Transformative Storage Solutions from Oracle


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Storage solutions presentation from Datacenter Transformation event in New York, Feb 14.

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Transformative Storage Solutions from Oracle

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here> Datacenter Transformation: Engineered for InnovationTransformative Oracle Storage SolutionsFor Datacenter Consolidation, Virtualization and Cloud
  2. 2. SAFE HARBOR STATEMENT The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.© 2011 Oracle Corporation 1
  3. 3. Storage in Datacenter TransformationDriving Factors• Explosive Data Growth – 40% to 60% Yearly Growth – 29x Increase in the Digital Universe, 35,000 Exabytes by 20201• Virtualization and Cloud – Immense diversity of server I/O needs – VM mobility and the end of dedicated app/system/storage silos – Application elasticity and self service – Multi-tenant security• Disaster Recovery, Compliance and Archiving – Compliance requirements everywhere – SOX, HIPPA, FDA, etc – 68% of customers require 100 year archive 2• Operations and Budgets – Storage efficiency, server efficiency, management efficiency – Risks and costs of keeping everything online Sources: 1) IDC Digital Universe Study, 2011 2) SNIA 100 Year Archive Report 2
  4. 4. The Role of Storage in Your Datacenter Transformation 5 Key Questions to Ask • Is your storage maximally efficient? • Does your storage force the creation of inefficient, application specific silos? • Does your storage enable mission critical applications to run at maximum performance? • Does your storage support a migration to virtualization and cloud? • Is your data really protected?© 2011 Oracle Corporation 3
  5. 5. Oracle’s Storage StrategyEngineered for Oracle Software, and Best of Breed for Mixed Environments Seamless Integration − Oracle applications auto-provision and tune Oracle Storage − Single system interface for all statistics, alerts, faults, analytics, provisioning − Dynamic and deterministic QoS driven by Oracle applications Highest Performance − Oracle Database dynamically exchanges I/O requirements with Oracle Storage − Database query pre-fetch and off-load with optimized data caching − End-to-end data transport with zero buffer copies over InfiniBand fabrics Most Efficient − Data compression without rehydration from database to disk to tape − Seamless automated backup and recovery across the entire Oracle stack − Automated, policy-based tiering across flash, disk and tape 4
  6. 6. Oracle’s Complete Storage Portfolio Database NAS SAN Tape• Extreme Performance, 1.5M • Best NAS Performance • Patented Quality of Service • Best Enterprise Tape TCO Database IOPS • Best Analytics • Performance Scaling and • Highest Oracle Software Runs Faster and More Efficiently on OracleReliability and• Extreme Efficiency, 10x – Storage Distributed RAID Availability 50x with Hybrid Columnar • 3x-5x More Efficient – • 3x-5x More Efficient – Compression Hybrid Columnar Hybrid Columnar • Best Investment Protection Compression Compression• Engineered System • Security Integration with Component • Trusted: Oracle On Demand • Storage Domains Oracle Database 5
  7. 7. Storage for Virtualization and CloudProvisioning Can Be Complicated and Time Consuming 1 2 Application owner Virtualization admin needs more storage figures out how to add more storage 6 After delay app owner receives more storage 5 Virtualization admin adds new storage4 3 Network admin connects Storage admin creates the new storage the requested storage 6
  8. 8. Oracle VM Storage Connect NewQuickly and Reliably React to Unpredictable Application and Storage Demand• Users can manage storage arrays from Oracle VM Manager Oracle VM Manager – Creation and resizing of file systems, advanced cloning capabilities – Manage access groups and security Create LUN• Uses advanced features available from the storage arrays – Allows for Quality of Service management on the storage – Support of other unique features on the array Oracle VM Server VM• More user control over the storage provisioning process Storage Connect Framework VM – VM’s can use multiple storage resources Generic Plug-in Vendor Plug-in VM – Storage resources can be shared Managed – All functionality accessible from the GUI NFS, Storage OCFS2 Systems• Support of iSCSI, fibrechannel, and NFS• Fully Supported by Pillar Axiom and Sun ZFS Storage Appliance 7
  9. 9. <Insert Picture Here>Mission Critical Database Consolidation
  10. 10. Mission Critical Database StorageOracle Exadata Database Machine and SPARC SuperCluster Oracle Database Storage Grid • Standard 2-socket servers for storage servers • Oracle Exadata —Up to168 standard hard disk drives • SPARC SuperCluster —Up to 72 standard hard disk drives • Identical systems and functionality • Increase capacity with Oracle Exadata Expansion Storage Rack Oracle Exadata —Identical capabilities SPARCDatabase Machine —Up to 216 standard hard disk drives SuperCluster 9
  11. 11. Exadata Storage InnovationsAvailable in Oracle Exadata Database Machine and SPARC SuperClusterIntelligent Storage Hybrid Columnar Compression – Scale-out InfiniBand storage – 10x compression for data warehouses – Smart Scan query offload – 15x to 50x compression for archives – I/O Resource Management Data remains + + + compressed for Uncompressed scans and in FlashSmart Flash Cache – Accelerates random I/O up to 30x primary backup – Triples data scan rate test Benefits Cascade standby dev to Copies Compressed 10
  12. 12. Oracle Database Hybrid Columnar Compression Now Available for Oracle SAN and NAS Solutions Exadata Pillar 3x Less Disk Space Hybrid Axiom Columnar Compression 3x Less Energy Used 3x Lower Cost Sun ZFS Compared to NetApp and Storage EMC NAS and SAN Storage ApplianceIdeal for Data Warehousing, Database ILM, Test and Development 11
  13. 13. Oracle Exadata StorageBetter than EMC for Database I/O EMC Oracle Symmetrix Exadata Execute database queries in storage No Yes Database archival compression in storage No Yes Database-aware flash cache No Yes Database IOs per second ~150K 1.5M Average database archive compression factor 3x 10X Database bandwidth, high-performance disks 64 GB/sec. 250 GB/sec. Database cache usable capacity 0.5 TB 53 TB Number of racks 5 1 Comparison of Oracle Exadata (single rack) to EMC Symmetrix V-Max (smallest maximum throughput configuration of 5 racks) 12
  14. 14. <Insert Picture Here>Predictable, Efficient, Scalable SAN Storage
  15. 15. Oracle’s Pillar Axiom 600 Next Generation SAN Storage that Linearly Scales Both Capacity and Performance SINGLE ACTIVE-ACTIVE CONTROLLER WITH ONE STORAGE BRICK UP TO 4 ACTIVE-ACTIVE CONTROLLERS WITH 64 2 Control Units STORAGE BRICK 13 Drives 12TB Capacity 8 Control Units 48GB Cache Up to 832 drives Up to 1.6PB Capacity 192GB Cache 128 RAID Controllers SATA, FC, and SSD Storage ClassesPillar Axiom 600 features: Patented Quality of Service (QoS) Software Protocols: FC, iSCSI, CIFS, NFS Management: Application Profiles, Thin Provisioning, Storage Domains, MaxMan, Path Management Data Protection and Mobility: Copy Services (Vol Copy, Clones and Snapshots), SecureWORMfs, Replication Engineered integration with Oracle software: Oracle HCC, OEM, ASM, SAM, Oracle VM 14
  16. 16. Pillar Axiom 600 Storage System New Patented Quality of Service Most Efficient Deterministic IO queue management 5x less disk space, energy usage, aligned to business importance and cost than competition Best Modular Scalability Distributed RAID Elastic system-wide scaling without Linearly scale performance and forklift upgrades capacity without disruption 15
  17. 17. What is Quality of Service? First Class Business Class CoachQoS is more than where you sit, it’s alsothe priority and class of service you get • How fast you board and exit • The number of attendants per passenger • The seat size and leg room • The entertainment selections 16
  18. 18. Deterministic Performance with Pillar Axiom Quality of Service 5 Classes of Service, 3 Storage Types, Multiple Storage Domains Pillar Axiom QoS manages multiple attributes: • Deterministic IO prioritization • Cache, CPU, and bandwidth resources • Drive type, count and data location • Read/write bias and RAID type© 2011 Oracle Corporation 17
  19. 19. SETAO Challenges with NetApp SystemsChallenges• Reliability and data loss with NetApp• Slow applications due to contention• Increase critical simulation responsiveness• Future flexibility and scalability“We realized that in order to add capacity to our NetApp system we couldn’t just addnew drives. We would have to stop our existing solution and actually exchange it withthe manufacturer to get a system with more capacity.” - Olivier Parcollet, IT Manager at SETAO 18
  20. 20. SETAO Realizes Massive Benefits Rock-Solid Consolidation for 15 Oracle Databases, 70 Virtual Machines, Simulations7x Faster Queries for 6x Reduction 30% Reduction Oracle Database in Power in TCO 19
  21. 21. Pillar Axiom 600 Storage System4x More Scalable and 3x More Efficient than EMC VNX New Scalability Oracle 8 Controllers I/O EMC 2 ControllersCompression Efficiency Oracle 10x EMC 3x Source: public product specifications (Pillar Axiom 600 vs. EMC VNX5700) 20
  22. 22. <Insert Picture Here>Enterprise NAS with Oracle Integration
  23. 23. Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Oracle’s Enterprise-Class NAS Storage Solution 7120 7320 7420 SINGLE CONTROLLER Scales to 100TB DUAL OR SINGLE CONTROLLERS Scales to 96GB Flash Scales to 200TB Scales to ~5TB FlashEnterprise Storage Software All NAS Protocols: CIFS, NFS, InfiniBand, WebDEV, etc. ACTIVE-ACTIVE Concurrent SAN Capabilities: Fibre Channel, iSCSI CONTROLLERS Data Reduction Software: Thin provisioning, Compression, Deduplication Scales to over 1PB Data Protection Software: Replication, Snapshot, Mirroring Scales to ~6TB Flash Industry-leading Storage Analytics Engineered Integration with Oracle software 22
  24. 24. Sun ZFS Storage Appliances Enterprise Functionality, Efficiency and Performance New with Gen. 3 Best Analytics Most Efficient Visualize and resolve issues 3x – 5x better storage efficiency with up to 50% faster than with NetApp Hybrid Columnar Compression Best Performance Trusted by Oracle IT Small-block and streaming performance Oracle runs on ~300 Sun ZFS Storage up to 2x faster than NetApp1,2 Appliances (40PBs-50,000 shares)Small-block performance based on SPC-1 results as of October 3, 2011. Source: Storage Performance Council(1) Oracle Sun ZFS Storage Appliance: NetApp FAS 3270A: performance based on published Exadata backup performance 23
  25. 25. Sun ZFS Storage Appliance With Application-Oriented Storage Analytics •Automatic real-time visualization of application and storage workloads •Customer uses of ZFS analytics: – System Utilization: Biotech company pinpoints disk bottlenecks (high utilization % or high IOPs), and under-use of disks – System Performance: Web Services OLTP Operation/ company resolves client read performance Storage IO issues by correlating with specific storage write operations – Tuning: Finances Services company pinpoints partial-block update issues not seen with NetApp – Load balancing: A US bank visualizes and rebalances system resources for critical file Database OLTP workload, 8kb block size, random I/O systems© 2011 Oracle Corporation 24
  26. 26. Sun ZFS Storage Appliances 2x Faster and 2x Better Price/Performance than NetApp SPC-1 IOPS Oracle 137,066 SPC-1 Benchmark New with Gen. 3 storage benchmark NetApp 68,035 that represents a typical database workload $/SPC-1 Oracle $2.99 IOPS NetApp $7.48SPC-1 results as of October 3, 2011. Source: Storage Performance Council(1) Oracle Sun ZFS Storage Appliance: NetApp FAS 3270A: 25
  27. 27. Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Based Solutions Tested Solutions from Virtualization to Data Protection and Beyond Oracle Engineered SPARC Oracle Exalogic Systems SuperCluster Elastic Cloud Oracle Infrastructure Agile Product Optimized Solutions as a Service Lifecycle Management Backup and Recovery Storage Consolidation for Oracle Exadata for Server Virtualization Sun ZFS Oracle Virtual Desktop Database Test Storage Tested Infrastructure (VDI) and Development Deployments Disaster Recovery for Data Protection for Oracle Fusion Microsoft Windows Middleware Environments© 2011 Oracle Corporation 26
  28. 28. “Qualcomm immediately saw some huge performancebenefits by going with the ZFS Storage Appliance. We usethis on our highly critical applications and, within ourengineering business units. And its very important for thosefolks to have high performance on all of their applications.” Matthew Clark Senior Director of IT Qualcomm Incorporated 27
  29. 29. <Insert Picture Here>Data Protection and Archiving
  30. 30. Oracle Data Protection and Archiving Options Powerful Suite of Solutions Optimized for Oracle Database and Mixed Environments Transparent Data Migrations InfiniBand High-Speed Low-Cost Long-Term Storage Storage Archive Disk Based Solutions Tape Based Solutions Automated Tiered Storage Solutions© 2011 Oracle Corporation 29
  31. 31. Disk Based Solutions with Sun ZFS Storage Appliances High-Performance Database Data Protection for Exadata and SPARC SuperCluster • Native InfiniBand simplifies implementation Simplicity • Stay with current Backup and Recovery best practices – no retraining needed • Maximum failure isolation for backups • 9TB/Hr backup and 10TB/Hr recovery rates InfiniBand Speed – 2x to 4x NetApp and EMC systems • Full support of RMAN incremental backups • Business operations up and running sooner with faster recovery Savings • No media managers or related license costs Oracle Exadata Sun ZFS Storage • 4x to 10x better price/performance Database Machine ApplianceCompetitive results based on Oracle testing of Sun ZFS Storage Appliances, and the most recent published results on NetApp FAS and EMC Data Domain Storage. Pricing based on Internet pricing sources. © 2011 Oracle Corporation 30
  32. 32. Oracle Tape Based Backup Solutions • Integrated with Oracle Database, Recovery SPARC T4 Manager, Oracle Enterprise Manager StorageTek Cluster with Simplicity SL3000 Library • One approach for all environments - just add Pillar Axiom more tape drives • OSB/RMAN optimizations reduce backup windows by up to 40% Speed • 240MB/Sec StorageTek T10000C native backup rates + compression • 75% less software expense • Low floor space and energy usage Savings • Tape libraries can be shared among many systems for many uses OSB Admin and Media Servers© 2011 Oracle Corporation 31
  33. 33. Oracle’s StorageTek Tape Beats IBM’s BestOracle T10000C and SL8500/SL3000 VS.  Save 2x to 5x on floor space  Save 33% on total cost of ownership  Up to 2.5x faster robotic performance IBM System Storage  Highest availability with redundant and TS3500 Tape Library and TS1140 hot-swappable robotics, electronics and pass-through ports 32
  34. 34. Oracle Tape Based Data Protection Solutions Oracle OnDemand Case Study – Faster Backups and Less Cost • Standardizes data protection OSB Administrative Server Sun Fire X4270 environments • Same Oracle Secure Backup OSB Media Server configuration and management for SPARC T-Series system administrators SAN • Supports redundant robotics with Oracle Exadata StorageTek ACSLS 8.0 Database Machine StorageTek SL3000 ACSLS Server Tape Library • NAS Backups 22% faster SPARC T-Series • $2M+ annual savings over previous Infiniband QDR Network backup software product Fibre Channel SAN Sun ZFS Storage Appliance© 2011 Oracle Corporation 33
  35. 35. Large Archives Use Oracle’s StorageTek T10000 Tape and SL8500 LibraryBest Scalability, Availability, and TCO“At CERN we currently store 40 petabytes of data and expect toadd another 25 petabytes of new data each year, so having a cost-effective, scalable and reliable storage infrastructure is of theutmost importance.”-Vladimir Bahyl, Tape Service Manager, CERN“Our return on investment is instant, because it would have cost us$14 million to make videotape copies… (this) solution is saving us$6 million.”- Sam Gustman, CTO, USC SHOAH Foundation 34
  36. 36. Transforming Your Datacenter with Oracle Storage Key Questions to Ask • Are you using the fastest, most efficient storage for Oracle Data? – Can you save by offloading Oracle databases from your legacy Tier-1? – Can you consolidate multiple SAN silos using modern QoS based technology? – Are you using non-Oracle NAS or SAN for data warehouses, Database ILM, or Exadata Test and Development? • Are you moving to virtualized servers and cloud? – Do you have different workloads and priorities you need to support? – Do you know what’s going on at the file and virtual machine I/O level? – Do you need strict isolation for security or multi-tenancy? – Is your storage a bottleneck? • Do you have the best data protection for your Oracle databases? – Are you using the latest Oracle hardware to optimize Exadata and SPARC SuperCluster data protection? – Do you have a “last line of defense” for data protection, compliance and archive?© 2011 Oracle Corporation 35
  37. 37. Oracle Offers Differentiated Storage for Your Toughest Requirements Engineered for Oracle Software, Best of Breed for Mixed Environments • Oracle storage supports your strategy for datacenter transformation. – Database I/O – NAS for File I/O – SAN for Block I/O – Tape for Archive and Compliance • Industry leading performance, efficiency and innovation – Best-in-class database and data protection performance – 3x to 5x advantages with Hybrid Columnar Compression – The market leader with Axiom Quality of Service, ZFS Hybrid Storage Pools, ZFS DTrace Analytics, and Tape Data Integrity • Oracle storage solutions simplify deployments and automate management to deliver leadership TCO in Oracle and mixed environments.© 2011 Oracle Corporation 36
  38. 38. For More Information Visit And Oracle Technology Network storage/general/storage-overview-167869.html© 2011 Oracle Corporation 37
  39. 39. Q&A© 2011 Oracle Corporation 38
  40. 40. © 2011 Oracle Corporation 39 39