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Jose wcc use cases


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Jose wcc use cases

  1. 1. WebCenter Content Case Studies Customer Stories Jose Criado MW Principal Sales Engineer - WebCenter1 Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential reserved.
  2. 2. 2 Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Insert Information Protection Policy Classification from Slide 12
  3. 3. ECM Scenarios: WebCenter Content • Strategic content infrastructure for managing documents, images and multimedia files • Managing content lifecycle from end to end, from creation t archiving ti to hi i • Integration of business applications in context – Departmental Management and Corporate DMS – ECM Consolidation Strategy – Brand Management (DAM Systems) – Paperless Offices – Accounts Payable – Integration with Applications ERPs and CRMs 3
  4. 4. ECM Scenarios: WebCenter Content• Platform for building image management applications g g g pp• Complete Solution: capture, image, display, BPM, enterprise report mgmt• And productized integration with Oracle, SAP, and other systems – Processing costs – Forms Processing – Contract Management – Processing loans and mortgages – And claims processing application – Accounts payable and receivable 4
  5. 5. ECM Scenarios: WebCenter Content• Capture – Paper capture- invoices, contracts, resumes, records ... – Automating paper-based processes or about a document – Accounts Payable (digitization and processing of invoices) – Scan paper documents for payments, fixed assets, credit and human resources – Distributed capture remote offices 5
  6. 6. ECM Scenarios: WebCenter Content• Solution that encompasses multiple content repositories and legacy systems across the company• File management plans policies and business rules from a central console plans, policies, – Corporate Records Management – In accordance with regulations (eg FOIA, HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, etc..) – Enterprise level retention - reducing storage 6
  7. 7. ECM Scenarios: WebCenter ContentWebCenter Content provides offers solutions for all types of content managementneeds. From the file server consolidation to sophisticated content management p gfor advanced experience web management sites, This Oracle Solution provides arobust and scalable solution, along with a powerful infrastructure that allows youto manage content within the application. 7
  8. 8. 8 Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Insert Information Protection Policy Classification from Slide 12
  9. 9. WebCenter in SpainSeguridadSocial 9
  10. 10. FerrovialCHALLENGES RESULTS – Improving the efficiency of the company as – Corporate Document Mangement part of his project ”Engloba", th t f hi j t ”E l b " through : h – UCM working as a Services Center • ECM Consolidation – Portals FrameWork • Portal and WCM tools consolidation – Several projects – Corporate Web • CCapture – Construction Management • Document Encryption – Limit use of Documentum – Document Capture at Work site pSOLUTION – Kofax substitution – WebCenter Portal – User Document Management – Oracle Universal Content Management – Replacement of Notes • Document Management – Replacing SharePoint • WebContent Management – CINTRA: Corporate Document • Digital Asset Management Management • Records Management – CESPA P id CESPA: Providers P t l Portal – Logistics – Communication: Brand Management 10
  11. 11. SICE, Grupo ACS Comprehensive M C h i Management of d t f documentation t tiCHALLENGES – A single source of truth content – Select an ECM platform for the entire organization SICE. – Integrate with their existing ERP, Navision ERPSOLUTION – Oracle UCM (WebCenter Content)RESULTS – Extensive use with Engineering (Research Areas and Projects), Technical Direction, Northern Regional Direction, International Commercial Law – Using Folios for generating Offer Proposals – Increased productivity for the user, increasing the number of support hits 11
  12. 12. CLH Managing Unstructured ContentCHALLENGES – Unify the existing document repositories. – S l t an ECM system for document management Select t f d t t (internal and external) and web content management. – Protect sensitive documentationSOLUTION – Oracle UCM (WebCenter Content) • Document Management • Collaboration Management • WebContent ManagementRESULTS – Pilot Engineering satisfactory. Two weeks, including parameterization and documentary migration. – Integration with scan tool and Oracle tool for Intranet Portal – Released in the departments of Environment, CLH Aviación, Purchasing, Quality and .... , g, Q y 12
  13. 13. FCC Fomento de Construcciones y ContratasCOMPANY OVERVIEW RESULTS• Parent company of one of Europes leading citizen p y p g services groups. • Internet Portal on WebCenter• Core businesses are environmental services and water Content management, construction of large infrastructure, cement • Intranet and Extranet solution on production, and renewable energy production. WebCenter Portal• Presence in 54 countries. Annual revenue €12B. 92,000 employees.CHALLENGES / OPPORTUNITIES• Unique & Integrated solution for Intranet and Internet ProjectsSOLUTION• WebCenter Portal & Content por internet, intranet and extranet portals evolution and consolidation.• Evaluating WebCenter Content as corporate ECM platform 13
  14. 14. Campofrio Corporate ECM C tCHALLENGES – C Consolidate unstructured i f lid t t t d informationti – Access from anywhere – Support for corporate integration and roll-out SAP – I t Integration with Oracle Portal ti ith O l P t lSOLUTION – Oracle Universal Content Management : Document Management, Retention Management, Digital Asset ManagementRESULTS – First Project: Using UCM 11g in legal department in three weeks. – Framework document as the basis for other applications services – I Integration with SAP as a d i ih document repository i – Content Management integrated with Oracle Portal 11g – New departments to roll-out: Marketing, Quality, Logistics 14
  15. 15. Pleyade, Reinsurance of T l f i G R i f Telefonica GroupCOMPANY OVERVIEW RESULTS• Insurance Brokers and Reinsurance of Telefónica • Greater efficiency and flexibility in Group access to documentation of• 110 employees p policies• +54.000 current policies • Employees access to digitizedCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES documents in a single repository.• Paperless office excluding clients office, • R d ti i th access ti Reduction in the time t to• Slow processes in the localization of policies information.• Internal inefficiency. Very high operating cost. From the client:SOLUTION “With Oracle UCM we have improved the• UCM as easy to use document repository for business efficiency of employees as a first step in users. our goal to achieve a paperless office.”• Activity control over digitalize documents• Quick win milestone with a rapid implementation (only 45 days), including initial charge of 11.000 classified documents 15
  16. 16. References on Legal DepartmentsThe solution based on Oracle WebCenter Content (UCM) has beensuccessfully implemented in various legal departments in Spain such Spain,as Mercadona, Campofrío, Martinez Loriente, Gamesa, Sice etc.Special interesting was the introduction in Campofrío which managed Campofrío,the legal department information for their control following theirworking patterns, in a period of just three weeks. 16
  17. 17. Tirea Efficient TCMCOMPANY OVERVIEWTIREA was created in 1997, an initiative of the Insurance Sector RESULTSin Spain, is the IT hub for Insurance companies. Tirea is working • Automate ingestion, indexing andlike integrator and participated by the insurance companies systems interaction processesCHALLENGES / OPPORTUNITIES • Show high extraction success rate • Unify ingestion channels (paper,• Provide a better service in terms of efficiency, eDocs, fax, email, images, XML, , , , g , ,• R d Reduce cost f th i t for the insurances companies, i Excel...)• & increase revenue through improving the current digitalization • Improve service to insurances process done manual by more than 20 people managing almost companies associated 150.000 invoices per year from different insurance companies.• Increase pipeline from other insurance companies and growthinto different sectors (healthcare, claims)SOLUTION• WebCenter solution applied to Document Capture, Forms Recognition, Imaging and WebCenter Content (UCM)• Implementation approach is done by own customer 17 Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Insert Information Protection Policy Classification from Slide 12
  18. 18. Tirea El servicio FacPap integra 4 Módulos: Digitalización, Grabación y Registro, Gestión y Liquidación/Pago, soportados por una plataforma tecnológica basada en ORACLE homologada por el Ministerio de Hacienda y un equipo profesional con experiencia FacPap 1. Servicio de Digitalización ó Digitalización y Gestión Grabación y Registro y Tratamiento de Facturas Documental en papel (Captura, normalización y transformación) 2. Servicio de Gestión (Validación, Aceptación, Comunicación, Resolución de Incidencias) Integración de Sistemas 3. 3 Servicio de Liquidación (Pago, Comunicación, Incidencias) Gestión del Ciclo de Facturación Liquidación y PagoAcceso Intercambio Integración WEB Ficheros Sistemas18 Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Insert Information Protection Policy Classification from Slide 12
  19. 19. Tirea: Arquitectura tecnológica El servicio FacPap utiliza una plataforma basada en componentes ORACLE que se integra con el sistema de facturación electrónica. Digitalización Extracción de datos Workflow Servicio de Facturación Electrónica WEBCENTER WEBCENTER FORMS RECOGNITION BUSINESS PROCESS DOCUMENT CAPTURE MANAGEMENT Puestos de verificación Puestos de verificación Avanzado WEBCENTER CONTENT Repositorio de Imágenes19 Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Insert Information Protection Policy Classification from Slide 12
  20. 20. 20