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6 Key Social Media Analytics Insights


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Social media is a big brand influencer and businesses just cannot afford not to be on social media channels. But just being on social networking sites for the sake of being there would also not serve the purpose. In order to understand your core audience it is necessary to segment your users in the right bracket, understand their behavioural attributes and also find out how often your brand is being spoken on social media channels.

All this can give you a head start in analyzing the audience thought process and coming up with a social media strategy that can help your brand gain much-needed visibility.

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6 Key Social Media Analytics Insights

  1. 1. Solutions for higher performance! 6 Social Media Analytics Key Insights
  2. 2. Behavioral Insights Categorize the behavior of specific social media participants by initialising them in the categories of user, prospective user, recommender or detractor. Behavioral Insights 1
  3. 3. Segmentation Categorize your audience by geography, gender, marital status,parental status, and influencer scores to help you determine accurately who is commenting on your key topics. 2
  4. 4. Share of Voice Understand the prevalence and intensity of social media exchanges regarding your brand, products, services, company reputation or any other topic. 3
  5. 5. Analyze the relationship between any two dimensions or any two attributes within an aspect by measuring the degree of affinity between them. Learn if one characteristic of a product significantly affects the perception of other product characteristics. Affinity Relationships 4
  6. 6. Measure the tone and intent of large volumes of discussions across numerous social media channels. Sentiment analysis designates whether a particular consumer comment is affirmative, negative, neutral or ambivalent toward the topics of interest. Response 5
  7. 7. Use clustering analysis to group related keywords that emerge frequently within snippets of conversations to provide a logical summary of the discussions in the data. Social Media Analytics determines which bits and pieces share the same terms and then obtains topics from these terms. Evolving topic analysis permits you to follow trends and common discussion topics across time periods and in orientation to related keywords. Evolving Topics 6
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