Introducción al Customer Experience


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Introducción al Customer Experience

  1. 1. Customer Experience Mgmt Sesión exclusiva para Partners 23 de Febrero de 2012 <Insert Picture Here> Gestión de la Experiencia de Clientes: evolucionando el CRM Ana del Amo, CRM Principal Sales Consultant Silvia Murga, CRM Principal Sales Consultant
  2. 2. Agenda
  3. 3. ¿Experiencia Positiva?
  4. 4. La Experiencia del ClienteProporcionar experiencias personales de valor“Cada vez que una empresa interactúa con un cliente, éste viveuna experiencia con la empresa que puede fortalecer odebilitar la relación futura y el deseo del cliente de regresar,gastar más y recomendar a la empresa.Los responsables de la Gestión de la Experiencia del Clienteidentifican cada uno de estos momentos de la verdad y seaseguran que la empresa, sus colaboradores, productos,procesos, tecnologías y cultura estén alineados con todosestos puntos de contacto, para satisfacer de la mejor maneraposible al cliente... sobre la base de lo que resulta másimportante y valioso para ellos”. Fuente: Innovare - Sep 2010
  5. 5. Tendecias: Cross-ChannelOn average, more than three-quarters of consumers use two ormore channels to browse, research, and purchase products.1 85percent of shoppers expect the shopping experience to beconsistent.2 1Source: Oracle ATG Cross-Channel Commerce: A Consumer Research Study, 2009 2 4th Annual MyBuys/e-tailing group Consumer Insights Survey
  6. 6. El viaje del cliente se ha complicado Research Shop Buy Pickup Service Buy Follow-On Search Online Purchase Web Receive Check Email Delivery Mobile Offer Status Browse Write Chat Review Reviews Tablet Check Like With Friends Tweet Social Inspect In-Store Product Pickup Store Product- Call for Related Call AccessoryCall Center Information
  7. 7. Tendecias: WebOne-third of consumers say they are unsatisfied with digital content whenresearching a product or service1 .Too often, experiences focus on what the business wants to promote ratherthan customers’ needs and goals, a key point of frustration for consumers2. 1Source: “How Consumers Research, Buy, And Get Service,” Adele Sage, Forrester Research Inc., March 2011 2 2012 Customer Experience Trends Survey, Endeca Technologies, May 2011
  8. 8. Tendecias: WebU.S. online sales are expected to rise by over $100 billion from 2010to 2015.1 70 percent of all Internet users made at least one onlinepurchase.2Source: 1 eMarketer 2011 US Retail Ecommerce Forecast 2 comScore Q2 2011 U.S. Retail E-commerce Sales Estimate, August 8, 2011
  9. 9. Tendecias: Infidelidad86% of customers will stop doing business with an organization after onebad experience. 82% of customers will tell their friends about their badservice experience. 60% of customers will pay more for better service.Source: Harris Interactive, 2009 Customer Experience Impact Report
  10. 10. Tendecias: Dispositivos móviles48 percent of all U.S. consumers use their mobile devices toresearch and browse products and services.1 Two-third ofconsumers use mobile phones for purchasing.2Source: 1 Oracle ATG Cross-Channel Commerce: A Consumer Research Study, 2009 2 L.E.K. Consulting Consumer Study, 2011
  11. 11. Tendecias: Medios SocialesMore than half of frequent web shoppers turn to social networkssuch as Facebook and Twitter at least some of the time to gatherideas for shopping.1 28 percent of Facebook users have purchasedsomething online via a Facebook link.2 1Source: the e-tailing group, inc. Study, 2011 2 2011 Social Commerce study A a
  12. 12. Cambio fundamental del ecosistema Channel Explosion Diverse channels: Mobile, Social, Web, In-Store Diverse devices: iPhone, Android, PC, Kiosk New expectation: consistency and persistence of experience across all Unpredictable Paths Old marketing: set up a clear path from promotion to purchase New marketing: consumers define terms, times, and location of journey New expectation: personalization and relevancy on the “my” terms Customer Diversity Market to few: segmentation and targeting to high-value scenarios Market to many: new customer acquisition deeper into the long-tail New expectation: loyalty earned on adapting to all customers
  13. 13. Personalizar las Experiencias de los Clientes Create a consistent, relevant, and personalized customer experience that delivers on your brand promise
  14. 14. Las empresas ponen foco Challenges 1. Customer complexity. Customers don’t think in terms of channels, and they expect experiences to be optimized for their unique point of view. 2. Technology complexity. An ecosystem of technologies is needed to deliver relevant and adaptive content and promotions for every customer, in any channel, across every context. 3. Business Control. Businesses need to be able to influence customer behavior regardless of where or how customers choose to engage. 4. Rapid innovation. Solutions need to be flexible enough to adapt to changing market needs, influence customer behavior across channels, and scale a relevant, personalized experience for every customer, every time.Source: IDC European CRM Trends Survey, June 2010
  15. 15. La experiencia de cliente memorable #10: Compelling Interface #1: Smart Cross-Channel #9: Social Networking #2: Contextual Journeys #8: Enduring Loyalty #3: Engaging Self-Service#7: Distinctive Clienteling #4: Outbound Precision #6: Mobility / Location Services #5: Action Framework
  16. 16. La experiencia de cliente memorable #10: Compelling Interface #1: Smart Cross-Channel “Your brand is cool. Whatever the “Your brand is consistent and channel, the experience is fresh and trustworthy. You never drop the ball. compelling and unmistakable. I am Whatever the channel, you are there proud to be your customer” whenever and wherever I need you” #9: Social Networking #2: Contextual Journeys“I trust you. So do my friends. I enjoy “You understand my history, mybeing your advocate. I am glad to be current situation and my desiredpart of your social network, and I am destination. Your recommendations are glad you are part of mine. I like you” helpful, astute and non-invasive” #8: Enduring Loyalty #3: Engaging Self-Service“You recognise me and reward me. I “Interacting with you, to manage myappreciate the way you treat me. You account or consider a purchase, is make me feel special and you always helpful. You never hard sell. understand what makes me tick” You often surprise and delight me. #7: Distinctive Clienteling #4: Outbound Precision “My experience in your stores is “Whenever you contact me, you smart, stylish and distinctive. Your respect my privacy and understandstaff are well-informed and use cool my preferences. Your messages aretechnology to make me feel special” relevant and timed to perfection” #6: Mobility / Location Services #5: Action Framework “Wherever I go, you understand and “You deliver on your promises. anticipate what is right for me, there You don’t just recommend actions, and then. I take you everywhere. It’s you execute them, there and then, fun and invaluable having you there” across channels. Said and done”
  17. 17. Customer eXperience Mgmt. Solutions The Emergence of Customer Experience Management Solutions, Forrester Research, August 2011
  18. 18. Oracle CXM SolutionsThe Connected Customer Experience • Best-in-Class Web Experience Management –Comprehensive targeting, analytics, user- generated content & end-user personalization across online channels –Extends with e-commerce, business intelligence & CRM –Optimized with a scalable ECM & middleware infrastructure • End-to-end Customer Experience Management –Leverages customer information from all systems –Unifies commerce, merchandising, marketing, and service across all channels –Provides personalized, choreographed consumer journeys & interactions across all channels