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Oracle Open-Office and other freeware solutions for end-users - Tarvi Tara


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Presentation from conference "Oracle Day 2011" in Estonia
11.03.2011 Nordic Hotel Forum

Published in: Technology
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Oracle Open-Office and other freeware solutions for end-users - Tarvi Tara

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here>Oracle Open Office – Oracle Cloud OfficeOracle vabavaralised lahendused lõppkasutajaleTarvi TaraSenior Sales Consultant
  2. 2. Kava• Oracle ja vabavara• Oracle Office – Open your Office – Oracle Open Office (Windows, Mac, Linux platvormile) – Oracle Cloud Office – Open Document Format (ODF)• Teised vabavaralised lahendused 2
  3. 3. Oracle and Open Source 3
  4. 4. Oracle Open Source Projects 4
  5. 5. Oracle’s Investment in Open Source•Supported popular open source projects for many years•Part of Oracle’s Complete, Open, Integrated strategy•Expand the developer community 5
  6. 6. Oracle’s Investment in Open Source•Committed to working with the Linux Community•#2 Code Committer to Eclipse projects•Glassfish Application Server continues as Java EE RI and available independently•Continue to develop, promote and support OpenOffice•Improve engineering, consulting and support for mySQL 6
  7. 7. The Oracle Office Product Family Oracle Office ● Rich editing & ● Collaboration ● On Premise & SaaS ● Free & Open Source enterprise tools ● Mobile & web ● For Telcos & ISPs ● Oracle Main Contributor ● Reduce costs ● 100m global user base Based on open standard ODF (Open Document Format) 7
  8. 8. Oracle Open Office 8
  9. 9. Opportunity Million users looking for a web & mobile office • Over a 100 Million private and business users • ODF officially approved and/or mandatory standard (NATO) 9
  10. 10. Oracle Open Office vs.• Oracle Open Office – Professional distribution of – Enterprise tools such as Oracle Connector for Microsoft SharePoint – Migration tools such as Microsoft Office Document Analyzer – Bundled extensions including mail/calendar functionality. (With, you must download each extension separately.) – Hot fixes, patches, and updates. ( requires that users download and reinstall the entire suite to gain the benefits of recent patches and service packs.) – Committed time lines and roadmaps – Oracle warranty and indemnification – Customization opportunities 10
  11. 11. Gets all the work done • Oracle Open Office gets all the work done • Fully featured applications for: – Text authoring, spreadsheets, presentations, data base and drawings • Over 10.000 features and 500 extensions 11
  12. 12. Open Standards• No vendor Lock-In• Based on the ISO Open Standard ODF.• Built upon the open source office suite• The choice of 100 Million enterprise and home users• Compatible with Cloud Office 12
  13. 13. Free Platform Choice • Oracle Open Office runs natively on Windows, Mac and Linux • Enable flexible and sustainable IT infrastructures • With Cloud Office web and mobile ready 13
  14. 14. File Format Compatibility• Oracle Office supports the Microsoft Office file formats, including the import of Microsoft Office 2007/2010 files• Extended PDF compatibility for import, export, roundtrip and archiving 14
  15. 15. Enterprise Integration• Perfect integration with Oracle Cloud Office• Seamless integration into Alfresco and SharePoint• Oracle Open Office is integrated with key Oracle applications: – Oracle Business Intellingence Server – Oracle JDeveloper – Oracle E-Business Suite 15
  16. 16. Oracle Open Office FEATURE OVERVIEW ● Fully featured applications for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, data base and drawing ● Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux ● Compatible with Microsoft Office file formats, including the 2007 and 2010 file formats ● Integration with key Oracle applications, Alfresco and SharePoint ● 17 Languages ● Extended PDF support for import, export and archiving ● Extensible functionality through over 500 extensions ● Cloud Office integration for collaboration (Cloud Office Connector) ● Optional: Integration of Email, Calendar and Addressbook 16
  17. 17. Oracle Cloud Office 17
  18. 18. Collaborate Easily• Share files with other users• Review documents as a group• Provide feedback via sticky notes 18
  19. 19. Web 2.0 Publishing & Sharing• Remote presentations via internet – no further services and cost• Easily publish ODF files in blogs, websites or intranets• Publish only once and your audience always sees latest version in embedded viewer 19
  20. 20. Mobile Access Anywhere • Works perfect on Netbooks • Read private and shared documents on your mobile phone • Optimized for iPhone and touch phones,works on many 3G smart phones 20
  21. 21. Open Office Roundtrip • Easily edit Cloud Office files with Open Office desktop suite • Cloud Office Connector enables saving and loading of ODF files with Open Office • Seamless online and offline editing based on user needs 21
  22. 22. Work in Your Style • Change design themes to personalize your workspace – From basic colors, desktop evergreens to exotic new themes... • Interactive desktop widgets ease your office routines 22
  23. 23. Building an Open Standards Office Infrastructure• Interoperability: – Office documents – Web presentations ODF – Email, Calendar, Address book, Instant Messenger HTML / AJAX• No data format lock-in IMAP, CalDAV,• Files accessible long-term CardDAV, XMPP• Lower costs• Flexible client access 23
  24. 24. Oracle Cloud Office R 1.0 FEATURE OVERVIEW ● Web-based Text, Spreadsheet and Presentation tools ● Open Standard: Based on ODF – seamless Open Office roundtrip ● Workspace connects to remote file systems, email, calendar ● Joint Presentation Viewing over the internet ● File Sharing for multi-user collaboration ● Web 2.0 embedded document publishing ® ● Mobile Phone Viewer (optimized for iPhone and ® Android ) ● Personalization with Themes and Workspace Widgets 24
  25. 25. Oracle Enterprise Linux• Enterprise-class support for Linux• Our code is accepted into mainline kernel • File Systems – OCFS, Btrfs; Clustering • Data Integrity • Storage Validation • Asynchronous I/O • Virtualization• Real-world testing with Validated Configurations• The Linux Foundation board member• Licensee of Open Invention Network (OIN) Committed to working with the Linux Community 25
  26. 26. More Than 4,500 Customers…and growingRely on Oracle Unbreakable Linux and Oracle VM 26
  27. 27. Oracle VM•Oracle VM Server for x86 • Enhancing Xen • Free to download, use and distribute • Oracle VM Templates • Oracle VM Storage Connect Framework • Enterprise-quality support•Oracle VM VirtualBox • Continued development and enhanced support 27
  28. 28. Investment in MySQL• Make MySQL a Better MySQL • #1 Open Source Database for Web Applications• Develop, Promote and Support MySQL • Improve engineering, consulting and support • Leverage 24x7, World-Class Oracle Support• MySQL Community Edition • Source and binary releases • GPL license 28
  29. 29. Investment in MySQL• MySQL Focus Areas • Web, Embedded & Telecom • LAMP • Windows• Oracle + MySQL Customers • Oracle Enterprise Manager • Oracle Secure Backup • Oracle Audit Vault 29
  30. 30. Oracle Database XE• Same code base as Oracle Database 10g Release 2• Free to download• Free to develop & deploy• Free to distribute (including ISVs)• Supports up to 4GB of user data (in addition to Oracle system data)• Single instance only of Oracle Database XE on any server• May be installed on a multiple CPU server, but only executes on one processor in any server• May be installed on a server with any amount of memory, but will only use up to 1GB RAM of available memory 30
  31. 31. Resources• Oracle and Open Source• Open Source Projects 31
  32. 32. 32