing a PDX Software Cluster Strategy “Portland, A Living Laboratory”Findings from Community Conversation #3
  2. 2. SAO Matt NeesViaWest Jim LinkousMcClenahan Bruer Kerry McClenahanMayor’s Office Skip NewberryFUSE Insight Thompson Morrison & Harvey Mathews
  3. 3. Building Portland’s Economic Future Four areas of opportunity Athletic & Outdoor Clean Technology Advanced Manufacturing Software
  4. 4. Developing a Software InitiativeSoftware as a strategic economic clusterHigh paying jobsTraded sectorDriver of economic growthCritical to define advantageCompetitive vs. comparative advantageDesigning a public/private partnershipLearn from each otherAlignmentCommitmentSustain
  5. 5. Engaging IndustryPDC initiated a conversation with the industry through:Company meetingsCommunity conversationsIndustry roundtablesPDC joined with SAO and Fuse Insight to elicit evenmore meaningful feedbackThree iterative online surveysMore than 860 responsesEqual participation of Founders/CEOs and Developers/Staff
  6. 6. Celebrating our SuccessPortland Seed FundSupport for Portland TenCity of Portland Open Source InitiativesInflux of New Risk Capital Jive Software $30.0 million JanRain $3.25 million Elemental Technologies $7.5 million Shop Igniter $3.0 million Urban Airship $6.5 million Clinicient $2.8 million Puppet Labs $5.0 million Second Porch $1.0 million Giftango $5.0 million Active Trak $0.5 million Act-On $4.0 million TOTAL $68.55 Million
  7. 7. Ours is not a normal industrySoftware industry has been driving new paradigmsof innovation and value creationLeading the way into a post-industrial ageThree key elements:Community SourcingAgile IterationOpen InnovationOpportunity of Public/Private MashupCreating economic innovation policy
  8. 8. Modeling an innovation process Strategy Development Group was Reflect Reflect Reflect not exported from SlideRockeForm t PublicCore Listen Listen Listen RolloutTeam
  9. 9. Key findings from first two conversations: Framework for Community Infrastructure Mentoring Business NetworksLogistics Software Connection Industry Knowledge Financing Networks Networks
  10. 10. Conversation included broad spectrum of our community
  11. 11. Business Mentoring consideredimportant for 88% of Community
  12. 12. 66% of the community would like to be involved in Mentoring Program
  13. 13. Business Strategy and Sales/Marketing two primary focus areas
  14. 14. Primary Challenge: getting enough people involved
  15. 15. Connecting entrepreneurs to seed andangel funds important for our community
  16. 16. Investor identification first critical task for Financing Network
  17. 17. More than 40% of our Community wouldlike to be involved in the Financing Network
  18. 18. Lack of capital and experience keybarriers for the Financing Network
  19. 19. Community support for providinglogistical support to User Groups
  20. 20. Online tool for finding meeting spaces primary need
  21. 21. Some cautionary adviceThere is No Such Thing as the Next Silicon ValleyEfforts to duplicate Silicon Valley tend to fail because theyattempt to follow the Valley by looking at where it is now. Theydont look at the century of history. - Bradford Cross, Measuring MeasuresDo we really want to be the Next Silicon Valley?
  22. 22. Finding our narrative Who are we? What do we want? To be successful we must define competitiveadvantage based on our values and cultural DNA
  23. 23. Embracing our Values…
  24. 24. Understanding our Cultural DNA The Fort Hall Decision
  25. 25. Defining Our Competitive Advantage
  26. 26. Defining Our Competitive Advantage Who are we? What do we want? To be successful we must define competitiveadvantage based on our values and cultural DNA
  27. 27. Why Portland? The Fort Hall Decision & The Software Industry What values best Today’s Softwaredefine Portland’s tech development environment professionals requires: 1. Quality of life 1. Connectivity 2. Community 2. Agility 3. Innovation 3. Entrepreneurship 4. Cultivation Culture 4. Mashups
  28. 28. Call To Action Mentoring Business NetworksLogistics Connection PDX 11 Knowledge Financing Networks Networks
  29. 29. Next StepsCommitmentInvolvement in specific network initiativesStructureCommunity-driven strategy and implementation managementProgress Report Event February 2011
  30. 30. Call To Action Economic Innovation Business Networks PDX 11Knowledge Financing Networks Networks