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The Future of Modern Marketing: 2017 from Global Marketing Leaders


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A review of Modern Marketing in 2016 and predictions for 2017 from Global Marketing Leaders.

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The Future of Modern Marketing: 2017 from Global Marketing Leaders

  1. 1. The Future of Modern Marketing: 2017 A review of Modern Marketing in 2016 and predictions for 2017 from Global Marketing Leaders
  2. 2. 02THE FUTURE OF MODERN MARKETING: 2017 MODERN MARKETING—WHAT LIES AHEAD Winston Churchill once said: “It is no use saying, ‘We are doing our best.’ You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary.” For marketers doing what it is necessary to be successful in 2017 and beyond means coming to the realization that the future—in many ways, is already here. For example artificial intelligence or AI—many marketers are already benefitting from it. Then there’s the Internet of Things or IoT. Do you know what that is? You should. Doing what it is necessary to succeed means staying ahead of the curve, literally. The days of reading about a new marketing technology, then spending 6-12 months pondering its effective- ness before implementing it are over. Marketers must move at light speed. They need to adapt on the fly and be agile and nimble. With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being generated daily there really is no other choice. You either adapt. Or die. It’s that simple. As you’ll see in reading the thoughts and predictions of selected Senior Marketing Executives, they are fully aware of the necessary things they need to do to be successful. Ceri Jones Blake Cahill Catherine Walker Chris Diaz Akshay Manikantan 03 04 05 06 07 TABLE OF CONTENTS
  3. 3. 03THE FUTURE OF MODERN MARKETING: 2017 2017 PREDICTIONS ’Considering that 83% of more advanced companies claim to practise customer journey mapping, we might expect less channel focus, but 59% still have difficulty unifying their data sources and a further 61% are struggling with the complexity of their customer touchpoints’. (Source) Marketing organisations are experiencing huge disruption as the result of fragmented, digitally-driven, buyer journeys combined with a lack of skills in modern marketing meth- ods, leading to organisational silos. The transformation of Marketing into an agile, do-learn-do, performance-driven organisation starts with understanding the data. Data insight and predictive analytics will move into the mainstream in 2017, as a direct outcome of the focus on customer experience and customer journey mapping, creating huge competition for the limited resources available with the right experience. ’Verizon’s acquisition of Yahoo and Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn are only the tip of the spear when it comes to marketing and media M&A. Observers note that the need for scale and the increasing demands of omnichannel marketers mean more consolidation is on tap.’ (Source 1, Source 2) Marketing Operations and Marketing Technologists are entering the mainstream of marketing organisations as demand increases from the business for joined up thinking CERI JONES Senior Marketing Leader at Basware @Cerijones216 | Profile about how technology and data-driven customer insights can be leveraged to drive customer acquisition, conversion and retention to create growth. Our challenge will be to back the right horses in a rapidly changing field—3874 vendors and counting—where best-of-breed and enterprise solution vendors are consolidating but the market is innovating at a furious pace. It reminds me a lot of the post-Y2K consoli- dation of ERP and the post era—but this time it’s in Marketing and we need to deal with the uncertainty it creates. Be clear that your strategic platforms have a long term future before investing.’ (Source) “The transformation of Marketing into an agile, do-learn-do, performance-driven organisa­tion starts with understanding the data.” — CERI JONES
  4. 4. 04THE FUTURE OF MODERN MARKETING: 2017 BLAKE CAHILL SVP Global Head of Digital Marketing and Media, Philips @bcahill | Profile 2016 IN REVIEW By 2020, mobile will account for 45% of the $632 billion in total e-commerce sales. Today’s digitally empowered customer moves at their own pace; when and wherever they want to, faster than ever before. For marketers in 2016, it’s been about following this trend and engaging with consum- ers anytime, anywhere and on touch points that matter to them, in real time. (Source) 2017 PREDICTIONS 85% of consumers find visual user generated content more influential than brand photos and videos. For any brand hoping to inspire consistent engagement, they will have to accept that consumers now have access to tools that can result in better, more engaging pieces of content. In 2017 we’re going to see a significant rise in brands putting more of an emphasis on user generated content, working with consumers to help brands tell their story. (Source) “In 2017 we’re going to see a signifi- cant rise in brands putting more of an emphasis on user generated content, working with consumers to help brands tell their story.” — BLAKE CAHILL
  5. 5. 05THE FUTURE OF MODERN MARKETING: 2017 CATHERINE WALKER Head of Digital and Marketing Operations, Vodafone group @cathywalker3 | Profile 2016 IN REVIEW The race to digitisation means that businesses are under intense pressure to make technology decisions more quickly to enable their digital strategies. CIOs are expecting their digital revenues to grow from 16% to 37%. In a digital environment, customers will increasingly look for data-driven proof points to help them with their buying process. (Source) 2017 PREDICTIONS Decision-making is slowing down with the average time to deliver a corporate IT project increasing from 8.5 months in 2010 to 10 months in 2015. This is partly due to organisations becoming more matrixed and collaborative. And marketers aren’t helping by deluging decision-makers with content. Customers need help to make their technology decision- making simpler, quicker and easier. In 2017 marketers must tilt the emphasis in favour of quality rather than quantity and focus on providing content which is more personalised, more evidence-based, easier-to-digest and practical to use. (Source 1, Source 2) “In a digital environment, customers will increasingly look for data-driven proof points to help them with their buying process.” — CATHERINE WALKER
  6. 6. 06THE FUTURE OF MODERN MARKETING: 2017 2017 PREDICTIONS The biggest impact in 2017 in global marketing from an Africa perspective is the growth in intra continental trade and automated marketing strategies across the region. Africa con- tinues to grow with the biggest FDI investments globally and new brands such as Marriot, Hilton,Emirates,Kenya Airways and other new brands increases market footprint. The high population of 1 billion people will grow to 1.5 billion next few years, the market demands for good and services both internally and internationally creates opportunities for modern marketing strategies. Digital Solutions are being rolled out both for money solutions and increased demand in the FMCG sectors in 2017 has been predicted. Africa is connected to the world using advance digital platforms and increased demand and free trade zones are all signs of stronger trade within the African economies and higher use of internet and tele-communications marketing In 2017 Modern marketing practises will see more innovation and creative digital solutions driven by influencer marketing, customer digital management will be changing consumer purchasing patterns and loyalty, which will see new African established brands growing market shares in the global market space. Chris Diaz was awarded top 100 most influential global mar- keting leader by World Marketing and World Brand Congress. Respected thought Leader based in Africa. (Source) CHRIS DIAZ Marketing Director, Kenya Airways @DiazChrisAfrica | Profile
  7. 7. 07THE FUTURE OF MODERN MARKETING: 2017 2016 IN REVIEW Internet & smartphone penetration surged across MENA and this has led to the consumer being more informed and connected than ever before. In 2016, we clearly saw brands focusing and investing more in Digital Marketing rather than the use of traditional & conventional methods. Marketing Automation has perhaps been the single area across the globe, where companies have invested in. Content Marketing continued to grow and has been crucial to the overall strategy. A lot of whitepapers suggest an estimated 50% of marketers focused their energy towards creating & delivering the Content. In the start of 2016, a lot of organisations spoke about Big Data but very few have taken that leap towards implementation. Big Data can have a direct effect on how successful your Marketing Automation actually is. It is critical to truly understand, using deep dive data analysis, the segmentation and persona that resonates within each channel. In short 2016 saw the rise and start of the Modern Marketing journey. 2017 PREDICTIONS Relevancy & Personalisation will be key as we usher into 2017 where the consumer needs are changing rapidly. Orchestration of multi-channel & wave campaigns are going to get more sophisticated and data driven. If I can elaborate it for the marketers, I clearly see the focus on: • Video (Live-streams, 360 Degree and Video over emails) • Content (VR/AR, Storytelling and UGC—user generated content) • Data (Personalisation, Attributes, Accountability and Omni-channel) • Mobile (Mobile first, Location based marketing, search refining) • Paid promotion (Influencers, Native, Remarketing & Sponsored content) • Automation (Machine learning, workflow & Marketing process automation, AI and bots) • Ecommerce (Social commerce & interactive emails) AKSHAY MANIKANTAN Head of Loyalty Marketing, Landmark Group @akki_scorpion | Profile
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