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2015 Marketing Budgets Report


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We teamed up with Econsultancy to create a Marketing Budgets Report 2015. This report delves into marketers’ expected spend for the coming year and is a great opportunity to see whether you are facing similar challenges to the rest of the industry and inform your priorities for the year.

Download the full report here:

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2015 Marketing Budgets Report

  1. 1. Marketing Budgets 2015 Data and insights from the sixth annual Marketing Budgets Report, published by Econsultancy in partnership with Oracle Marketing Cloud, and based on a survey of 600 digital marketers and ecommerce professionals. fig. /_ Proportion of companies planning to increase: Overall marketing budget Digital marketing budget 2014 2014 Increase of 5% Increase of 8% 77% of companies plan to increase their digital marketing budgets. the highest rate since the survey began. and up from 77% in 2014. Increased investment in digital marketing technologies in 2015 79% of responding companies indicate they are planning to increase their spending on digital marketing technology, up from 70% in 2014. J , PLANNED INCREASE "‘°“"9 73% "°'3“°" 58% ° 50% ngagementlretention 60% How digital marketing budget is split between these channels Paid search (PPC) . Content marketing I Lead generation I Display advertising (for acquisition) I Email marketing (for engagomentlretontion) 1 SEO (natural search) I Email marketing (for acquisition) 1 Other’ ‘Other; Data management i;5%ji, Display advertising {for engagement/ retention} ij5%ji, Social media investment ijlor acquisition) | :4°»"5:I, Affiliate marketing i;4%ji, Marketing automation i;4%; i. Marketing analytics i14%ji. Social media investment (for engagement! retention} i14%ji. Sales enablement ij3°. .-“xi. Video advertising ij3%). Webinars I virtual events ij3%ji. Mobile marketing ijfor acquisitionji ij3%ji. Lead management i;3%], Mobile marketing ijfor engagement / retention] i13°. -iaji. 5| Retention focus Acquisition focus 2014 2015 2014 2014 i'. i'lC1l'f; ‘ l'C". fL‘l‘l'. lC? l‘l ‘i: ::: .i_isi; s:l H»: -:: =. . ::: i:: '-: ‘,-_ 5 t i: i~‘ l-*: i«:; ~:: The percentage of those saying retention and acquisition are equal focus for investment is down from 47% to 43%. Budgets split between owned, paid and earned media Despite the rise in eamed and owned media, paid media still gets the most budget. 5! 61% Paid media % of budget allocated 39% 67% Owned media % of budget allocated 35% 71 °/ o Earned media % of budget allocated 26% / Companies are 35% more likely to be increasing their budgets for cross-channel / multichannel campaign management technology 0 agree they are focusing on breaking 0 down internal silos to better co-ordinate and integrate marketing efforts. The Marketing Budgets 2015 Report is available here for download: http: /Ibit. ly/1zs837Y MARKETING CLOUD