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Questions for discussion coach carter


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Leadership Discussion on Coach Carter

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Questions for discussion coach carter

  1. 1. Questions for discussion – Coach Carter1. What are the sources of leadership (why would the players listen to him?) for Coach Carter? Give examples.2. What is Coach Carter’s source of power?3. What are his traits and skills?4. Who are stakeholders?5. How did Coach Carter influence other stakeholders- the players, School principal and teachers, and the community? Give examples6. What are the elements of Coach Carter’s Leadership?7. Was Coach Carter’s leadership effective or ineffective? Please elaborate8. Why did Coach Carter face so much resistance by the players, other teachers and the community?9. What are the strength and weaknesses Coach Carter’s leadership style? Are there any opportunities and threats to his styles10. To what extent is Coach Carter’s leadership style consistent with the theory of Transactional Leadership as presented in the book? Give examples11. What is your most memorable / impressive scene in the movie and why is that?