SAP Business One Service Management


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SAP Business One Service Management

  1. 1. SAP Product Brief SAP Solutions for Small Businesses SERVICE MANAGEMENT WITH and Midsize Companies SAP® Business One SAP Business One BOOST CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND OPTIMIZE SUPPORT PROCESSES Optimizing sales and service department potential is crucial for maintaining excel- lent customer relations. The SAP® Business One appli- cation provides support for Winning new customers and retaining questions and resolve issues quickly existing ones are vital to successful and effectively while maintaining your service, sales, and contract business growth and profitability. As a service cost targets. management, allowing you result, your organization needs to main- tain a high customer satisfaction level. The SAP® Business One application can to proactively manage your Customer service representatives are help you accomplish these objectives customer interaction for your face to the market. Interacting with by allowing you to efficiently administer customers on a daily basis, they need customer warranties and service maximum business gain. appropriate tools in order to address contracts and manage service calls. Service Management Features of SAP® Business One Service Call Warranty and Service Reports Web-Based Management Service Contract Customer Relation- Management ship Management Create and manage Administer warranty Use service monitor Track and receive service call records and service informa- to display all open customer issues tion with contracts service calls and through to resolution and customer overdue calls via queued online equipment cards ticketing system Use the knowledge Create customer Evaluate perfor- Build knowledge database to search equipment cards mance by analyzing repository with for solutions to using sales docu- service contracts remote access to known customer ments such as deliv- and technician call support solutions problems ery or AR invoice data Assign technicians Define different Create alerts for your Contact customers and territories to categories for service call durations directly through the customers managing contracts and volumes when Web-based interface limits are exceeded Define authorizations Monitor contract Allow technicians Manage projects by to restrict service terms, renewal, and to view their own creating tasks and component options expiration times for progress and take activities related to for users particular items necessary actions customer requests
  2. 2. Optimize the Potential of Your Figure 1: Customer Service Call Operations Equipment Card and Service Contract The service call component in SAP Business One enables you to intuitively manage your customer service calls. You can document all information about calls, including information about the customer, the service item, and the issue reported. You can also document the activities performed, such as tasks and meetings, the solution implemented, and even the expenses that relate to the service call. You can create and manage work orders for repairs and services and have SAP Business One synchronize these requested information and solutions Integrated functionality in SAP Business work orders with service calls. To handle to common issues are recorded. This One automatically generates a service service calls more efficiently, you can database provides service representa- contract for relevant products upon the define different queues concerning, for tives with on-hand solutions to reported creation of a delivery or an AR invoice. example, technical support, accounting problems, enabling them to respond Predefined templates enable you to issues, and sales promotions. Also, faster and more effectively to custom- employ an automated and standardized you can navigate each service call to er calls and lower your support depart- approach to crafting all types of con- its relevant consultant, department, or ment’s workload. Your technicians, for tracts. Service contracts may be based sales employee. Moreover, you can help example, can link an existing solution to on warranted products sold but may ensure a timely response by assigning a service call or record a new solution, also be created separately for support specific technicians to one particular and they may also link or relate service services rendered for a third-party customer or by setting response and calls to one another. product. Service contracts include resolution times specified for your specific item details and information customers. Administer Warranty and Service regarding relevant expenses such as Contracts Efficiently labor, parts, and travel expenses. In addition, the authorization framework They also include the hours of service enables you to restrict the service SAP Business One allows you to ad- provided and even the suggested time component access for certain users. minister all key aspects of the customer that the company has committed to For example, you can block a user from warranty and service contract life cycles. resolving the problem. recording or changing the status of a You can define serial numbers for sold service call or from allowing service items and document the service con- Access Real-Time Service Reports without a contract. tracts signed between the company and its customers. You can also track The reporting features of SAP Business Access Known Issues Through the the history of items from the day they One let you analyze call volumes, Solutions Knowledge Database were sold throughout their entire service durations, and response times. Reports SAP Business One provides a solutions period, using the customer equipment range from service calls by queue, knowledge database where frequently cards. through response by assignee, to average closure time.
  3. 3. Figure 2: Service Realize the Benefits Monitor and Average Closure Time Report The service management tools in SAP Business One let you manage the inter- action between service representatives and customers. They enable you to en- ter and maintain information on service contracts, items, serial numbers, cus- tomer complaints, and inquiries. SAP Business One helps you guarantee on- going customer satisfaction with quick response to service and support calls. Learn More To learn more about how SAP Business One can empower your sales and The service call monitor records call You can also build a searchable online service organization to grow your durations and volumes and creates alerts knowledge database documenting is- business and effectively service your when limits are exceeded. You can sue resolutions for your customers and customers, call your SAP representative use these reports to analyze the depart- business partners, thus lightening the today or visit us on the Web at ment’s efficiency and performance. burden on your support department. You can obtain details about customer Figure 3: Online service contracts and equipment, view Ticketing System your own service calls, assess prog- ress, and take any necessary actions. Utilize Web-Based Customer Relationship Management Through its optional Web-based cus- tomer relationship management func- tionality, SAP Business One allows you to receive, manage, and track support tickets through a customer-facing Web site. You can send support requests through e-mail or via a Web form. Sup- port team members can log in both lo- cally and remotely to assign and reas- sign tickets, create activities, and contact customers directly through the Web-based interface.
  4. 4. QUICK FACTS /contactsap Summary Optimizing sales and service department potential is crucial to maintaining excellent customer relations. The SAP Business One® application provides support for service, sales, and contract management, allowing you to effectively improve the results of customer interaction. Business Challenges • Deal with customer inquiries in a timely way • Manage all service-related contacts, from customers to business partners • Maintain ongoing customer satisfaction • Control access and authorizations for specific service data and reports Key Features • Service management – Track services and provide support for service operations, service contract management, service planning, customer interaction activities, customer support, and management of sales opportunities • Knowledge database – Include key solutions to solve various problems and cases and streamline service • Web-based customer relationship management – Allow external sources to view questions and solutions regarding the organization’s products and receive customer issues through ticketing system • Contract management – Efficiently manage warranty and service contracts, and enter and respond to service calls quickly • Service reports and analysis – Create detailed reports related to call volumes, durations, and response times, and turn results into actionable items Business Benefits • Improved efficiency of operations due to automated and effective service and contract management • Increased customer satisfaction due to faster response to customer calls and inquiries and improved problem-resolving functionalities • Faster and better decision making based on timely, accurate data on all aspects of the sales and service processes 50 092 938 (08/12) ©2008 by SAP AG. All rights reserved. SAP, R/3, xApps, xApp, SAP NetWeaver, Duet, For More Information PartnerEdge, ByDesign, SAP Business ByDesign, and other SAP Visit us online at products and services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries all over the world. Business Objects and the Business Objects logo, BusinessObjects, Crystal Reports, Crystal Decisions, Web Intelligence, Xcelsius, and other Business Objects products and services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Business Objects S.A. in the United States and in several other countries all over the world. Business Objects is an SAP company. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies. Data contained in this document serves informational purposes only. National product specifications may vary. These materials are subject to change without notice. These materials are provided by SAP AG and its affiliated companies (“SAP Group”) for informational purposes only, without representation or warranty of any kind, and SAP Group shall not be liable for errors or omissions with respect to the materials. The only warranties for SAP Group products and services are those that are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services, if any. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty.