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Leading Strategic Tech Trends in 2016


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2016 will be the year when a lot of path-breaking technological disruptions will finally gain ground. From Internet of Things, to 3D Printing and Advanced Machine Learning, 2016 might well be the year of big disruptions. Self-driving cars will gain a lot of acceptance at least in the tech and academic circles. It will be a big year for more converged digital existence where man and machine will learn to co-exist in harmony. Go through this infographic to gain more insights now.

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Leading Strategic Tech Trends in 2016

  1. 1. Leading Strategic Tech Trends in 2016 Intelligence Abounds Future IT Real meets Virtual World Advanced, Pervasive & Invisible Analytics Context-Rich Systems Smart Machines 3D Printing Internet of Things Computing Everywhere Software-Defined Applications & Infrastructure Web-Scale IT Cloud/ Client Computing Toll Free: 800-232-5130 References