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Text2Reader, a monthly stand-alone resource for grades 6 to 8 English Language Arts (ELA) teachers. Text2Reader offers high-quality reading selections from award-winning books and engaging activities to help your students make meaning from what they read with relevant passages that connect to their own lives. And for you? We’ve packaged a number of easy-to-use, teacher-created comprehension exercises, reading and writing activities, assessments and opportunities for enrichment—all directly tied to ELA learning outcomes.

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  1. 1. A Monthly Language Arts Program for Middle Schools from Orca Book Publishers
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Quick Facts• Eight issues per school year;• Accessible by all teachers in a building for one low price;• Each issue contains fiction and nonfiction excerpts, graphic novels, Readers Theatre, comprehension questions and rubrics;• Additional online resources;• Meets virtually all Language Arts Common Core Standards/PLOs;• Resource Links called Text2Reader "Best of 2011 - Professional Resources;"• Discounts available at the board/district level;• Sign up for a free seven-day trial issue here.
  4. 4. What is Text2Reader?• Text2Reader is a middle-school English Language Arts program designed to directly address specific ELA learning outcomes across North America. It gives teachers peace of mind that, come the end of the school year, they have covered the middle-school ELA curriculum in a way that fully engages their students interest.• Text2Reader was created to fill a void in the middle-school Language Arts classroom. There are numerous cumbersome reading and writing programs available to teachers, but what was missing was a comprehensive, curriculum-connected resource that arrives ready to use. For time- strapped teachers, Text2Reader is an efficient, engaging way to get your students reading, writing, thinking and presenting about issues that matter to them. And it requires no prep from you.
  5. 5. What else?• Text2Reader meets virtually all PLOs and Core Standards over the course of an eight-issue year. In fact, each issue meets at least 50% of your ELA outcomes. Find the curriculum connections for your jurisdiction in our Resources section.• Developed in consultation with literacy experts, curriculum specialists and classroom teachers, Text2Reader is written by educators with decades of experience working with middle-school-aged children of varying developmental and educational abilities.• Your subscription for Text2Reader runs for 12 months, with 8 full issues, from time of purchase. You also have access to all back issues and online resources including rubrics, past issues and more.
  6. 6. In each issue:• Fiction, nonfiction and graphic novel selections;• Teacher-created reading comprehension exercises that support and reflect English Language Arts learning outcomes across North America;• Literacy-based projects, both independent and guided, that focus on reading, writing, speaking and listening, and that support your students in learning to read instructions and complete tasks on their own;• Numerous opportunities to integrate concepts from Math, Social Studies, Science and Health;• A variety of ready-to-go assessment rubrics, including authentic assessments such as student self-evaluations;
  7. 7. Trial Subscription• Interested in Text2Reader but arent sure how to use it in your classroom? Sign up for a free, 7-day trial. Youll receive full access to the Text2Reader website, including every issue of T2R, classroom activities, assessments, Readers Theater and external resources. Like what you see? Turn your trial into a subscription at any time. A full year of access costs just $175 for your entire school.• Were so sure youll like what you see and that Text2Reader will engage your students, streamline your teaching and, best of all, make the most of your prep time, that were offering a money-back guarantee.• No risk. And plenty of benefit.
  8. 8. A Monthly Language Arts Program for Middle Schools from Orca Book Publishers