Criterias on consulting website evaluation


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consulting class homework by Orapak

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Criterias on consulting website evaluation

  1. 1. Assignment : Website Evaluation <br /><br />Criterias on Consulting Website Evaluation <br /><ul><li>First Impressions
  2. 2. Uninteresting and boring look to begin with.
  3. 3. User friendly as it is easy to navigate
  4. 4. The website itself looks inexpensive compared to several professional consulting directory websites or consulting websites. Some people prefer luxurious look.
  5. 5. Organized, easy-to-read information
  6. 6. Boring color looks with uninteresting fonts
  7. 7. Cheap web template ( in the perspective of web designing standpoint)
  8. 8. No interactive navigation or extras such as youtube vdo, web board, facebook, and other media interaction.
  9. 9. Navigation
  10. 10. Easy navigation for customers. Information layout makes it easy to navigate.
  11. 11. Horizontal navigation bar instead of typical vertical navigation for traditional consulting websites
  12. 12. Effective but Inefficient utilization of web space, leaving lot of space left
  13. 13. Content/ Management Profile
  14. 14. No management / board biography
  15. 15. The website claims in its quote that it is the premier resource for businesses and consultants but it actually provides very limited information resources ( referred to resources). Therefore, “ how can the firm claim that it is when it is NOT. Hence, the credibility has been destroyed to begin with
  16. 16. Very limited directory information ( as you browse you will see limited number of consultants)
  17. 17. About APC or About us should be on the left hand side. The layout is very strange
  18. 18. Lack of research database in this website
  19. 19. When there is no bio, it seems that no one is really in charge so when you see this contact, you can tell that it is not really clear who is in charge or responsible about this website.
  20. 20. Strategy and Marketing
  21. 21. No unique selling point of web presence, especially when there is insufficient directory and useful resources
  22. 22. No clear benefits on membership. Benefits should be clear to members including specific requirements
  23. 23. Suggestions
  24. 24. The website should use font emphasis in order to give importance to different aspects
  25. 25. No clear calendar. There is event icon but there should be a calendar to show events on a weekly basis.
  26. 26. Membership dues/ requirements should be more focused on the website
  27. 27. Should be knowledge base or library for members.
  28. 28. The website might consider to include white papers, podcasts, library, etc
  29. 29. Comparables should be taken into consideration in order to analyze SWOT on the presentation
  30. 30. Success cases should be put in the website to make the website look more interesting. For example, successful client stories can actually help potential clients sign up for membership. </li></ul>Personal Testimonials of Website as User: <br /><ul><li>“ I find that I like easy look but I don’t trust them too much because it seems to me that the website looks a little cheap and there is not no success case /testimonials there.”
  31. 31. “ There is detailed information and they do not use bullet or color to emphasize issues or it makes me tired of digging into deeper information or detailed information.”
  32. 32. “Research / Useful Resources seems limited. There is no library or extra info provided. It seems that they want us to pay membership or call them to find out more about their services”
  33. 33. “The way they made website made me feel that they have their existing client base or they are the only one in town or they are in the business which they have already established their clientele because it seems to me that they do not spend time much on their website except building the website for the sake of having it there!. Unless they already have customer base and long history of working, I am surprised how they tap new customers by using only that easy template. “