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088a - Prayers Holy Spirit Act of grief, Benediction, Saint Rosary, Per i defunti


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Prayers Holy Spirit Act of grief, Benediction, Saint Rosary, Per i defunti

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088a - Prayers Holy Spirit Act of grief, Benediction, Saint Rosary, Per i defunti

  1. 1. Prayer for the Holy Spirit Great Mother Holy Spirit, thanks to You for the gifts and the teachings - corrections, of the wash cycle and of the purifications to make us worthy of the promises of Christ. Act of grief : My God, I repent and I regrets with all my heart of my sins, because I have offended You, infinitely good and worthy of to be obeyed and beloved above everything. I intend me with Your holy help not to offend you anymore and to run away the occasions of sin obeying to Your Commandments. I again ask you for forgiveness. Benediction : The benediction of God Omnipotent goes down on all men in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Great Mother Holy Spirit. The Saint Rosary : You beg the Saint Rosary and above all you meditate the Joyful, Glorious and Painful Mysteries 1 . Prayer for the dead persons that live in the Life after Death: Eternal life gives them Lord God, Your Divine Light shine on them and full of love and of kniwledge they can operate and to rejoice forever. To the Lord Jesus was asked how we have to pray for the dead persons. He answered so:<<… It is very easy! In your prayers you have not to think of having to persuade Me to a bigger compassion, because I am infinitely more pitiful of all best men of the world put together, but repeat to these Souls, in your heart, with faith and love, the Gospel, and them will perceive It and they will direct themselves on the basis of It! And this way you will do to them an authentic preaching that it will be to them of great utility. All other prayers or ejaculatory prayers they are not at all useful to the Souls of the dead persons, on the contrary they are them harmful, since they do not serve but to irritate them …2 >> . 1 AA.VV. Pregate, Pregate, Pregate, MIR, Via Industria, 15 – 60037 Monte San Vito (Ancona), Italy, tel. 0039-71-74 50 440 2 Jakob Lorber, Il Signore parla, page 179, Armenia ; Paola Giovetti, I Messaggi della Speranza, pages 90, 91, 96, 97, 98, 120, 121, 141, 149, 155 and 156, Mediterranee