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Luis oracle & exadata_opn_event


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Luis oracle & exadata_opn_event

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here>Oracle Strategy and ExadataLuís GanhãoExadata Business Development Senior Manager
  2. 2. The New OracleFrom DB Company to IT Strategic Partner to Systems Company • 5 Years Plans • Keep DNA – 2005-2009 IT Strategic Partner – Complete, Open, Integrated – 2010-2014 Systems Company
  3. 3. From Best of Breed to Engineered Systems
  4. 4. Exadata Database MachineHardware & Software Engineered to Work Together • Complete • Full Solution (from DBServer to Storage) • In 8 weeks Table Ready • Open • It’s the same DB like in any other HW • Integrated • No Pain to integrate HW, OS, Patch, DB, … • High Performance due to Storage and DB Integration • No Finger Pointing. Oracle supports it in a proactive way • Unique Architecture Makes it (we are ahead of our competition) • Fastest, Lowest Cost • Best Machine for Data Warehousing, OLTP, Consolidation
  5. 5. Exadata Hardware Architecture Scaleable Grid of industry standard servers for Compute and Storage • Eliminates long-standing tradeoff between Scalability, Availability, CostDatabase Grid Intelligent Storage Grid• 8 Dual-processor x64 • 14 High-performance low-costdatabase servers storage servers OR• 2 Eight-processor x64database servers • 100 TB High Speed disk, or 336 TB High Capacity diskInfiniBand Network • 5.3 TB PCI Flash• Redundant 40Gb/s switches • Data mirrored across• Unified server & storage storage servers network
  6. 6. Complete Family Of Database Machines For OLTP, Data Warehousing & Consolidated Workloads Oracle Exadata X2-2 Oracle Exadata X2-8• Quarter, Half, Full and Multi-Racks • Full and Multi-Racks
  7. 7. Exadata Storage Software Unique Features• Exadata Smart Scans – 10X or greater reduction in data sent to database servers, leading to incredible performance• Hybrid Columnar Compression – Efficient compression increases effective storage capacity and increases user data scan bandwidths by a factor of up to 10X• Exadata Smart Flash Cache – Breaks random I/O bottleneck by increasing IOPs by up to 20X – Doubles user data scan bandwidths• I/O Resource Manager (IORM) – Enables storage grid by prioritizing I/Os to ensure predictable performance• Quality of Service (QoS) – Actively meet and maintain SLAs – Memory Guard to protect existing current transactions from memory-based failures
  8. 8. Standardized and Simple to Deploy • All Database Machines are the same • Delivered ready-to-run • Tested • Highly supportable • No unique configuration issues • Identical to config used by Oracle Engineering • Runs existing OLTP and DW applications • Full 30 years of Oracle DB capabilities • No Exadata certification requiredDeploy in Days,Not Months • Do More with Less…