Running Head: LAW ENFORCEMENT TO OVERCOME RACISM   1             LAW ENFORCEMENT TO OVERCOME RACISM                       ...
LAW ENFORCEMENT TO OVERCOME RACISM                                                               2                        ...
LAW ENFORCEMENT TO OVERCOME RACISM                                                                3       There should be ...
LAW ENFORCEMENT TO OVERCOME RACISM                                                             4concern as this has been v...
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How does law enforcement to overcome racism


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How does law enforcement to overcome racism

  1. 1. Running Head: LAW ENFORCEMENT TO OVERCOME RACISM 1 LAW ENFORCEMENT TO OVERCOME RACISM Name Institution Affiliation Course Date of Submission
  2. 2. LAW ENFORCEMENT TO OVERCOME RACISM 2 Introduction The relationship that exists between law enforcers and the black community is plays amajor role that was fostered by historical intimidation and slavery of the black community.This calls for the need of law enforcers to understand the historical culture of AfricanAmerican and that of the white to improve their relations while changing the existingperception. The two cultures have different origins and thus, the possibility of communicationproblems between citizens and law enforcers. It is therefore important to recognize thedistinctive of the black language, culture and communication which have renderedmisunderstanding among law enforcers and black community. The law enforcement agencymust address the issue of minority group through offering of equal rights as those majoritygroups are conferred with. The black community has been sidelined historically and even today there are trendsof their deprived rights. The black community has been stereotyped as that of criminals, andthis has resulted to a negative relation between the blacks and the law enforcers. It istherefore significant for the law enforcers to grant equal rights to this minority group whichhas been deprived of its right from seventeenth century to present. The presentation of blackfamily as incomplete or distorted has crippled the effect of the family for generations. Thereis a need for strengthening of the morals of the minority group to a loyalty family which willeffectively build the African American community positively. This will consequentlycontribute to high level of respect to testify the strength of black community. The lawenforcers need to interact with the African American problems and stem it from its historicalperspective which will set a positive tone between them. Streamlining of relation of the blackcommunity with the law enforcers will have the effect of eliminating historical predicamentexposure of poor relationship.
  3. 3. LAW ENFORCEMENT TO OVERCOME RACISM 3 There should be no segregation of access to public institutions as it is exhibited inmany areas. The public institutions need to be offered equally in all areas as this will enableall communities to access health and education. This will consequently provide employmentopportunities to all hence reduction of unemployment and crime rate. The de privation ofblack community access to public amenities rob them of securing good employmentopportunities and this determines who majority group perceive and reacts toward the minorityblacks. Many blacks have inspired the sense of community identification and racial identitythrough identifying with African culture. This has a wide difference between the culture ofblacks in relation to whites where the law enforcers need to identify the cultural values ofAfrican American in considering the richness if their heritage. This ethical values which haveinfluenced the black community culture must embraced by the law enforcement agency toeliminate biasness with regard to blacks. Stereotyping is a major problem which has rendered the blacks to be perceivednegatively. This is depicted where police use excessive force when dealing with this minoritygroup. This notion needs to be eliminated in deal with law breakers effectively regardless oftheir cultural background or race. Stereotyping has rendered the law enforcers to harbor fearsregarding blacks association with criminality. This perception has rendered the blackcommunity to resort to behavior of not trusting law enforcers, and riots, and thus, the need forinterpretation of racial difference to benefit the law enforcers and minority groups to increasecooperation and safety. The family setting of black community should be regarded as a loyalty family andtreated with respect as much as the white family. The threat of the society needs to be takenseriously by law enforcers as the cultural differences are at work. Law enforcers must beconcerned with the family of black communities regardless of its setting and treat it withrespect as much as possible. Communication styles by the black community must be of
  4. 4. LAW ENFORCEMENT TO OVERCOME RACISM 4concern as this has been viewed a hostile by police. Communication by blacks differs fromthat of the white and misinterpretation can lead the law enforcers to deem the person hostile.The law enforcers must not imitate the accent of a group which has historically been ridiculedas it can be viewed as insulting. The response to the racial events must be addressed to enable the black communityincrease the level of trust to law enforcers and satisfaction with their interaction. Thereshould be fairness between the minorities and white in reaction to the law enforcers as thiswill increase the willingness to comply with directives of law enforcers. The perception offairs treatment is an important aspect that forms reaction of encounter between the lawenforcers and the minority blacks. As griffin (2009) echoed that the best way to open up adialogue is through face to face contact where every one has a chance to voice his needs andfeelings and to be heard. Leaning to listen does not predispose the readiness of a battle but ifthis is not done the re is a possibility to change into attack mode.