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Roadmap For Fusion Middleware Application Server Infrastructure


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Roadmap for Fusion Middleware
Application Server Infrastructure
Mark Prichard
Senior Principal Product Manager, AITP

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Roadmap For Fusion Middleware Application Server Infrastructure

  1. 1. Roadmap for Fusion Middleware Application Server Infrastructure Mark Prichard Senior Principal Product Manager, AITP 1
  2. 2. Oracle Fusion Middleware Application Server, TP –Monitor, Java VM, Grid 2
  3. 3. Product Offering Application Server & Transaction Processing • TP-Monitor for C/C++, Cobol Applications BEA Tuxedo & Mainframe Modernization • High Performance “Real Time” Java VM BEA JRockit, Real Time optimized for Intel-32 & 64 • Strategic Java EE 5.0 Application Server – BEA WebLogic Server Features integrated from OC4J • Strategic JPA Provider integrated with Oracle TopLink WebLogic Server • High Performance, Transactional, In- Oracle Coherence Memory Data Grid Oracle Application • Key Features integrated with WebLogic Server (OC4J) Server with seamless migration 3
  4. 4. Oracle Internet Application Server Packages • Existing products carry forward for convergence and continuity • Next major release remains Fusion Middleware 11 Release 1 iAS iAS Standard Edition Enterprise Edition Full Clustered OC4J Standard Edition ESB Portal + CM-SDK B2B OID Forms/Reports SSO BI Discoverer Web Cache OID+ SSO Rules Wireless/Personalization 4
  5. 5. Oracle Internet Application Server Support and Direction • Oracle iAS is current foundation of Oracle applications and SOA installed base • Oracle iAS continues on Oracle price list and is combined into WebLogic Suite • Convergence to common platform based on WebLogic core planned for FMW 11 R1 Existing Infrastructure for All of Fusion Middleware • Next release is Oracle iAS • Standard support policies for 10gR2 & R3 extended iFlex JDEdwards Siebel • Dec 2010 for Premier Support • Dec 2011 for Extended Support Retek E-Biz Suite 12 Peoplesoft • Ebusiness Suite 12 also extended Certified Infrastructure for the Oracle • Nov 2012 for Premier Support Applications Portfolio • Nov 2015 for Extended Support 5
  6. 6. WebLogic Server Packages • Best of breed from Oracle and BEA • Continuity and powerful new capabilities • Maps cleanly to pre-Oracle BEA server offerings • Next release is Fusion Middleware 11 Release 1 WebLogic Server WebLogic Server Standard Edition Enterprise Edition = Standard Edition WebLogic Server + + WebLogic Clustering Kodo Enterprise + + EM Diagnostics Pack TopLink and ADF for Middleware + JDeveloper + Weblogic Workshop 6
  7. 7. Oracle WebLogic Suite Application Server Foundation with In-Memory Data Grid for Scalability, Performance, and Availability • WebLogic Server Enterprise Ed. • Oracle App Server Enterprise Ed. • Coherence Enterprise Ed. • WebLogic Operations Control • WebLogic Real Time Oracle • Enterprise Manager Diagnostics WebLogic Pack Suite • JRockit Mission Control • Application Diagnostics for Java 7
  8. 8. Convergence to WebLogic Server Core with OC4J Components in FMW 11 Best of Breed Oracle Middleware Server Oracle WebLogic Server Oracle WebLogic Server Enterprise Clustering Configuration Diagnostics Manager Messaging Transactions TopLink SCA RAC JRockit WL Runtime Coherence Certification Best of Breed Application Server Best of Breed Oracle Platform BEA WebLogic Server Oracle Application Server BEA WebLogic Server Oracle Application Server Enterprise Clustering Configuration Diagnostics Manager Messaging Transactions TopLink SCA RAC JRockit WL Runtime Coherence Certification 8
  9. 9. Convergence to WebLogic Server Core with OC4J Components – FMW 11 Detail TopLink TopLink Kodo TopLink Go Forward Plan for JPA BEA JMS+AQ Oracle JMS BEA JMS Certify AQ Integration Oracle SCA+ BEA WS-* Oracle WS-* BEA WS-* Oracle SCA Runtime infrastructure for SOA Suite Oracle + BEA Oracle Security BEA Security Oracle Security augments WLS baseline BEA Admin Oracle Admin BEA Admin WLST, WL Console for JEE & Enterprise Manager JRockit & Others 3rd Party JVM JRockit Support both JRockit and 3rd Party JVM 9
  10. 10. Convergence to WebLogic Certification of iAS Layered Products* Certified on FMW 11 Application Server Web Cache Oracle HTTP Certified on FMW 11 Application Server Server Infrastructure of OSSO/DAS on OAS Only mod_osso mod_osso certified with OHS for WebLogic Certified on FMW 11 Application Server mod_plsql Certified on FMW 11 Application Server Forms/Reports Certified on FMW 11 Application Server Discoverer Certified on FMW 11 Application Server Portal Certified on FMW 11 Application Server OID * Note, these components will be available in a separate FMW distribution that installs them with 10 WebLogic Server. They will not be in the baseline WebLogic Server distribution as it is primarily a Java EE Server
  11. 11. Systems Management Strategy Oracle Enterprise Manager • EM Diagnostics Pack Certified with WebLogic Server and iAS • Manage and diagnose multi- Enterprise Applications domain WLS deployments • EM Configuration Pack Certified with WebLogic and iAS Today Middleware • EM Provisioning Pack Certified with iAS • WebLogic Certification Targeted at Calendar Year End Database Host, OS, Storage, Hypervisor 11
  12. 12. Development Tools Strategy • Oracle JDeveloper • The complete IDE for Fusion Middleware • Three editions for different target audiences: • Studio – Fusion Development, SOA • Java EE – Core Java EE and Web Services • Java – Java coding only • Oracle Enterprise Eclipse Pack • Plug-ins for the Eclipse IDE platform • WebLogic Java EE, Oracle Application Server, Spring, Web Services, JPA • ADF Framework • Java EE framework for Fusion Applications and custom development 12
  13. 13. Release Roadmap and Advice 13 (c) Copyright 2007. Oracle Corporation
  14. 14. Release Roadmap “100-day” release Tools 11g 10gR3 update 11gR1 WLS 10.3 BEA WLS Workshop 10.3 11gR1 Upgrade to OFM 11 WLS 10.3MP1 (w OAS Functionality) FMW 11 JDeveloper 11 OEPE 11 Upgrade to OFM 11 Oracle iAS JDeveloper 11g (ADF 11 on WLS 10.3) TopLink 11g Oracle JDeveloper Summer 2008 Winter 2008 Fall 2008 First Half 2009 (Oracle SOA Suite (Oracle SOA Suite on iAS 10.1.3 & on iAS 10.1.3 & WLS 9.2) WLS 10.3) Standard support Release 14
  15. 15. Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3 • Hardened release of the WebLogic 10.x release cycle • Recommended WLS 8.1, 9.2 and 10.x upgrade path • Fully branded Oracle and conformant to Oracle product release criteria • Contained feature set in areas of lightweight install, performance, Spring, Web services and high availability • Foundation release of Fusion Middleware 11 R1 • Fusion Middleware 11 R1 will do small incremental maintenance changes to core WebLogic Server • Certified with Oracle Infrastructure • Coherence, TopLink, JDeveloper, DB 11 15
  16. 16. Product Certification on WLS 10gR3 Certified on WLS 10gR3 Certified on WLS 9.2/10.0 Certified on WLS 10gR3 as of 100-Day Plan w Patch Release w Patch Release WLOC TopLink 10gR3 TopLink 10R3/11g * ALSB (OSB) ADF 10gR3 ADF* WLI JDeveloper 10g R3 JDeveloper 11g* BPM BPEL BPM* BPEL BPM ALUI (WC Interaction) ESB (Mediator)* ESB (Mediator) ALES Rules* Rules WLP Oracle Access Manager* Web Services Manager WLEvS Oracle Access Manager WLSS (OCCAS) Guardian • Certified only on WLS 9.2 * Delivered in Boxer Fall Release 16
  17. 17. Application Server Upgrade – Customer Advice • Taxonomy of Customers/Partners • Investment Primarily Focussed on Oracle Application Server • Investment Split Between WebLogic Server and Oracle Application Server • General Advice • Oracle Application Server - Continue deployments and upgrade schedule within Oracle Application Server family until FMW 11 R1 • Some tactical approaches depending on starting point – specifically SOA Suite and WebCenter 17
  18. 18. Oracle Application Server Upgrade to Fusion Middleware 11 R1 • Oracle Fusion Middleware Suites generally will have a formal migration procedure from OracleAS 10g R2 and OracleAS 10g R3 to Fusion Middleware 11 R1 (already existed for pre-FMW 11) • Oracle Portal • Oracle Discoverer • SOA Suite • Oracle Forms and Reports • WebCenter/ADF • Identity Management • Applications built using J2EE and deployed on OC4J will need to be redeployed to FMW 11 R1 • Migration guides and best practices will be made available • Evaluation of tooling to facilitate migration is under way • Primary area of planning is operations and administration change 18
  19. 19. Major Directions Forward 19 (c) Copyright 2007. Oracle Corporation
  20. 20. Customer Problems • Industry trends driving new infrastructure demands • SOA, WOA, SaaS, Cloud, RIA, Consolidation, Mobile • New levels of performance, scale, availability • Highly unpredictable performance requirements • Developers require more flexibility and choice • Java Enterprise Edition, Spring, SCA, CEP, Scripting…. • Pressures on IT • Deliver application infrastructure that meets all of the above • Accelerate time to deployment and production • Manage and control the infrastructure efficiently 20
  21. 21. Fusion Middleware Application Server: Innovation at the Foundation Layer 4 e.g. Interaction API Layer 3 e.g. SOA API New New Needs Abilities e.g. App Server Layer 2 API Layer 1 e.g. JVM New Ideas New needs and abilities are often most powerfully addressed in lower layers 21 9/10/2008 ©2008 Oracle Corporation
  22. 22. Application Server Major Directions • Table stakes • New standards – JEE, WS-* , Security Standards • Certified Infrastructure for Fusion Middleware • Deeper and Richer RAC Integration • Increased Enterprise Manager Integration • The Doubled Down Investment • Scaling Down • OSGi and Modularization • Scaling Out • Coherence and JRockit Infrastructure 22
  23. 23. Scaling Down WebLogic Server with Modularization – Goals and Benefits • Developer flexibility E J J • Modular updates W J M S • Lightweight production S B S P deployments • Non Java EE WLS RASP WLS – JMS personalities • Installer options Grid • “Upward” compatibility • Integrated maintenance 23
  24. 24. Scaling Out WebLogic Server with the Application Grid – Goals and Benefits • Extreme Application Scalability Requirements • Scale-out middleware to hundreds of servers acting in concert • Adaptive application infrastructure for assured QOS • Automated application management large pools of resources to reduce operational cost • Predictable, reliable application performance • Design for maximum reliable throughput with reduced latency 24
  25. 25. Oracle WebLogic Application Grid Extreme Scale-Out Deployment and Performance for Java • Coherence Grid Edition • JRockit Real Time • WebLogic Operations Control • Enterprise Manager Diagnostics Oracle Pack WebLogic • JRockit Mission Control Application • Application Diagnostics for Grid Java 25
  26. 26. Integrating Coherence into WebLogic Server “Deep” OOB Integration “Light” OOB Integration • Massive scale out clusters • State Replication • Scale out in memory JMS • Clustered Caching • JPA on the Grid • Scale out data grid tier 26
  27. 27. Application Server Strategy Summary Oracle and WebLogic are #1 • Combined, Oracle provides the #1 Java EE application server, designed for the most mission-critical of applications • Increased Investment in lightweight, productive, standards-based development and deployment • Renewed Focus on Levels of Quality of Service – performance, scalability, reliability, availability • Execution on Best of Breed Manageability – deployment, monitoring, diagnostics, maintenance • Delivery of Next-Generation Scale Out – scale linearly, efficiently, automatically WebLogic Server Clusters Oracle Differentiator: the “ilities” WebLogic Application Grid 27
  28. 28. Roadmap for Fusion Middleware Application Server Infrastructure Mark Prichard Senior Principal Product Manager, AITP 28