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Equality 364


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Orange workplace equality program, all year long on twitter #equality364 @orange

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Equality 364

  1. 1. Orange plazza 364gender equality is not just on March 8th!
  2. 2. preface For Orange, International Women’s Day represents a special opportunity to remind everyone of the importance we place on gender equality. This year, we will rely on our corporate social network, called Plazza, to strengthen our awareness actions. Since last January, Plazza has hosted a new community that aims at fostering employees’ thoughts on gender equality. Employees are encouraged to share positive ideas on male-female relationships at work and suitable workplaces for gender balanced teams, as well as the main levers that promote gender diversity. These ideas take the form of haikus, very short Japanese poems. The project “364” will enable the diffusion of a daily positive thought over the course of a year on Plazza and Twitter. Talking about gender equality on March 8th is the first step, but evoking it each of the 364 other days of the year is even more meaningful. With this booklet, we would like to thank our employees for having participated in this project as well as their involvement and great contributions. We also would like to arouse readers’ curiosity and encourage them to take part in this original project... since gender equality is a state of mind that one builds and fuels every single day! Best regards The Diversity Department and Plazza team Amandine Auzerais Aurélien Daudet Béatrice Mandine Christine Lanoë David Anglister Eric Barilland Isabelle Schaefer Julie Prud’homme Laurent Depond Nilou Soyeux Odile Roujol Severin Cassan Sylvain Hudelot Yann Gourvenec Ziryeb Marouf people who contributed to the emergence of this projet 364...
  3. 3. a collaborative project in four steps since January 2013, Orange employees have been invited to attend writing workshops organised throughout France or to post their positive ideas directly on the wall of the community 364. Either way, employees had to meet a single demand when writing: to write their positive thought as a haiku, a 17-syllable poem. 1 2 3 4 after International Women’s day, on March 8th, the selected thoughts will be broadly spread out through two communities on Plazza, Gender Equality and 364, as well as a dedicated feed that will be posted on Twitter. 364 haikus have been selected in order to diffuse a daily positive thought on gender equality during a year. a selection committee made of members of both Plazza team and the Diversity Department have met on a regular basis to pick out the haikus to be published throughout the year.
  4. 4. Orange plazza 364 He: fair and competent She: gentle and reputed A shared ambition Isabelle. S (Paris)
  5. 5. Orange plazza 364 Two women, two men, 4 o’clock, coffee machine – Gender-equal break! Danielle J. (Villejuif)
  6. 6. Orange plazza 364 Little girl and doll Little boy’s action figure How about we swap? Hélène H. (Amiens)
  7. 7. Orange plazza 364 Business wide: love to dare In privacy: dare to love Delicate balance Gaelle B. (Orléans)
  8. 8. Orange plazza 364 " I’m the manager  –  A pleasure to meet you, sir  Sorry, it’s ‘madam’! " Margaux C. (Paris)
  9. 9. Orange plazza 364 Alice is foxy A perfect field technician Feminine way indeed! Manon F. (Rennes)
  10. 10. Orange plazza 364 With my three-piece suit And my lovely moustache. Male or female?... Just wing it! Caroline F. (Strasbourg)
  11. 11. Orange plazza 364 Paris or pastry? Would you like Perrier or tea? – I’m for parity Jean-François E. (Paris)
  12. 12. Orange plazza 364 Workplace equality, An abundance of ideas! Big bravo to all! Julie P. (Paris)
  13. 13. Orange plazza 364 Management Committee Best tenors in chorus Soprano voice’s missing Annie S. (Strasbourg)
  14. 14. Orange plazza 364 With Wonderwoman No need to be Superman Just Superdaddy Marine T. (Paris)
  15. 15. Orange plazza 364 He or she, same job And same skills in addition: Equal net salary Céline G. (Strasbourg)
  16. 16. 364a change catalyst I liked the poetic and playful approach that I had not heard of beforehand, as well as the fact that both men and women have been entice to participate. Gender equality is a state of mind that Orange builds day after day thanks to its employees’ involvement. I liked this project because of its originality. It also succeeds in shaking up my feminine and poetic instinct. To help mentalities evolve, reflect through haikus, and diffuse them each of the 364 days of the year is a great idea. Our company proves once more how involved it is with gender equality
  17. 17. Would you like to participate in project 364? Please follow us on Twitter #equality364 and go on the community 364 and post your positive thought directly on the wall Intranet > Plazza > Access to my page > My communities > 364 > Entrer dans la communauté Contacts for further information on project 364: Isabelle Schaefer • Ziryeb Marouf • postface
  18. 18. a special thanks to women and men of Orange who have already taken part in project 364 Aroussia M. Jean D. Margaux C. Eric L. Christine R. Méziane L. Anne B. Karine S. Jocelyne C. Philippe B. Sylvie D. Yves E. Caroline C. Hélène H. Laetitia R. Pascal D. Nadine T. Isabelle F. Claire D. Amandine A. Mondane B. Isabelle K. Jacky C. Didier S. Madeleine H. Anita I. Gisèle B. Philippe V. Viviane P. Mathieu G. Carine M. Jean-Pierre L. Nathalie T. Gaelle B. Marianne B. Claudine N. Isabelle R. Odile C. Hélène D. Sylvie S. Hubert B. Thomas G. Benoït G. Patricia G. Nadine N. Marieke B. Patricia G. Marie A. Marine T. Sylvain H. Philippe J. Jocelyne G. Béatrice Le B. Catherine T. François V. Antoine R. Marie-Françoise S. Anne B. Marie-Claire G. Myriam T. Lamia K. Julie P. Jean-François E. Ziryeb M. Elisabeth F. Sandrine C. Adeline B. Nathalie C. Capucine F. Mireille Le C. Sarah L. Anne P. Céline C. Marie S. Marie-Claude C. Catherine R. Nicole B. Philippe M. Claude L. Annick T. Sylviane B. Marielle C. Mathilde S. Florence B. Michèle L. Jean Marc N. Martina M. Sandrine R. Sylvie B. Corinne F. Danielle J. Emmanuel B. Michèle L. Martine D. Marie-Louise M. Hélène F. Sabrina B. Cathy R. Cécile C. Laure P. Philippe P. Nathalie K. Pascale C. Eric A. Agnès D. Philippe B. Floriane B. Manon F. Jacques V. Christine R. Mehdy B. Éliane B. Julie B. Remi B. Lauren R. Lionel B. Véronique R. Christine D. Christophe M. Elise F. Laure G. Anthony R. Fatima O. Emmanuel M. Elena N. Isabelle S. Magali M. Sylvie B. Caroline F. Céline G. Clément L. Michel G. Annie S. Gérard R. Monique M. Julie M. Olivier B. Viviane M. Carole G. Emmanuelle M. Céline R. Carine M. Anne B. Valérie B. Bénédicte C. Luc M. Hervé A. Daniel A. Sophie C. Frédéric S. Francis L. Célia N. Stéphanie M. Patricia P. Frédérique B. Mathieu L. Marcel B. Laurent G. Philippe L. Sylvian K. Dominique L. Maryline C. Sandrine G. Franck B. Annette A. Sylvie P. Jean-Luc V. Erick S. Jeanne D. Christine P. Jocelyne J. Bernard S. Pascale Z. Fatine N. Marie-Annick P. Raliba G. Marylène L. Anne L. Florence V. Frédéric C. Margot M. Pauline L. EQUILIBRES•2013