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Eng 101


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Eng 101

  1. 1. Surname 1Name:Course:Tutor:Date: ENG 101 Calling Home The Calling Home account is well told because it utilises painstaking detail about herchildhood. She describes the events like a young girl and gives it originality through detailthat a child can relate. It gets credibility from the degree of reason invested in it. Therecounting of events, even at the police station, is aptly fitting from the viewpoint of athirteen-year-old. It has vivid presentation because she gives the reasoning behind herdecisions. Further, she lets the reader in on her feelings (Axelrod et al 12). Theautobiographical significance is that she recounts her childhood. She tells of her sweetmemories of her childhood. It is visible from the text that they shaped her life. American Childhood The author uses this piece to translate the rules of football to the relevance of life.This makes it a truly compelling read. The fact that she grew up playing football, with theboys, makes her life a highly appealing one. She takes time to delve into every detail of therun. She creates detailed images in the mind of the reader by exploring what her perception ofthe situation presents. It has a vivid style because she relates the presence of all occurrences
  2. 2. Surname 2of her life to a solution of some sort. It has autobiographical reliance because it recounts herjourney through young life, searching for an identity. When the Walls came Tumbling Down This tale is evocative and laden with emotive lessons from the life experience of ayoung person. The author tells of the passing on of his mother, when he was young. Later, heencounters difficulties especially when the father encounters death from infection (Axelrod etal, 2010). It is vivid because it recounts how the boy learns of the painful fate of his parentsand how he deals with it. Its autobiographical importance arises from the fact that it lays outthe events that graced his life. Longing to Belong This tale follows the life of a young, mixed-blood girl in search of identity. Thismakes it a vivid read because of the details it gives regarding Pakistani culture (Axelrod et al32). It is well written because it takes a rather impartial view of the family and its leanings. Ittells of the struggle of a girl to fit into an alien culture. Its autobiographical cut is the detail ofexperience growing up with extended family. Sticks and Stones This tale follows the life of a young boy and his take on sports. It is well writtenbecause it exhaustively addresses the schisms in sport and the need to address them. It vividlydepicts the rationale behind naming teams in an impartial manner. Its autobiographicalsignificance arises from the accounts of childhood encounters. It follows the encounters ofthe author with sport through his young life. He explains what sport has shaped in his view ofthe various races of human beings. The Accident
  3. 3. Surname 3 The accident tells of the story of a person that survived the holocaust. It is wellwritten because it explores the difficulty involved with surviving a holocaust. The bookvividly depicts how the accident, being hit by a cab, takes a toll on the life of the maincharacter. This happens despite the efforts of loved ones to bring his life back on track. Theautobiographical resolve is palpable because it follows the events of his life ever since theholocaust all the way through to his moments of struggling with hopelessness Almost quittingThe story outlines a first day encounter at a hard job site. The author recalls how this instancechanged his perception of work and struggles. He managed to squeeze in all the detail hecould get and told a very poignant story. It exemplifies a lesson-driven life. The story is vividbecause it captures the essence of hard work and its rewards. The well written piece isdetailed and shows an autobiographical inclination in depicting the life of a blue collerworker. Aubrey E Smithflashing light and sirens
  4. 4. Surname 4 Works CitedAxelrod, R. B., & Cooper, C. R. The St Martins guide to writing Boston: Bedford/St. Martins, 2010. Print