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Marketing Automation Trends: What We Can Expect in 2017


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Dr. Dave Chaffey of Smart Insights shares 6 Trends and 9 Techniques to help you step up the marketing automation ladder. This presentation includes the latest statistics from current research, as well as real world examples of marketing automation success.

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Marketing Automation Trends: What We Can Expect in 2017

  1. 1. @DaveChaffey Marketing Automation Trends : What we can expect in 2017 Dr. Dave Chaffey
  2. 2. @DaveChaffey About Dave Chaffey Co-founder and Editor of - a marketing advice community with > 1 million unique visitors each quarter. Expert members in over 80 countries use our planning guides, templates and online courses to Plan, Manage and Optimise their digital marketing. We also offer consulting and training for members. Digital Marketing consultant, trainer and author since ‘97. Download our free tools guide for Basic members:
  3. 3. @DaveChaffey Digital Marketing hype cycle 2016-2017 Source: Gartner marketing Hype Cycles
  4. 4. @DaveChaffey Lifecycle Marketing Automation Opportunities
  5. 5. @DaveChaffey Email automation will still be a vital sales driver in 2017 Plus: Customer Acquisition by email has quadrupled over the last four years Source: Custora Pulse
  6. 6. @DaveChaffey AGENDA - 6 Trends and 9 Techniques to help you step up the automation ladder Source: Smart Insights – capability review download
  7. 7. @DaveChaffey TREND 1: Adoption of integrated Marketing Automation
  8. 8. @DaveChaffey How advanced is your automation? Source : Smart Insights 2016 B2B Marketing Automation research
  9. 9. @DaveChaffey How do you measure your email effectiveness? Source: DMA annual benchmark report – published in 2016
  10. 10. @DaveChaffey Technique 1: Assess and grow activity and value via analytics These “hurdle rates” are for whole list. Repeat:  By segment, i.e. demographics  By product categories purchased Measure Period Number of Subscribers % of list total Never Open All time 48,000 16.0% Last 6 Months 168,000 56.0% Never Click All time 96,000 32.0% Last 6 Months 144,000 48.0% Never Bought All time 48,000 16.0% Last 6 Months 192,000 64.0% Never Bought Online All time 96,000 32.0% Last 6 Months 216,000 72.0%
  11. 11. @DaveChaffey Review email activities cross-lifecycle Source : Kath Pay, Consultant: Holistic Email Marketing
  12. 12. @DaveChaffey Technique 2: Simple Welcome with OVP
  13. 13. @DaveChaffey Technique 3: Multistep Welcome CTR Response example: 0d:13% > +2d:6% > +1w: 8%
  14. 14. @DaveChaffey TREND 2: Integration of Content Marketing into Lifecycle Automation
  15. 15. @DaveChaffey The challenge in 2017 won’t be lack of engaging content – It’s surfacing it through the customer journey
  16. 16. @DaveChaffey Where is your content marketing strongest and weakest? REACH ACT CONVERT ENGAGE Content type and aim TOFU Awareness Engagement MOFU Evaluation Engagement BOFU Purchase Engagement ROFU Retention/Advocacy Engagement B2B Examples • Hero lead-gen for cut-through Infographics • 10X content • Webinars - education • Case studies • Datasheets • Independent reviews • Webinars - demos • ROI calculators • Business case download • Career development • Enewsletter Distribution • SEO • Social • Pop-ups and Inline content • Email welcome • Email nurture • Enewsletter personal • Web personalisation • Livechat • Emails from Sales (Automated) • Webinars • Enewsletter • Web personalisation
  17. 17. @DaveChaffey Source: Scott Brinker, The 4th Wave of Content Marketing Interactive content marketing examples Technique 4: Interactive content
  18. 18. @DaveChaffey
  19. 19. @DaveChaffey TREND 3: Personalisation
  20. 20. @DaveChaffey How relevant are your emails? Smart Insights 2016 B2B Marketing Automation research
  21. 21. @DaveChaffey Technique 5: Dynamic content Role-specific example
  22. 22. @DaveChaffey Technique 6: Device-specific creative based on user context Source – Chris Pook of Marie Curie DesktopEmail MobileEmail
  23. 23. @DaveChaffey Optimising testing for email and SMS  Group A – standard online donation (Existing method)  Group B – non ‘adaptable’ online and SMS donation (Static messaging where both options appeared on both mobile or desktop)  Group C – adaptable online donation or SMS donation messaging (Message changed by device type opened on) Source – Chris Pook of Marie Curie
  24. 24. @DaveChaffey Email 'Type' Customer Lifecycle Segmentation Prospects Nursery Development Lapsing Lapsed Lifecycle P2C programme Nursery programme Spot the winners Prevent Lapsing programme Lapsed programme Behavioural Triggered by customer behaviour: ABBA, BnB, Accessories etc (max.1 email per week for each programme) Newsletter Sent wk. 1 each month to all contacts with personalised content Feature Email Sent wk. 2 each month to all contacts Offers and Deals Sent wk. 3 each month to all contacts NPI Sent wk. 4 each month to all contacts Content insertion Automation example Monthly Planning Framework Source: Harriet Mitchell Smart Insights Digital Impact conference
  25. 25. @DaveChaffey The RS Newsletter Hero banner Customised content: (Customer Profile) • EDE (Electronic Design Engineers) • Non-EDE (Electronic Design Engineers) • Promo Excluded (Key and Corporates) CLC Module Customised content: (Customer Lifecycle) • Nursery • Development • Acquisition BEH Module Customised content: (Behavioural data) • Abandoned Baskets • Browsed Not Bought • Propensity to Buy (A recommendations model) • Top Sellers Local Module Product modules can vary in number and format. Maximum of 8 modules per email. Product Modules Optional modules for any local activity/information.
  26. 26. @DaveChaffey TREND 4: Targeting based on intent (Predictive analytics)
  27. 27. @DaveChaffey Technique 7: Lead scoring
  28. 28. @DaveChaffey MA AI - From rules-based lead scoring to predictive lead scoring  Doesn’t require lead scoring rules based on interactions  Automatically identifies propensity to convert and value  Based on a training data set of historic interaction and sales
  29. 29. @DaveChaffey Technique 8: Integrate Web ‘sense & respond’
  30. 30. @DaveChaffey Email 1: 45% Open 8.4% CTR Email 2: 38% Open 3.5% CTR Intent follow-up – click on Category
  31. 31. @DaveChaffey TREND 8: Account Based Marketing (ABM)
  32. 32. @DaveChaffey What is Account-based marketing? Does your business practice it? ITSMA defines ABM as “more than a sales or marketing approach; it is a collaborative strategy that engages sales, marketing, subject matter experts and delivery professionals, as well as key executives in the chosen client account to determine where and how to best meet the client’s unique business challenges. With deep insight into the client’s business and key goals, this collaborative team creates a well-orchestrated marketing and sales campaign for a single account.” SiriusDecisions defines ABM as “the strategic approach marketers use to support a defined universe of accounts, including strategic accounts and named accounts.” Source : LinkedIn Account-based marketing guide
  33. 33. @DaveChaffey How can digital media and tech help with ABM? According to IDC, the average B2B deal today involves more than eight decision makers, a 43 percent increase from three years ago. Our own research at LinkedIn shows that anywhere from 3.1 to 4.6 additional departments- such as information technology or finance or human resources- influence a B2B buying decision.
  34. 34. @DaveChaffey Technique 9: Some specific digital ABM techniques Reach  “Lookalike targeting” (Google Customer Match, Facebook Custom and Lookalike Audiences, LinkedIn Company/Account Targeting ) Act:  #11 Content structured around Personas for lead-gen  Lookalike targeting inc LinkedIn Company/Account Targeting Convert  Email nurture to encourage content sharing to DMU – ideally customised by sales or offering webinars for accounts  Content recommendation personalisation – by business?  Remarketing and Lookalike targeting inc LinkedIn Company Targeting Engage  Lookalike targeting  Remarketing and Lookalike targeting inc LinkedIn Company Targeting
  35. 35. @DaveChaffey An example of innovative design and engagement techniques Source : Intercom Acquire
  36. 36. @DaveChaffey
  37. 37. @DaveChaffey Programmatic ABM from LinkedIn Source : LinkedIn Account-based Marketing Guide
  38. 38. @DaveChaffey Questions & discussion welcome! Free interactive tool - review your digital capabilities Let’s Connect