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Future of-modern-marketing-2017


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Predicting the future can be tricky. Sometimes we look forward to the far-off vistas that populate the world of science fiction, but other times we feel like that future is already here. The future of Modern Marketing is just around the corner as we consider how to approach 2017. We asked our marketing prognosticators to look into the future to help guide Modern Marketers in the right direction.

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  • Interesting presentation. I wonder how AI and machine learning can be included in marketing automation and how software providers like GetResponse are going to embrace it in their marketing automation solutions. This year, it seems, many businesses will turn to marketing automation as a new strategy.
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Future of-modern-marketing-2017

  1. 1. The Future of Modern Marketing: 2017 PREDICTIONS FROM GLOBAL MARKETING EXPERTS 1
  2. 2. THE FUTURE OF MODERN MARKETING We often think that the future is just over the next hill, but when we asked global marketing experts to predict 2017, it seems like the future is already here. We all know how important it is collect and analyze the data—now being generated at a rate of 2.5 quintillion bytes daily—to improve the customer experience. Some of us are doing this now, and we expect to do it better in the future. There are many marketers who have heard this advice before, and for whatever reason, they still have not implemented it. Lack of budget, lack of organizational alignment, or just a lack of a clear strategy to get there are some of the reasons it has not happened. But the time to act is now or you may be looking at a future that is not so bright for your brand. Technology—including our understanding of it, our education of how to use it, and how it integrates into all of our marketing campaigns and activities—is what the future looks like. You know those doors that silently slide open in space movies as you approach them—well, ok, I guess that happens at the grocery store too—that is what much of marketing technology feels like when implemented correctly. It helps you know what to do and when to do it. And sometimes it can even do it by itself. This is what automation and programmatic done right bring to the marketing stack. But with all this technology comes great responsibility. Responsibility to the customer experience. Our experts remind us that customer obsession is more important than implementing the latest and greatest. We will ultimately beat our competition with a better customer experience, not just better technology. We will achieve marketing utopia by focusing on our customers and prospects as more than names in a database, but as individuals with preferences, opinions, and desires. Technology-focused marketing without the customer experience will lead to a dystopian future where The Terminator’s Skynet really has taken over. Artificial intelligence and chatbots are more pieces of the future of Modern Marketing puzzle, even though this introduction was written without the help of either one. Well, except where I had to look something up with a search engine. That’s a perfect example of how we have been living in the future for years. We should not fear the future. We should embrace it. Customer experience first, supported by the right technology and data. That’s how Modern Marketing really works. Customer Experience Data-Driven Marketing Cross Channel Marketing Marketing Automation Mobile Marketing Content Marketing 03 07 11 13 15 17 TABLE OF CONTENTS
  3. 3. Click to get Modern Marketing Year in Review 2016 03THE FUTURE OF MODERN MARKETING: 2017 CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE LEE ODDEN |TopRank Marketing @LeeOdden | Website One thing that’s going to have a pretty big impact on marketing in 2017 is a much greater sophistication on the part of brands using marketing technology.The integration of marketing technology platforms will allow brands to create much better experiences across channels for the customers that they are trying to reach. ANN HANDLEY | Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs @annhandley | Website In 2017 marketers will not just look outside their organizations, but they will look inside their organizations to tell their stories to get everybody on the same page. Marketing is really the center of the customer experience and marketers increasingly own that by telling that story to prospects, to customers, and to their audiences. But telling their story internally is something I’ve seen more and more in 2016 and I think we are going to see a lot more of in 2017. SCOTT BRINKER | Editor, @chiefmartec | Website Building on a trend from 2016—the mainstreaming of marketing technologists as an integral part of the modern marketing team—the trend in 2017 will be for marketing executives to rise above the whirlwind of marketing technology systems and focus on developing organizational capital to unlock the real potential of these tools.The best mar- keters in 2017 will concentrate their efforts on reimagining processes and management methods to help their people better leverage software-powered marketing. (Source) “Marketers will look inside their organizations to tell their stories.” — ANN HANDLEY
  4. 4. Click to get Modern Marketing Year in Review 2016 04THE FUTURE OF MODERN MARKETING: 2017 CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE JAY BAER | President, Convince & Convert @Jaybaer | Website The greatest impact on Modern Marketing in 2017 will be the mass embrace of messaging apps and bots to interact with B2C and B2B customers.The long-rumored replacement for email will begin becoming a reality, as 2 billion people are expected to use these apps routinely by 2018. (Source) ANDY CRESTODINA | Co-founder, Orbit Media @crestodina | Website 2017 is going to be fun. A lot of people are hitting burnout mode in terms of their output efforts.You’re going to see more automation. Not necessarily traditional marketing auto- mation, but more automation of more simple tasks.Things like social media automation. People are going to look to be a lot more efficient through the use of tools and you are going to see a lot more adoption of the tools that help people leverage their time to become much more efficient as marketers. SAM HURLEY | Founder, OPTIM-EYEZ @Sam___Hurley | Website I expect to see a steep uplift in the use of immersive technology from brands – further enhancing the customer experience through a new wave of content marketing. Virtual and augmented reality is all the rage, with 360 and dynamic video close behind. More than 12 million virtual reality headsets will be sold in 2017, with sales of augmented reality smart glasses expected to be worth $1.2 billion in the same year. (Source) “The greatest impact will be the mass embrace of messaging apps and bots.” — JAY BAER “More than 12 million virtual reality headsets will be sold in 2017.” — SAM HURLEY
  5. 5. 05THE FUTURE OF MODERN MARKETING: 2017 CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MAGALI HEBERARD | Marketing and Communication Director, L’olivier – assurance @mheberard | Website The bots will be at the center of all digital discussions for companies in 2017. It is now official: the utilization of messaging applications has exceeded one of the social networks. Brands have understood the benefits that artificial intelligence could bring them, in terms of productivity and CRM. But it is not because technology is present that the customer experience will be there too. Enterprises will want to jump directly to using chatbots, before even mastering basic chat. Brands will need to know, more than ever, what needs they are responding to and how they will do so, especially if they want to avoid issues linked to rushing in too soon. (Source) EMILIE MARQUOIS-OGEZ | Social Media Planner, Eolina @eogez | Website The rise to power of messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, or the very popular Snapchat will have the most impact in 2017. With 3 billion users in the world, they represent a new way for customer relations that should not be neglected, especially with the beginning of the chatbots. (Source) ERIC BRIONES | Professor, Moda Domani Institute ISG Director of Strategic Planning, Publicis EtNous @darkplanneur | Website According to a study by Ericsson Consumerlab (2015), a 60-second break in the load time of a video on a mobile device provokes as much stress as if you were watching a horror movie. In fact, on a scale of 0 to 1, the cognitive load reached for these two events reaches 0.8. In this context, breaks during load time could raise your heart rate by 38%.That is modern stress. (Source) Click to get Modern Marketing Year in Review 2016
  6. 6. 06THE FUTURE OF MODERN MARKETING: 2017 CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE TheYear Customer ExperienceTakes a Step Back to Step Forward The customer experience has been a hot topic over the past few years and we expect this trend will continue for 2017 with a few major shifts. The past few years have been about journey mapping and adding new technology into the fold. In 2016 we started to see artificial intelligence and chatbots rise in the customer experience conversation. Chatbots are not new ideas for customer experience, but they have often had struggles in implementation. These struggles will continue during the early part of 2017, but then the major shift will happen after the first quarter. As we have tried to march forward with customer experience, we will now take a step back! In 2017 we will begin re-engineering customer experience starting from the initial phases of customer contact through sales, product fulfillment and support. Instead of utilizing the duct tape to hold together the customer experience we will think through a completely different experience that truly focuses on the customer every step of the way. With this shift we will re-engineer all touchpoints (phone, web, social, chat, etc) to create seamless experiences. As this begins to happen we will see what is truly possible with artificial intelligence and a proper CRM implementation. In many ways 2017 will be a maturing for customer experience and by the end of the year companies will begin to realize what is truly possible when recreating the experience. We will have a need to break down internal silos and build the culture that understands the customer experience from end to end. It will not be able to be “owned” by different departments, but will become a new way of doing business. Brain+Trust Partners is an executive consultancy helping busy leaders manage an evolving marketplace with common sense and strategic guidance. “Instead of utilizing the duct tape to hold together the customer experience we will think through a completely different experience.” Click to get Modern Marketing Year in Review 2016
  7. 7. 7THE FUTURE OF MODERN MARKETING: 2017 DATA-DRIVEN MARKETING PETER ISAACSON | CMO, Demandbase @peisaacson | Website Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to disrupt countless industries, and B2B marketing is no exception. According to Narrative Science, 80% of executives believe AI boosts productivity and worker performance, and creates new jobs. In 2017, we’ll see more B2B marketers using AI to create highly personalized ads tailored to their buyer’s specific interests in real-time, to get the data and insights they need to have relevant conversations and to create a completely customized buyer’s journey throughout the funnel. (Source) CARLOS HIDALGO | CEO, ANNUITAS @cahidalgo | Website I believe the biggest impact for modern marketing will be the skills development of B2B marketers to handle the challenges presented to a modern marketer. Forrester reports that 96% of CMOs say they are being asked to do things they never had to do before, while according to ANNUITAS, only 8% of B2B marketers say they are very effective. If you want impact, enable and equip your people to make it. (Source) CHRIS MOODY | Content Marketing Leader, GE Digital @cnmoody | Blog The only definite way to make a larger impact in 2017 is to focus on the most important metrics for your job and ignore all the shiny objects. 80% of CEOs are not impressed by the work done by marketers and believe marketers are poor business performers. Is Snapchat or more video going to fix that? Maybe… but, if your goal is to drive qualified sales leads, then you better drive qualified sales leads in 2017. (Source) “Focus on the most important metrics for your job and ignore all the shiny objects.” — CHRIS MOODY Click to get Modern Marketing Year in Review 2016
  8. 8. 8THE FUTURE OF MODERN MARKETING: 2017 DATA-DRIVEN MARKETING DOUG KESSLER | Co-founder and Creative Director, Velocity @dougkessler | Website The thing that will make the most impact on modern marketing in 2017 will be (drum roll) (even longer drum roll) data integration (cymbal crash!). Unifying the ridiculously fragmented marketing stack is the biggest challenge facing almost every sales and marketing team today. Every silo—whether it’s a channel silo or a marketing app silo or an internal organizational silo—both consumes and generates data. Until we can link them up around some common dimensions (like customer IDs), we can’t realize the big promise of insanely great marketing experiences across all channels. (Source) NEAL SCHAFFER | CEO, MaximizeYour Social @nealschaffer | Website Surprising enough, 70% of companies are said to still not be collecting data from social media channels. If this is true, the potential for data-driven marketing to have a huge impact in Modern Marketing in 2017 is clear. From content marketing and social advertising optimization to ideas for developing new products, social media marketing will become a more data-driven exercise. 2017 should become a turning point year as social networks and tools that tap into their data-rich APIs offer marketers more data than ever to help them optimize a wide range of marketing functions. (Source) JOHN J. WALL | Producer, Marketing Over Coffee @johnjwall | Website Artificial intelligence and machine learning will drive advertising targeting to new levels, continuing the trend away from irrelevant impressions. (Source) Click to get Modern Marketing Year in Review 2016
  9. 9. 9THE FUTURE OF MODERN MARKETING: 2017 DATA-DRIVEN MARKETING DAVID B.THOMAS | B2BTech Marketer @DavidBThomas | Website In 2017 artificial intelligence will change the direction of marketing. Oracle, Microsoft, and Salesforce have all made major AI-driven announcements, and martech vendors are scrambling to replace “ABM” with “AI” in their pitch decks. Not a bad idea, with IDC forecasting the global market for cognitive software platforms and applications to grow from $1.6 billion in 2015 to $16.6 billion in 2019. (Source) DR. DAVE CHAFFEY | CEO, Smart Insights @davechaffey | Blog We’re seeing from our research that combining data-driven marketing, marketing auto- mation and content marketing will have the biggest impact continuing into 2017. In our research we asked which digital marketing techniques would have the biggest impact on incremental leads and sales and these were the top 3 answers from amongst a range of other techniques including paid, owned, and earned media. (Source) “In 2017 artificial intelligence will change the direction of marketing.” — DAVID B. THOMAS Click to get Modern Marketing Year in Review 2016
  10. 10. 10THE FUTURE OF MODERN MARKETING: 2017 DATA-DRIVEN MARKETING KATY HOWELL | CEO, immediate future Ltd @katyhowell | Website It’s likely that paid social media advertising spend will exceed £26.5 billion in 2017. Social media will be dominated by paid. Not just because the networks are making it hard to gain traction with organic posts, but because the pinpoint targeting allows brands to reach the right audience, with the right message, in the right context, at the right time. Powerful relevancy at scale is delivering astonishing success. (Source) CYRIL BLADIER | Digital Evangelist and CEO, Business-on-line @Cyril_Bladier | Blog 34% of enterprises say that 25% of their investments are spent on offers that will not be put on the market. And 40% of baby product buyers live in child-less homes. Why those two numbers?They perfectly illustrate the big data and data analysis’s potential, which remains very embryonic today.To continue on this point, if we took the time to analyze our market and identify its demand, we would be able to extract preconceived ideas, produce relevant content, and reduce the budgets that were lost on useless projects. With this data, an approach closer to pull than push will enable the modern marketers to be more relevant, efficient and to obtain a better ROI. (Source) “Big data and data analysis have potential, but it is very embryonic today.” — CYRIL BLADIER “Social media will be dominated by paid.” — KATY HOWELL Click to get Modern Marketing Year in Review 2016
  11. 11. 11THE FUTURE OF MODERN MARKETING: 2017 CROSS CHANNEL MARKETING Data, Privacy, andTeam Integration Key to Supporting Even More Marketing Channels As the Internet ofThings, location-based technologies, mobile, and even AI become all the more sophisticated, we’ll have even more touch points with our customers and potential customers. Marketing consistently across all these channels isn’t a new idea, of course, but it’s never been so important. In 2017, we see three areas of greatest effect on cross-channel marketing. Better data insights The advancement of artificial intelligence and big data analysis will allow marketers to glean even better and deeper insights than ever before into customer behavior. AI may allow us to discover patterns that we didn’t even realize were there; we may even be able to become more accurately predictive as we look at customer behavior.You’ve heard the Gretzkyism about skating to where the puck is going to be? 2017 will be the year we begin to see cross-channel marketing as about not just reaching the customer wherever she is, but about more smartly anticipating where the customer is going to be. Privacy protection and the messaging around it As we become more accurate at predicting customer behavior and at smarter targeting, customers will become more conscious of what we’re doing. It’s fair to suggest that, especially in the B2C space, some may find it a little creepy. Or a lot creepy. We’re going to have to be able to document how customers’ privacy is protected through our processes, and we won’t want to be shy about communicating that to our audiences. Reassuring targeted customers that we’re not collecting personally identifiable information (PII) will be what separates the cross-channel marketer from the outstanding cross-channel marketer. “Artificial intelligence may allow us to discover patterns that we didn’t even realize were there.” 1 2 Click to get Modern Marketing Year in Review 2016
  12. 12. 12THE FUTURE OF MODERN MARKETING: 2017 CROSS CHANNEL MARKETING Better integration between the marketing and tech teams We’ve always known the importance of integrating marketing with sales. But up to this point, it’s been possible for cross-channel efforts to be built and planned by the marketing team, while the IT team concerns itself with the purchase, implementation, and maintenance of the tools and platforms. 2017 will be the year in which the silos separating marketing and tech must come down in order for cross-channel marketing to work most efficiently. As the technologies delivering insights and measuring results become even more sophis- ticated and dynamic, marketers must better educate themselves about how the tools work and what, precisely, they make possible.The IT team will need to see marketing results as part of its own KPIs. Cross-channel efforts that are everybody’s business inside the organization, owned by not just marketing but IT as well, will be the most successful. Cross-channel marketing is hardly a new concept, but 2017 will mark the point at which we became truly sophisticated enough to fully reap its benefits. “2017 will be the year when silos separating marketing and tech must come down.” 3 Click to get Modern Marketing Year in Review 2016
  13. 13. 13THE FUTURE OF MODERN MARKETING: 2017 MARKETING AUTOMATION NATE RIGGS | Founder and CEO, NR Media Group @nateriggs | Blog As of the last Department of Education survey in 2014, there were 4,726 Title IV degree-granting institutions, either colleges or universities, in the U.S. Of those institutions, only 43 offered some type of comprehensive degree or formal certificate in Modern Marketing. In 2017, the greatest impact to the modern marketing segment will come from marketing automation software companies partnering with higher education institutions to formalize programs that offer this critical training to college students. (Source) JORDIE VAN RIJN | Emailmarketing and eCRM consultant, Emailmonday @jvanrijn | Website The most useful measures of marketing automation performance are conversion rate and revenue generated say 58% of very successful marketing automation users. Modern marketers should foster a full funnel view. Move away from campaign metrics only and take a longer view to cut dead ended customer journeys and plug leaky pipelines. (Source) MARCUS MILLER | Digital Marketing Strategist, Bowler Hat @marcusbowlerhat | Website Relatively mature strategies like SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media will continue to deliver traffic to your website or lead generation platforms but increasing competence with marketing automation will convert these visitors into leads and those leads into customers. Ultimately it is marketing automation that will improve the ROI for each of the primary digital marketing channels by improving marketers’ ability to turn browsers into buyers. (Source) TIM HUGHES | Co-Founder, Digital Leadership Associates @timothy_hughes | Blog The buying process has got longer and more complex. According to CEB there are now 6.8 people involved, rather than 5.4. CEB research shows that the buying process and the sales process is getting harder, not easier for B2B organisations. Suppliers need to spend more time thinking about making the buying process easier for the customer as this will create a competitive advantage. (Source) Click to get Modern Marketing Year in Review 2016
  14. 14. 14THE FUTURE OF MODERN MARKETING: 2017 MARKETING AUTOMATION Marketing Automation is Part of the MarTech Stack Dear [FIRST NAME]... ever get one of these emails? Marketing automation has come a long way since these first inundated our inbox. Greater tool investments and options are making the act of reaching the right audience more accessible than ever. Marketers will become more stack-focused, instead of one-size-fits-all approaches. In a world of AI-powered everything, machine-learning powered marketing is the new reality, which includes a future of more personalized, targeted, predic- tive, and interactive behaviors. It will become as important to know the data of your automation as it is to know the data of your audience—triggers, trends, and tactics will grow within your software. While some brands will stay entrenched in old systems around rules-based automation, those who look forward will discover an accelerated trajectory of machine-learning empowering effective processes with smarter, more flexible, and engaging possibilities. Marketing automation is growing and evolving. Will you and your technology stack? “Marketers will become more stack-focused, instead of one-size-fits-all approaches.” Click to get Modern Marketing Year in Review 2016
  15. 15. 15THE FUTURE OF MODERN MARKETING: 2017 MOBILE MARKETING GRÉGORY POUY | Founder, LaMercatique Professor of Digital Marketing, Paris Dauphine University @gregfromparis | Website 419 million people have installed an ad blocker on their mobile phone, according to the mobile ad blocking report. With the unprecedented content growth that is going on, marketers will need to think about the type of content they are offering and which media to use in order to promote and convert prospects to customers. (Source) LILACH BULLOCK | Consultant andTrainer, @lilachbullock | Website Mobile advertising has grown a lot in the past year and it looks like in 2017, mobile ad spends will actually exceed desktop ads. Since most people are constantly using their phones to check their social media, news, and the browse the web, it makes a lot of sense that companies would focus more of their advertising budget on mobile, rather than desktop. (Source) Click to get Modern Marketing Year in Review 2016
  16. 16. 16THE FUTURE OF MODERN MARKETING: 2017 MOBILE MARKETING Mobile Context Extends Beyond Smartphones 2017 will give marketers greater opportunities to deliver meaningful and personalized experiences through smartphones to drive store traffic and e-commerce. We are finally to the point where the technologies that know where we are may now actually know who we are. Still, 2017 will drive an important call to arms for every brand to begin using context to drive actionable conversions: a sale, a subscription, customer feedback or personal preferences shared by people in the moment. Global Web Index research shows that 80% of consumers use a smartphone to search the internet, while 34% currently use a smart television. With the ability to access information and make purchase decisions now finding it’s way to non-phone screens in the living room, even the automobile, it will be critical to consider the disposition of the person behind the devices and media we “track.” To make all of this work and have brands understand customer behavior and situations, it is time to reconfigure and integrate the marketing technology, customer support, and other departmental operations. This means a new way of doing business, where people across a company must think beyond their individual roles, sharing data and insights to fully grasp who customers are and what must be done to maintain a relationship with them. “The technologies that know where we are may now actually know who we are.” Click to get Modern Marketing Year in Review 2016
  17. 17. 17THE FUTURE OF MODERN MARKETING: 2017 CONTENT MARKETING YOAV SCHWARTZ | Co-founder & CEO, Uberflip @yostar | Website Marketers must take control of their content experiences in 2017. Otherwise the $50B that is currently being wasted on unused content will continue to rise. Creating tailored, measurable experiences for every stage of our buyers’ journeys will ensure content of all types actually get consumed by the right audience. It’s only once we can create these experience, and measure what’s working, that we can improve the content marketing cycle, and produce more valuable content backed by data rather than fear of missing out. (Source) MATT HEINZ | President, Heinz Marketing @heinzmarketing | Website Content marketing that’s directly tied to revenue and sales performance will differentiate winners and losers amongst B2B organizations. According to CEB, 84 percent of B2B marketers plan to increase content spend in 2016, yet two-thirds cannot currently connect content metrics with business metrics.This must change. (Source) MARK SCHAEFER | Executive Director, Schaefer Marketing Solutions @markwschaefer | Blog Without a doubt, the explosion of content on the web is impacting every strategy, every budget, even the type of skillsets we need in marketing today. A stunning 55% of adults spent less than 15 seconds actively on a piece of content. A click or a “view” does not translate to consumption and understanding. We need to re-think strategies to actually ignite our content and connect in a deeper, meaningful and more emotional way. (Source) “Two-thirds of B2B marketers cannot connect content metrics with business metrics.” — MATT HEINZ Click to get Modern Marketing Year in Review 2016
  18. 18. 18THE FUTURE OF MODERN MARKETING: 2017 CONTENT MARKETING MICHAEL BRENNER | CEO, Marketing Insider Group @BrennerMichael | Website We will continue to see consumers opt out and tune out of promotional marketing messages. Publishers will continue to struggle as CMOs are no longer willing to put up with their made up statistics of demographics, viewability, and the digital impact of banner ads. And CMOs will start to really commit to owned and earned media, such as content marketing, at scale. (Source) BRIAN HONIGMAN | Content Marketing Consultant and CEO, Honigman Media @BrianHonigman | Website The diminished attention span and rising expectations of consumers will impact how marketers continue to spend their time in 2017. Reaching consumers will require an emphasis on higher quality, remarkable content campaigns that stand out and drive undeniable value to an audience, even if that means producing less content across channels. Marketers will have to take bigger risks in order to make an impact with consumers who are more jaded than ever. This will lead to a less of “Keeping up with the Joneses” in marketing and more time spent diving into the subjects that matter the most to a brand and how they can exceed the expectations of consumers. (Source) HEIDI COHEN | Chief Content Officer, Actionable Marketing Guide @HeidiCohen | Website There are 3 distinct 2017 marketing trends. While focused on content, they apply to other forms of marketing. 1. Customer context is key to getting your marketing, especially content, discovered, consumed, and acted upon. 2. Content marketing laser focused on quality and efficiency, eliminating one and done content, to increase ROI. 3. Blogs regain their rightful place at the center of content marketing and social media offerings to yield email lists, qualified leads, and profitable revenues. (Source) Click to get Modern Marketing Year in Review 2016
  19. 19. 19THE FUTURE OF MODERN MARKETING: 2017 CONTENT MARKETING Content Creators Become Endangered Species Algorithms, bots, artificial intelligence, and people working for very big companies will destroy the business models of people who produce content by disrupting the free flow of information. Before the Internet, the power brokers of information were a few media companies that controlled the newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and television. The Internet busted through those barriers and allowed anyone to produce anything for any audience. Information flowed and content mediums like blogs and podcasts flourished. The Internet was the great system of disintermediation, eliminating the middleman and allowing a free flow of information. But, in the very near future, this information flow will be filtered and measured and censored in the name of “reducing clutter” and revealing “only what’s important.” Facebook will decide what you see. Google will serve up only that content that complies with its rules and are housed on its servers. Email solutions like Gmail and Yahoo will tighten their own algorithms, so even reaching the inbox is at risk. The information distribution highway will have toll stations that must be paid for by those who create content. If you want your content seen, you’ll need to house it inside the companies that control the toll stations. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and more will incentivize content creators to not link to off-site content. These large businesses will become the equivalent of the 1990s America Online—a type of “Hotel California” where you can enter, but can never leave. MICHAEL STELZNER CEO and Founder, Social Media Examiner @Mike_Stelzner | Website “The Internet allowed anyone to produce anything for any audience.” Click to get Modern Marketing Year in Review 2016
  20. 20. 20THE FUTURE OF MODERN MARKETING: 2017 CONTENT MARKETING Traffic to websites will decline and blogs will shut down. Gone will be the days of information flow and true information freedom. The future will only be more controlled, more filtered, and less open. But born from this filtered, computer-curated world will come something new. Some young person in a spare bedroom will invent the next big idea that frees information once again. The pendulum will start swinging back and content creators will experience a new creative renaissance. Are you ready for the change? (Source) “The future will only be more controlled, more filtered, and less open.” Click to get Modern Marketing Year in Review 2016
  21. 21. 21THE FUTURE OF MODERN MARKETING: 2017 Modern Marketing Year in Review:2016 INSIGHTS FROM GLOBAL MARKETING EXPERTS 2016 SUMMARY Modern MarketingYear in Review: 2016 Get data-driven insights from global Modern Marketing experts based on trending metrics and statistics. GET EBOOK
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