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Orca premium digital subscriptions


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Orca premium digital subscriptions

  1. 1. ORCA PREMIUM DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTIONS The best digital resource for struggling readers. Why?
  2. 2. Because the best books will always be on your shelves. With unlimited multiuser access, you can recommend any book to any student or patron knowing that they can start reading right away.
  3. 3. Because struggling readers can use the online dictionary.
  4. 4. Because they can check pronunciation The online reader has a text-to-speech Read Aloud function that is perfect for helping struggling readers who need a little extra help.
  5. 5. Because they can take their book anywhere. Orca Digital Subscriptions include download lending as well as online reading. Students can load ebooks onto their devices – including smartphones – or they can access the bookshelf from a home PC.
  6. 6. And Orca Premium Digital Subscriptions are the best resource for you. Why?
  7. 7. Because you’ll always have enough books. • No more juggling tight budgets to come up with fresh material for literature circles. • Two teachers want to read the same book with their class? No problem. • And with Complete Collections of our most popular series you’ll get new FREE titles twice a year.
  8. 8. Because you’ll know what they are reading. With the help of our user-friendly usage reports.
  9. 9. Because you can download MARC records.
  10. 10. Because you can have these great series:
  11. 11. And these great books
  12. 12. Orca Premium Digital Subscriptions Ask for your free trial. Because you can. Email: