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[EN] Social Media handbook

  1. 1. social media handbookcompany usage guidelinesFrance Telecom – Orange
  2. 2. social media handbookProduced by: Approved by:André Foissey (SG/DSEC) Christine Albanel Pierre LouetteElisabeth Rizet (SG/DSEC) Executive Vice President Deputy CEO, Group General SecretaryYann Gourvennec (COMSC/WMNS)Alban Ondrejeck (Orange Consulting)References:Social media security company policyNetdoc: FT.2011A0089 Edition 1 - social media handbook company usage guidelines2 France Telecom - Orange unrestricted orange.com
  3. 3. social media handbookcontents creative commons notice 3 granting adapted web access to Orange professionals and further help 3 contractors 11 who should read this how do you gain access? 11 this document? 4 recommendations regarding overview of our social social media accounts 12 media guidelines 5 rules for contributing, sharing two main documents 5 and exchanging information 13 foreword 6 rules for sharing files and about social media 7 documents 14 the web has changed 7 e-reputation and security breaches ` 14 the social web and the collaborative revolution 7 data protection : our recommandations 15 what is social media? 7 roaming and teleworking 15further help: Thanks for the human factor 8reading through this document. using social media for a new way of circulatingFor further help, see http:// personal reasons, in and out information 8www.orange.com/smg of the workplace 16 the technological trigger 8 mentioning the Group our ambition 9 on social media with a personal profile 16 educating, empowering, encouraging 9 using social media in the workplace for personal reasons 16 encouraging the use of social media 9 guidelines for employees representing the Group a network of social officially on the social web 17 media champions 10 creating accounts, profiles where do we go from here? 10 or pages on behalf of Orange 17 social media guidelines for about community managers 17 all Orange employees and contractors 11 recommendations for enterprise blogging 18 using social media for professional purposes 11 a few facts and figures 18creative commons noticeThis work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. To view a copy of thislicense, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ or send a letter to Creative Commons, 543 Howard Street,5th Floor, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA. You are allowed to use one or all the texts/slides/images contained within thisdocument provided you quote the author and the source of this information (http://orange.com/smg). You are also welcome toinvite whoever you want to follow our Group twitter account at http://twitter.com/orange You are allowed to use the text containedwithin this handbook provided you quote the author and the source of this information (http://orange.com/smg)orange.com France Telecom - Orange unrestricted 3
  4. 4. social media handbookwho should read this document?This document is for all France Telecom - Orange Group employeeswho wish to use social media to accomplish professional tasks orto express themselves on behalf of the Group. These guidelines arealso applicable to all contractors working with or on behalf of anycompany or department which is part of that Group.It therefore applies to the following: ■■ internal staff: employees of the parent company and consolidated subsidiaries, interns paid by the group, working permanently or temporarily in the France Telecom - Orange Group, identified on an individual basis within the Group; ■■ external staff: temporary staff, subcontractors, co-contractors and facilities management staff, who are identified individually and are involved in internal processes and the company’s core business.This guide does not apply to Group employees who use the external communityinternet with their own account in a private context.This guide is available to the public at the address http://www.orange.com/smg4 France Telecom - Orange unrestricted orange.com
  5. 5. social media handbook social media handbook social media security official social media guidelines policy document France Telecom-Orange Group France Telecom-Orange Group www.orange.com This guide is aimed at users and potential This is a technical document which describes the users of social media within Orange. The main social media usage principles with regard purpose of this document is to promote and to how information should be handled externally. encourage the proper use of social media, This is the underlying document behind the social as well as enable the dissemination of social media handbook. media usage across the organization. Both documents are consistent and promote – one It was designed to be consistent with the from a user perspective, the other from a technical social media security policy document. perspective – the suitable and sensible use of social media within the Group.overview of our social These two documents were designed which remain applicable to the Group to be consistent with one another. as a whole.media guidelines The social media handbook is aimed When those guidelines have been at users, whereas the social mediaThe Orange social media guidelines adapted to a particular region in a security policy document describesconsist of a series of documents, foreign language and/or in English, the Group’s security policy in a moresome of which are internal and contributors are encouraged to technical manner.others available to all under a contact our Group communicationsstandard creative commons license. These documents were written by the department (see how to contactThese guidelines are made available Group communications department us section on page 2) in order toat the url http://orange.com/smg. (DIRCOM) and the Group security add these specific guidelines to the department (aka DSEC) and are the central repository.The two main documents which result of discussions with a numbermake up the Orange social of representatives in charge of socialmedia guidelines are: media in various entities. Feedback on these documents is welcome1. the social media handbook and greatly encouraged as they are (this document), i.e. the user intended to evolve over time. Orange manual aimed at explaining staff can contribute via the “contact” what social media is, what the link at http://orange.com/smg. Group’s strategic objectives are and how it should be used; Managers in various group entities and countries are welcome to2. the social media security adapt those guidelines to their own company policy, which is requirements and/or languages as an internal policy document well as any local legislation when whose purpose is to describe applicable, upon condition that what should and shouldn’t these managers refer to the general be done in social media. principles at http://orange.com/smg,orange.com France Telecom - Orange unrestricted 5
  6. 6. social media handbookforeword Dear colleagues, Social media has become immensely popular over a very short period of time. It is a global phenomenon, and the reputation for the web as a ‘global village’ has never been more pertinent. Journalists are using Twitter to report and bookmark information; blogs are now an integral part of the communications landscape in the 21st century and our very clients are using our services everyday in order to access their accounts, share information in real-time and cooperate on the web with passion. Over the past few years, enterprises, large and small, have also been involved in social media in order to engage directly online and even add a collaborative flavor to their own corporate websites. Our Group’s social media activity is very well established on both external discussion platforms (Twitter1, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or DailymotionYann Gourvennec being some of the most significant examples) and internal ones (such asDirector, Web, Digital Social Media Plazza or internal blogs). Many employees have already taken part in these online discussions in order to engage about the business or their passions. This guide is intended to support and encourage this activity because it helps, directly and indirectly, improve the Group’s visibility and competitiveness. In this social media guide you will find not only information about social media in general and how to use it, but also a collection of good practices and Group guidelines for the proper usage of social media at Orange. We advise you to embrace social media, read through the social media security policy document complementing this handbook, and to develop a strong fundamental knowledge of these tools. I asked the experts in my web, digital and social media department in cooperation with DSEC to create this handbook to help you use these tools as effectively as possible. What makes the Orange Group special is our employees. By using social media and keeping abreast of those online technologies, you will contribute to our brand equity and the improvement of our image. I wish you good luck in your social media endeavors.1 Follow our Group’s twitter account at http://twitter.com/orange and our Facebook Group page at http://facebook.com/orange.The “worldwide” tab enables one to navigate amongst all Facebook pages within the Group6 France Telecom - Orange unrestricted orange.com
  7. 7. social media handbook about social media disseminate knowledge and content throughout the world. the web has changed The world’s most widely usedtip: if you already know a lot encyclopedia for the past 10 years,about social media, you might The Internet, through its hardware Wikipedia , is also the result ofwant to skip these pages and infrastructure and protocols and a collaborative project, utilizingjump to the our ambition section service layers, has become central the contributions of hundreds ofon page 14 which describes our to everything we do from data thousands of users across the world.objectives with regard to social collection, business intelligence, the Lastly, social networking sites likemedia usage in the Group. sourcing and selling of products LinkedIn, Viadeo, Xing and Facebook and services. The web has changed are making it possible for people to not only the way we consume and create and develop human networks produce information, but it has also and exchange data and even work changed the way people work and collaboratively. exchange and collaborate on a global basis. what is social media? Since the invention of the World Wide web by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990, Social media is a true accelerator of businesses around the world have social contact via the Internet, putting been harnessing its capabilities. Our individuals with shared interests in Group has become a major player contact with one another, in order to in that field with a variety of online cooperate online and offline. services, web sites and social mediaFigure 1: as of September 2011, there are already presence. They may be bloggers who expressmore than 2 million Orange fans on Facebook opinions and initiate debates on the A significant proportion of our staff Internet; or members of projects still wants to learn about social who make their dreams come true media and engage online, and this together and bring them to life online; guide is will help them understand, consumers who react to or transform master and engage properly on products; and innovators who - these channels. This document is within an open innovation sharing educational and provides guidance, community for instance - invent the explanations and describes our future together. There are no limits to policies on the proper usage of what can be done with the help social media. of social media.Figure 2: Orange has a strong partnership the social web and the Social media is the expression that replaced the original web 2.0 moniker. collaborative revolutionwith Wikipedia (image from Android market) But what was web 2.0? Very often, people use such expressions, mostly Since 2004, social media (formerly in the high-tech world, which are web 2.0 ) has been the epitome of either vague or misunderstood by the a second wave of web innovation. general public. Thus, over the past Multi-device applications have few years, almost any project has cropped up bringing live information been labeled “2.0 project” or “social to any user, anywhere. Collaboration, media project”. Delving deeper into both in and outside the workplace, the history, however recent, of web has become trivial. Consumers are 2.0 and social media will help us get now commonly developing userFigure 3: keeping up with all that’s said at Orange on to grips with what it is really aboutTwitter with Orange timeline at http://timeline.orange.com generated content (UGC) on a global and avoid misunderstandings. basis, either for sharing among their friends or to produce and Tim O’Reilly, founder of the2 See the founding article on Web 2.0 by Tim O’Reilly at http://oreilly.com/web2/archive/what-is-web-20.html3 http://en.wikipedia.org in English but the encyclopedia now exists in many languages4 Respectively : http://linkedin.com, http://viadeo.com, http://xing.com, http://facebook.comorange.com France Telecom - Orange unrestricted 7
  8. 8. social media handbookeponymous publishing company5, intelligence tries to engage into online mapping softwarehas described the web 2.0 with consumers and turn (such as Orange or Google maps)phenomenon in a trailblazing them into brand advocates. in order to enable location-baseddocument which we have services and information platforms,summarized in the following a new way of circulatingparagraphs. information ■■ the web as a platform: this is a resurgence of what used to be ■■ RSS feeds: RSS (really simple called ASP11 technology in theThere are three main factors syndication7) feeds are more than 2000s and is now called Softwarewhich have made the social web just a new technical feature - theywhat it is today. Here they are as a Service (SaaS). This means shape the way that informationin greater detail: that software is in the network is circulated, aggregated and rather than on the desktop. disseminated. RSS is a messagethe human factor standard based on the XML These main factors (summarized in ■■ collective intelligence: this language, and includes full or Figure 4) are what made the social concept was made popular summarized text plus additional web so different from what we by Howard Rheingold in his data such as publishing dates understood the web to be in the last book Smart Mobs: ‘The Next and authorship. The messages two decades, resulting in the creation Social Revolution6’. Rheingold are sent out dynamically and of a great number of new Internet suggests that when a group automatically to a user or sites and services, based on the decides to share its resources, feed reader8. However, RSS principles of web 2.012 group intelligence can emerge. feed readers are increasingly According to this concept, embedded within web browsers With the subsequent emergence groups are stronger than the or other software. One of the best of the concept of social media13 mere sum of the individuals integration of RSS feeds at the (i.e. towards the middle of 2008), belonging to that group. moment is that performed by the consultants such as Frederic new social web-enabled browser Cavazza (see Figure 5) and Brian ■■ the user-producer: With this Rockmelt9. The dissemination Solis14 have attempted to depict new approach, one refers to of RSS feeds, even when users graphically the scope of social users not just as visitors but as aren’t aware of them, is what is the people behind user generated media and the tools that were made making a dynamic information- content (UGC), that is to say available to us. based Internet a reality. content which is being produced by those who consume it. UGC the technological trigger is at the heart of the social web, and it turns users into producers, ■■ agile programming and mash- or co-producers, of the content ups10: the basic idea is that a that you will be generating. User- web 2.0 site can be set up much producers actually change the more quickly than in traditional way that information is used; in computing by using existing the business world, the impact building blocks, bits of code (or on the philosophy of advertising data) from other sites and putting and product promotion is also them together. Such components tremendous: whereas advertising are then assembled to create a focuses on a message which new platform with intrinsic added is aimed at a “target”, collective value. e.g. a web site which plugs5 Check their website at http://oreilly.com/6 Wikipedia has a thorough biography of Howard Rheingold, complete with links and references at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howard_Rheingold7 Check Webopedia’s online definition for RSS feeds: http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/R/RSS.html 8 The most popular RSS feed reader was developed by Google: http://www.google.com/reader 9 http://rockmelt.com is a social browser which includes native Facebook and RSS feeds10 Wikipedia’s definition of a mashup or web application hybrid is available at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mashup_(web_application_hybrid)11 ASP is Application Service Provider12 refer to http://go2web20.net for a comprehensive list of web 2.0 websites13 Strictly speaking, the term social media was probably coined quite a few years before, but it only emerged after mid 2008 (a history of the term social media is made available by Forbes at http://blogs.forbes.com/jeffbercovici/2010/12/09/who-coined-social-media-web-pioneers-compete-for-credit/)14 See Brian’s blog at http://www.briansolis.com/8 France Telecom - Orange unrestricted orange.com
  9. 9. social media handbook Figure 5: Frederic Cavazza’s description of the social Figure 6: social media champions can volunteer web came at the right moment, in June 2008, before the straight from the http://orange.com/smg page term became known to all (http://fredcavazza.net) our ambition blogs and/or engage on online platforms, be they owned by the Understanding, knowing, using group or not. and sharing on the social web is Those who have shown the way becoming compelling, not only for deserve to be our champions who consumers but also for enterprises can, in their turn, help others withtip: To start using Twitter, and their employees who want their use of social media.Facebook, Daily Motion, to stay competitive, improve their online reputation, engage with The empowerment of our staff is onlyLinked In, You Tube etc. ensure possible if we provide the necessarythat you have applied for an their customers and ecosystems, support, education and guidelines forappropriate web. access exchange ideas and even launch responsible usage of web resourcesby using the methodology crowdsourcing initiatives. It is a great and online collaboration. This guidedescribed on page 11. platform for unleashing ideas and is meant to help our champions generating enthusiasm around them. and the rest of our staff with that It has also become central to objective. brands who want to create close connections between them and their encouraging the use customers, beyond mere product of social media marketing. This guide is therefore meant to encourage the practice of social educating, empowering, media by delivering advice and tips encouraging to users, encouraging appropriate thin clients In our eyes, employee participation, online behavior, advising users the user - (internally and externally) and on do’s and don’ts and educating producer empowerment are essential with them on not-so-good practices 2.0 collective intelligence regard to that process. It may mean which must be avoided. We believe that employees are part of LinkedIn in the power of education and the web as empowerment in order to positively groups, use Facebook profiles or a platform encourage proper online behavior. rss syndication pages, or use internal networking sites and blogs like Plaza to This document is mostly intended exchange ideas and thoughts with to help you with all your questionsFigure 4: summarizing social media in a few words their colleagues, or maintain external around those subjects.8 The most popular RSS feed reader was developed by Google: http://www.google.com/reader9 http://rockmelt.com is a social browser which includes native Facebook and RSS feeds10 Wikipedia’s definition of a mashup or web application hybrid is available at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mashup_(web_application_hybrid)11 ASP is Application Service Providerorange.com France Telecom - Orange unrestricted 9
  10. 10. social media handbook a network of social With the help of that decentralized organization, we can now work media champions towards the empowering of our employees in order to provide better Because our purpose is educational, visibility for the Group, improve our we organized ourselves as a global engagement with our customers and Group project in order to actively ecosystems, improve the likeability support users in the field. A network of the group and fulfill our aim of of champions and helpers is set up becoming a digital coach in all the across the organization. It is meant countries and sectors in which we to grow and help us scale this operate. project throughout the Group. New champions can apply by contacting the Group social media team via where do we go http://orange.com/smg. The list of from here? our champions is made available to all Orange staffers at http://orange. Social media is a powerfulIn order to foster social media com/smg/champions and you can communication tool, but it goesusage within the Group, we have turn to them for questions, advice beyond just using the tools. It iscreated the network of social media and guidance. important for everyone to understandchampions at http://orange.com/ Orange employees who want to the tools and their overwhelmingsmg/champions. become social media champions do benefits and also the risks one may not need to be officially in charge of come across when they are used social media on behalf of marketing inappropriately. It is also important to and communications or any other develop a strategy and execute that Group entity. A champion can be strategy while keeping in mind that a blog contributor, a personal blog we are all responsible for protecting owner, or just any employee who is our data and information. knowledgeable in social media and online collaboration. Their knowledge and interest in social media can and should be shared with others in order to promote the use of social media at Orange both internally and externally.10 France Telecom - Orange unrestricted orange.com
  11. 11. social media handbooksocial media guidelines for allOrange employees and contractorsusing social media for to the next chapter entitled guidelines how do you gain access? for employees representing theprofessional purposes Group officially on the social web, 1. talk to your management first, and explain that you need adapted on page 27 of this social mediaThis section describes the principles access to the social web in order handbook.and the procedure for obtaining to perform your professionalaccess and using social media in a tasks. You can use this documentsecure and professional manner. You granting adapted web to inform your manager aboutmay use social manner for a variety access to Orange the Group social media policy;of professional purposes, including:business intelligence, customer professionals and 2. access the IT system and submit your request formeetings and presentations, internal contractors approval accordingly;presentations on various professionalsubjects, the opening of a social Orange professionals must be 3. please note that obtainingnetwork account for recruitment granted access to the community adapted web access to the webpurposes, accessing professional Internet before they can use social for professional purposes impliesforums etc. Orange employees are media for business purposes. As that you have read and agreedencouraged to use social media for specified in the social media security with the best practices andprofessional reasons and to engage company policy, on the external recommendations included withinin peer-to-peer discussions. community internet, “managers must our official social media guidelines; allocate the necessary resourcesAll such guidelines apply not only 4. a standalone document will be (in particular technical resources) toto Orange employees, but also to made available at http://orange. all employees they are responsiblecontractors working with or on behalf com/smg/ in order to help you for in order for them to perform theirof Orange or any part of the France with that process depending on duties, and ensure they allocate andTelecom - Orange Group. the organization you belong to. remove community Internet accessFor these particular purposes, rights to and from these employees.however, users must not create Managers must formalize their staff’sprofiles using the Group name activity on the external communityor the Group logo or any other Internet in relation to their tasks orcharacteristic pertaining to the objectives, for example in their jobOrange brand. As to the use of the descriptions or in their appraisalbrand and its attributes, please refer report.”orange.com France Telecom - Orange unrestricted 11
  12. 12. social media handbook recommendations 3. Selecting a handle or nickname: the choice of a regarding social media handle or nickname must be accounts in sync with its business target. Inappropriate nicknames such as 1. email addresses: whenever Frenchkiss69 are for personal use possible, we recommend that you only and should not be used in a provide an email address alias professional environment.video tutorials: to help which then forwards onto youremployees create social media professional email address so We recommend that you createaccounts easily and safely, we as to avoid direct access to your a handle or nickname out ofhave made a few video tutorials professional email address. To parts of your surname andavailable at http://www.orange. do so, you can use an external other keywords relevant to yourcom/smg/tutorials.jsp. email provider such as your business. A suitable nickname local Orange web mail portal for an Orange employee dealing (if there is one in your country), with networks for instance may or a third party email service be: networks.robertsmith or @ such as Yahoo!15 or Gmail; robertsmith, or even @rsmithnw. 2. avatars: the photo used as an avatar for your accounts must be non-copyrighted and suitable. We also remind you that in this instance, you should not use the Orange logo or a Group brand name for the creation of a personal account, so that web users do not confuse your personal account with an official Orange account. In that instance, accounts created by Orange employees for professional reasons remain personal accounts, even though their purpose might be related to business;15 Depending on the country or how old your Yahoo! mail account is, mail forwarding may or may not be available for free. Please note that free mail services may also change their terms and conditions at any time as depicted by Yahoo! at http://overview.mail.yahoo.com/enhancements/mailplus.12 France Telecom - Orange unrestricted orange.com
  13. 13. social media handbook Figure 7: for accounts used in a business environment we recommend quoting the name of the company so as to avoid disclosure issues, as well as adding a note that your messages (in this particular example, we have chosen Twitter) are your own and not necessarily related to your company.rules for contributing, information within your field of 7. confidential information: the expertise and double-check your disclosure of information whichsharing and exchanging statements before publishing. You may be detrimental to Orangeinformation are responsible for the quality and should not be posted anywhere on professionalism of the information social media platforms. If in doubt, 1. disclosure: is compulsory by you publish. Hence, even refrain and ask your manager’s law in most countries. It is illegal though you will not be officially advice. We also recommend to comment on things when representing the Group in that that you read the social media one belongs to a company and capacity, please be aware that the security company policy. Most fail to state that you work for level of expertise that you will show security breaches in social media this company . Every employee will be associated with the Group are the result of negligence and must disclose his/her identity: and is essential to our image; are not intended; bear this is it consists of stating who you mind and seek support whenever are and who you work for. We 4. personal comments must be you think this is applicable; recommend that you remain written in the first person: keep all personal comments personal 8. copyright infringement: Be professional and nuanced when at all times and avoid using careful with any disclosure of posting and commenting, and to collective pronouns. Write: “in my information (text, image or video avoid any kind of quarrels online, opinion” versus “in our opinion” etc.) for which you have not especially of a personal nature. It which would deceive readers into ascertained that you have the is also necessary to add a note thinking that you are commenting right to publish. When using third that your messages are your own on behalf of the Group; party text, please refrain from and not necessarily related to your quoting more than a small portion company (see Figure 7). Further 5. fake profiles, fake blogs, fake of that text (typically a paragraph) details regarding disclosure are reviews etc.: are unethical, illegal by isolating it between inverted provided in the Socialmedia. and inappropriate. Please refer to commas and by adding a clear org disclosure document to the disclosure document at http:// mention of the source of that text. which we are linking directly orange.com/smg for details; from our social media guidelines 6. fictional characters: should be Quotations must be exact. page: http://orange.com/smg. used discriminatingly as well as Should you correct or adapt 2. comments: when commenting clearly identified through their the text, ensure that you place on a product and/or service or social media profiles. If you are your own text between square any other point directly related resorting to fictional characters in brackets ([she] instead of “I” for to the France Telecom - Orange social media, please state clearly example, or […] to highlight that Group, it is essential that you enter some text is voluntarily missing). that the character in question is “a the following phrase clearly and Information sources must be fictional character who does not visibly, in italics or in brackets: systematically added and links exist in real life and is managed [disclosure: I work for the France provided whenever possible. by [agency or third party name on Telecom - Orange Group] so as to behalf of] Orange”. 9. avoid online quarrels comply with the legal framework at all times: always be and our disclosure guidelines Such legal obligations apply to polite and courteous. Do and behave ethically. You might works of TV and movies fiction not spoil professional also add a few words about and therefore, they also apply discussions or debates with your job, when this is relevant; to Internet fiction so as not to unprofessional language 3. expertise: only publish mislead Internet visitors17; which you might later regret.16 For reference, please check this blog post on the Orange Business Blogs : http://blogs.orange-business.com/live/2008/12/sernovitz-on-so.html17 This is a standard boilerplate that you could use to adapt to your own situation: “some of the characters and incidents portrayed and the names herein are fictitious, and any similarity to the name, character, or history of any person, living or dead, or any actual event is entirely coincidental and unintentional”.orange.com France Telecom - Orange unrestricted 13
  14. 14. social media handbook rules for sharing files 3. documents written with partners or clients: documents and documents that have been jointly created with external partners or 1. sending files and documents clients must comply with the to other Group employees: confidentiality rules which have sending files and documents to been defined jointly with those other Group employees: sending external partners or clients. restricted documents or files to other Orange employees must 4. illegal and copyrighted content: be performed using restricted it is prohibited to exchange illegal France Telecom – Orange content or copyrighted material applications such as: Microsoft without a proper license via any of Communicator instant messaging the tools mentioned in this section. or the official France Telecom- Orange Microsoft Outlook email e-reputation andimportant notice: It should be or web mail client18. Whenremembered that sending or large files need to be sent, it is security breachessharing internal and confidential recommended that you use ourGroup information with external Group file transfer application 1. e-reputation information:third-parties is strictly prohibited. which is made available at https:// Orange employees and transfertfichiers.francetelecom. contractors working with or on behalf of the Group should inform com19. You may also use the Group or their local press Orange Plazza (http://plazza- relations team when they spot shp.com. ftgroup/Pages/en/ information or links related to the default aspx) and/or internal Group’s e-reputation that they Group SharePoint spaces in think has significant impact; order to share those files and documents rather than send them. 2. security incidents: if any Orange Confidential France Telecom employee or contractor becomes - Orange documents must be aware of a security breach (e.g. encrypted before being shared. when they have doubt or evidence that confidential information 2. sharing files and documents has been leaked), they must with third party users: using report it to the Group’s Security third party online applications Coordinators (see Group Intranet); (such as yousendit20 or skydrive21 or dropbox22 for instance) to 3. sharing information: all exchange multimedia files employees are encouraged or documents with third to share with other Orange party (i.e. clients, partners, employees or departments. vendors etc.) is permitted as important information that they long as these documents think can be useful to the Group. or files are unrestricted;18 This application is only made available to Orange Group employees who have a valid Orange email address.19 This application is only made available to Orange Group employees who have a valid Orange email address.20 https://www.yousendit.com/21 http://skydrive.com22 http://dropbox.com14 France Telecom - Orange unrestricted orange.com
  15. 15. social media handbook data protection: our security policies recommend that you do not activate this recommandations option. When thisunavoidable, we recommend that you choose Protecting one’s login data (user code an answer which is not related and password) and profile details is of to the question per se; the utmost importance. Users must understand how to protect such data 3. personal information: only fill invideo tutorials: to explain proactively. This is why we have built the personal information which iswhy protecting one’s profile this list and the subsequent video actually relevant to the creation ofand login data is important, tutorial, the aim of which is to show your account or profile and discardand how it can be done are how users can use the social web all other details. If you are using anavailable at: http://www.orange. responsively and efficiently. alias for security or confidentialitycom/smg/tutorials.jsp purposes, please note that your Here are the do’s and don’ts profile must nonetheless clearly related to the use of personal indicate which company you are and login data on the social web: representing, as per the generic disclosure guidelines made 1. password: when creating a available by socialmedia.org at password for a new social media http://socialmedia.org/disclosure account, please ensure that it complies as much as possible and also linked from http:// with Group password policies; orange.com/smg. To comply with compliant passwords should disclosure guidelines, personal contain at least 10 characters profiles should never be left empty;roaming and teleworking: and they should ideally include 4. Sharing profile information: if special characters (such a “?” or you have decided to fill in all theconnecting to social media “,” for instance). When a social personal details in your Facebookplatforms: to use social media media platform doesn’t allow for (or similar) profile anyway (suchplatforms for professional reasons, special characters to be used, as preferences pertaining toit is recommended that you connect please use alternative methods. religion, marital status, privateto the Internet via your business Whenever possible, please use address political views, etc.) wedesktop or laptop computer, and/ different passwords for each also recommend that you do notor with the use of your Business of your social media accounts. proactively share such profileEverywhere account if applicable, Compliant passwords must information with other users, be different from those used tomobile usage: if using your log in to your internal network, 5. geo-location: more and moreprofessional mobile phone, it is so as to avoid network security devices record and share yourrecommended that you deactivate breaches following the hacking localisation. When it’s possbile,the geo-location capability of that of an employee’s password on we recommend to deactivatephone from within the social media a social media platform such the geo-location option;applications you are using. as Facebook or Twitter; 6. secure browsing: when 2. secret questions23: certain sites browsing social media sites require that you provide the reply for professional purposes, it is to a secret question to retrieve your recommended that you use a password once you have forgotten secure connection as much as or lost it. When applicable, Group possible (via a VPN for instance).23 Please check the Yahoo! help page for an explanations on “secret questions” http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/edit/id_password/edit-20.htmlorange.com France Telecom - Orange unrestricted 15
  16. 16. social media handbookusing social media for personal reasons,in and out of the workplaceusing social media for “confidential France Telecom - Information systems retain audit Orange”, “secret France Telecom information in compliance withpersonal reasons, in and - Orange” or any similar denomination current laws and regulations. In thisout of the workplace are Group property and must not be framework, any recorded information used, shared nor posted publically. may be used to identify reprehensibleAll Group employees are allowed and acts or acts not complying with theencouraged to use social media for using social media in the group’s rules.personal reasons. Thus, employeesengaging on social media are free to workplace for personal Source : “confidential code” the rules of information securitytalk and write about the subjects in reasonswhich they are interested. However,when employees mention the Group As stated in social media securitywithin their personal social media company policy, it is remindedprofiles or on their personal blogs that the use of social media in theor Facebook accounts, for instance, workplace for personal purposesthey must comply with all regulations is tolerated provided it does notand duties contained within their jeopardize data security nor raisescontract of employment, namely issues from ethical or legal pointthose pertaining to the confidentiality of view. Limited personal use of company resources is permittedof information. providing the rules set out in ourDocuments labeled “restricted Ethics policy and Security policiesFrance Telecom - Orange”, are followed.16 France Telecom - Orange unrestricted orange.com
  17. 17. social media handbookguidelines for employees representing theGroup officially on the social webbest practices for official as from a link at http://orange. accountable for the compliance com/smg. Brand social media to brand (as per the brandOrange representatives guidelines describe precisely guidelines manual at http://brand.in social media what should and should not be orange.com) as well as editorial done online and in social media; guidelines when they apply;This chapter is about best practices 3. role and responsibility: 3. administrators/ moderatorsfor Orange employees who are employees officially representing are in charge of the day-to-dayengaging, on behalf of the Group, on Orange on social media administration of one or moresocial media platforms and/or creating platforms are tacitly accepting official pages or accounts (blogs),accounts or profiles in the name the current guidelines. on behalf of the Group or one ofof one of the entities of the France its entities. This encompasses theTelecom – Orange Group or even the publication and the moderation ofGroup itself. Please note that all the about community these pages/accounts. Detailedother best practices described in the managers tasks of administrators are toprevious chapter (see social media be found in the relevant jobusage tips for all Orange employees Community managers are the point descriptions which have to beand contractors on page 16) are of contact for the communications established by line managersalso applicable to this other group of for each administrator; department with regard to socialemployees. media DIRCOM coordination. They 4. contributors are not community are either content producers/owners, managers per se but they alsocreating accounts, administrators or page/account produce content for some of theprofiles or pages on owners in the case of Facebook Group’s social media spaces. or Twitter. It is possible that a For instance, employees whobehalf of Orange community manager fulfils all three write content for a corporate functions at the same time; blog24 are contributors. Those1. coordination: creating a new blog, Facebook page, Twitter account 1. professional vs. personal writing comments, blog posts, or official profile or account in involvement: when representing articles etc. on behalf of official any other social media platform Orange, community managers Group and/or third party pages on behalf of Orange implies that are de facto acting as are all considered contributors you are entitled to do this and/ representatives of the Group too. “Contributor” profiles can be or that you have liaised with your or one of its entities and not as created specifically for those users, individuals. This is applicable to namely on blogs. Contributing communications department. the work being carried out on bloggers are not allowed to This is necessary to ensure that the Group’s own platforms and publish content but they can there is sufficient coordination also on third party platforms submit their writings/blog posts for with our Group social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc., approval. On other platforms, such presence and engagement; as Facebook when walls are open 2. naming accounts, pages and 2. page/account managers initiate to the public, contributors are profiles: it is essential that you the creation of a blog, Facebook allowed to post without submitting comply with all brand guidelines page or Twitter account, or a their text for approval. In this related to social media. Such page/account from any other particular case, rules of conduct guidelines are to be found on social media platform or service. described in the previous chapter the Orange brand site as well Page/account managers are also have to be taken into account.24 Check http://blogs.orange-business.comorange.com France Telecom - Orange unrestricted 17