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What Drives Customer Loyalty?


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This infographic details how customer service can be the difference between keeping your customers, or losing them. Do you have a customer loyalty program?

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What Drives Customer Loyalty?

  1. 1. WHY THE SECRET OF CUSTOMER LOYALTY IS What Drives Customer Loyalty? We asked customers what makes a memorable experience that causes them to remain loyal to a brand. .. , said friendly said the ability said personalized said a good employees or to easily find experiences reputation customer service information or representatives request help The Consequences of Customer Dissatisfaction But customer loyalty is easily lost: 50% of customers give a brand only one week to respond to a question before they stop doing business with them. of custorriers surveyed posted a negative of which were ignored began doing busirioss comment on a social by the organization with a competitor networking site — they attacked Only 1% of customers felt their expectations for a good customer experience were met every time. A response makes a huge difference. .. Wlieri a customer's negative online comment was met with a response; 46% 22°/ o said they were pleased posted a positive comment about the organization The Benefits of Customer Loyalty Positive customer service experiences create | ong—standing brand relationships — and 86% of customers will pay more for a better experience. SIMPLY BY IMPROVING CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES. .. / "P The United States airline Wireless carriers could earn I“dU5'fTV COUICI IlaV9 made an additional US$14.65 an additional US$8.94 billion each year? billion in 2010.‘ A Roadmap for Success Exceptional customer service experiences are essential for growing and sustaining competitive differentiation in today's market. So make sure. .. YOUR COMPANY IS AVAILABLE WHEN YOUR CUSTOMERS WANT TO REACH YOU of respondents said their expectatioris 4 g were not met because a Company was ‘ unavailable by phone and email YOUR COMPANY PROCESSES OUESTIONS AND COMPLAINTS OUICKLY AND EFFICIENTLY said companies are slow to resolve issues YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES ARE EXPERTS ON YOUR BRAND —AND YOUR CUSTOMERS of respondents said they said companies are sometimes knew more forgetful, and will not about a company than the ~~ remember who a customer company's own customer is, even if they have recently service representatives ’ been in communication 4% YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES ARE BOTH FRIENDLY AND PROFESSIONAL said companies are impersonal, and fail to get their customers’ names right YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SUPPORT ACTIVITIES REACH OUT ACROSS SOCIAL MEDIA said companies cannot be found on social networking sites READ THE FULL CEI REPORT HERE: 1 Calculated based on Air Transport Association's average round trip amount paid by domestic passengers in 2010, Bureau ol Transportation Statistics‘ number of passengers for US. flights (domestic airlinesl in the ziarne year, an(Itl1e expetzlalitiri that 84% of r_: un: ~;tirrier5 will pay 59,. rrmre for a better experierit‘: e. 2 Calculated based on CT| A‘s estimated number of US. mobile subscribers at the end of 2010, JD Power's estimate of the average annual wireless phone bill, and same the expectation stated above.