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Oracle tech fmw-04-sun-virtualization.and.solaris-neum-16.04.2010


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Oracle tech fmw-04-sun-virtualization.and.solaris-neum-16.04.2010

  1. 1. Oracle Solaris and Oracle Virtualization Vangelis Lekkas Senior Sales Consultant Greece Balkans & Adriatic
  2. 2. The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle. The following is intended to provide information for Oracle and Sun as we continue to combine the operations worldwide. Each country will complete its integration in accordance with local laws and requirements. In the EU and other non-EU countries with similar requirements, the combinations of local Oracle and Sun entities as well as other relevant changes during the transition phase will be conducted in accordance with and subject to the information and consultation requirements of applicable local laws, EU Directives and their implementation in the individual members states. Sun customers and partners should continue to engage with their Sun contacts for assistance for Sun products and their Oracle contacts for Oracle products.
  3. 3. Complete. Open. Integrated.
  4. 4. Complete. Open. Integrated. • Oracle Solaris • Oracle Unbreakable Linux • Oracle VM Server • Oracle Solaris Containers • Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure • Oracle VM VirtualBox
  5. 5. Oracle Operating System Strategy • Invest significantly in both Solaris and Linux • Optimize both operating systems for full stack from applications to disk • Deliver world class support at the lowest TCO for both Solaris and Linux
  6. 6. Premier Support Offerings Description Premier 8% of net hardware transaction Support for • Covers Solaris, Oracle Enterprise Linux, and Oracle VM on Sun Operating hardware • 1 hour remote response 24x7 Systems Premier 12% of net hardware transaction Support for • Covers a complete Sun System including Hardware, Solaris, Systems Oracle Enterprise Linux, and Oracle VM) • 2 hour onsite response 24x7 for P1 issues.* * Available for locations within 25 miles of a Systems Service Center.
  7. 7. Oracle Solaris
  8. 8. Reliability Security Scalability
  9. 9. 50,000+ Customers Run Oracle Solaris Financial Public Sector Communications Education Services Manufacturing Oil & Gas
  10. 10. Over 11,000 Applications on Solaris 10 From Over 3,000 ISVs
  11. 11. Solaris and Oracle Integration Benefits • Saves you time – Integrated patch and update testing – Single integrated support channel – Integrated management tools • Runs your applications faster – Performance tuned together with over 280 world records already – 20+ year history of co-engineered products, now working closer than ever
  12. 12. The World’s Best Operating System #1 Volume Enterprise Platform Reliability Solaris DTrace Cluster Predictive ZFS Self Healing Data Management Security Crypto Trusted Infrastructure Extensions, Secure Least Privilege, Certificates Role Based Access Control Scalability Scale Up, Optimized Scale Out for Databases Tuned for SPARC and x86
  13. 13. Solaris Focus on Innovation • Security – Independent security verification at industry’s highest levels • Scale – Linear scale to systems with thousands of CPUs and cores • Built-in virtualization – OS-level, hypervisor level, network and storage • Solaris ZFS – Reliability, simple administration, data integrity, integrated data services • Solaris DTrace – Safe, comprehensive observability on production systems • Predictive Self Healing – Hardware and software resiliency with no app changes needed
  14. 14. <Insert Picture Here> Jason Williams CIO, DigiTar “Solaris provides a couple of key advantages over any other OS. One is just the base reliability of the operating system with storage, things like retrying I/Os. But on top of that there’s two key technologies that, frankly, you can’t get anywhere else… That’s MPXIO for multipath I/O and the other is ZFS.”
  15. 15. <Insert Picture Here> Brad Forrester Systems Operations Manager Siteworx, Inc. “We estimate that Solaris Containers have been able to give us the equivalent memory and processing power of ten virtual servers on every physical server. That’s resulted in an 80% reduction in space requirements and 65% savings in energy costs.”
  16. 16. Oracle Solaris World Records Solaris is the #1 OS for Oracle Deployments • OLTP • Siebel CRM • Oracle Hyperion • Oracle Business Intelligence • PeopleSoft Payroll • SAP/Oracle Database • Mail Server • Web/Network • +280 Solaris World Records
  17. 17. Solaris Performance on x86 Systems Handles 20x more users by moving to Solaris 10 3x increase in server throughput with sub-second response time Sixfold performance increase with Solaris 10 Online gaming company with 40,000,000 users moves to Solaris 10, ZhengTu Network increases performance by 50%
  18. 18. Predictive Self Healing Stop Problems Before They Happen • Self-diagnosis in seconds • Fine-grained recovery • Solaris Fault Manager – Developed in close relationship with hardware partners, including AMD, Intel, SPARC engineers – Memory Diagnosis and Retire; cuts annual downtime: • 46% reduction on 192 GB system • 32% reduction 16 GB system • Solaris Service Manager – Detect and automate recovery from software failures – Reacts and restarts applications on hardware failures with Solaris Fault Manager integration – Zero source code changes required
  19. 19. Oracle Solaris Cluster The Best HA Solution for Solaris Oracle Differentiator CHALLENGES CAPABILITIES VALUE • Deliver 24/7 availability • Designed for Solaris: • Up to 99.999 % for your customers & • 15x faster detection availability continuous business • Enable resilient business operations regardless of • 2x faster recovery services despite large local or global disaster, • Seamless integration scale infrastructure planned or unplanned w/Solaris virtualization failures outages • Leverage Solaris ZFS • Save costs in hardware, • Reduce costs through for best of breed software license and consolidation of highly-available file operations through hardware, software and system server reductions and admin infrastructure • Single-step upgrades CPU capping • Need a simple solution • Cover unlimited distances • Simplify mission-critical for deploying many application deployment applications & DBs in a • Covers the largest with no requirements for traditional or virtualized portfolio of Oracle and ISV apps and databases scripting or development environment
  20. 20. Preserving Business Investments: Solaris Application Guarantee Program Guaranteed Compatibility • Solaris Binary Application Guarantee Program – From 1997 forward • Solaris Source Code Guarantee Program – Between SPARC and x86 • Lower development and support costs • Speed time to market/deployment
  21. 21. Where We're Investing in Solaris • Reliability • Security • Scalability • Integration • Virtualization • Storage • Ease of administration • Web infrastructure optimization
  22. 22. OpenSolaris • Oracle will continue to make OpenSolaris available as open source and Oracle will continue to actively support and participate in the OpenSolaris community • Oracle is investing more in Solaris than Sun did prior to the acquisition, and will continue to contribute innovative technologies to OpenSolaris, as Oracle already does for many other open source projects
  23. 23. Solaris Near Term Roadmap • Solaris 10 – Next update CY2010 – Update focus: • New platform support • Oracle product integrations and optimizations • Overall performance improvements to networking & storage stacks • Continued mission critical reliability and quality • OpenSolaris – Next update 1st half CY2010 – Update focus: • Packaging and installation • Continued enhancements to networking and virtualization
  24. 24. Oracle Unbreakable Linux
  25. 25. Oracle Unbreakable Linux Enterprise-class support for Linux operating system with premier back ports, comprehensive management, indemnification, testing and more – all at significantly lower cost. • 24x7 coverage, 145 countries, 27 local languages • Continuous operational improvement • Available to Oracle and non-Oracle users Accelerate return on IT investment • • Dedicated engineering and delivery team Reduce cost, risk, and complexity • • Backed by world’s largest support team • Real-world testing; Validated Configurations • Enterprise-quality, Lower cost • Linux Foundation Board Member
  26. 26. Oracle Enterprise Linux • Oracle Enterprise Linux = Software – Tracks Red Hat Enterprise Linux product releases – Freely available source and binaries – Freely distributable binaries • Oracle Unbreakable Linux = Support Program – For both Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Oracle Enterprise Linux • x86 and x86-64 (AMD and Intel), Intel IA-64 architectures Making Linux Better
  27. 27. Oracle’s Linux Commitment • Enterprise-class support for Linux • Our code is accepted into mainline kernel • File Systems – OCFS, Btrfs; Clustering • Data Integrity • Storage Validation • Asynchronous I/O • Virtualization • Real-world testing with Validated Configurations • The Linux Foundation board member • Licensee of Open Invention Network (OIN) Committed to working with the Linux Community
  28. 28. Testing: Oracle Validated Configurations Pre-tested, validated, and supported Linux architectures, including • Software, hardware, storage, drivers, Oracle Database Fusion Middleware networking components • Best practices for Linux deployment Linux OS • Real-world testing of complete stack Server • More than 100 configurations freely available for download Storage Oracle Validated Configurations offer faster Linux deployments while lowering infrastructure costs
  29. 29. 4,000+ Oracle Unbreakable Linux Customers
  30. 30. Oracle Virtualization
  31. 31. Oracle Virtualization Strategy Desktop to Data Center Virtualization • Virtualization offers key cost savings benefits – Server consolidation – Lower energy, facility and labor costs • Oracle’s virtualization strategy offers much more – Most comprehensive desktop to data center product portfolio – Integrated management of the full hardware and software stack from applications to disk – Integrated support
  32. 32. Industry’s Most Complete Virtualization Portfolio DESKTOP VIRTUALIZATION SERVER VIRTUALIZATION STORAGE VIRTUALIZATION • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure • Oracle VM • Sun Ray • Exadata • Logical Domains • Secure Global • ASM • Solaris Containers Desktop • Storage Connect • Dynamic Domains • VirtualBox • Open Storage
  33. 33. Oracle VM Server Virtualization Platform Choice & Flexibility Solaris Solaris Linux Windows Oracle VM Server for SPARC Oracle VM Server for x86 SPARC T-Series Hardware x86/x64 Hardware • Evolution of Solaris Logical • High performance hypervisor Domains; integration with Oracle for x86/x64 architecture VM family • Supported guests: Linux, • Highly efficient hypervisor for Sun Windows, Solaris (new) T-Series servers • Multiple, independent Solaris OS instances • Roadmap (planned): uniform, integrated virtualization management across SPARC T-Series and x86/x64 through Oracle VM Manager
  34. 34. Why Customers Choose Oracle VM Comprehensive, Enterprise-Class Virtualization Oracle VM VMware Makes the entire enterprise software stack Focused on the virtualization software easier to deploy, manage, and support: layer only • Single, product for integrated, top-to-bottom management in combined physical-, virtual- and cloud environments Best virtualization for database and Architecture is prone to higher overhead enterprise application workloads: and slower performance with heavy • High performance, low overhead virtualization workloads architecture • Proven, clusterware-based high availability for the database and application stack Cost-effective zero license fee with 24x7 Higher license and support costs; world class support all options are separately priced • Included Live Migration and High Availability Support for x86/64 and SPARC Support for x86/x64 only
  35. 35. Oracle Server Virtualization: Solaris Platform Choice & Flexibility Solaris Solaris Solaris 8 Solaris 9 Container Container Container Container Solaris 10 x86/x64 SPARC • Available on any system running • High SMP scalability Solaris: x86/x64, SPARC T-Series, • Consolidate older Solaris M-Series versions • Native, bare metal performance • Roadmap (planned): Continued investment in Solaris Containers technology and seamless consolidation / application support from older Solaris versions
  36. 36. Oracle VM Templates Rapid Application Deployment
  37. 37. Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Server Hosted Virtual Desktops and Applications Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure • VDI style desktops to users on any client device • Brokering, management, hosting, and access, all in one Oracle Secure Global Desktop • Presents applications and data residing on nearly any server, any OS to nearly any client device or virtual desktop • Highly secure, remote access Sun Ray Thin Clients • The highest security endpoint device for a Windows, Linux or Solaris desktop • Outstanding mobility with integrated smart card session access
  38. 38. Oracle VM VirtualBox Workstation Virtualization • Support for x86/x64 hardware • Support for Solaris, Linux, Windows, Mac OS hosts and guests Roadmap (planned): • Oracle VM x86/x64 Server and VirtualBox workstation VM interoperability • Oracle VM VirtualBox workstations to support running Oracle VM Templates Oracle VM Templates Deploy VM Server User developed VMs • Develop • Evaluate • Test
  39. 39. Oracle Virtualization End-to-End, Application to Disk Solutions Siebel Contact Center • Entire desktop • Enterprise applications • Industry applications Oracle Virtual Desktop Solaris Linux Windows Oracle’s Sun Ray Thin Client Infrastructure Sun Storage 7000 Oracle Solaris Unified Storage Systems Oracle x86/x64 or Oracle VM Servers SPARC Servers x86/x64 Servers Standard Windows PC Roadmap (planned): Oracle VM Server support for Oracle VDI
  40. 40. Comprehensive Full-Stack Management Applications To Disk Virtualize Test Provision Configure Enterprise Manager Deploy Ops Center Monitor Change & Patch
  41. 41. Working with Oracle • Product websites – – – • Technical content & white papers – BigAdmin: (transitioning to OTN) – OTN: • Support – Solaris: (transitioning to My Oracle Support) – Oracle products: • Community – Solaris: – Virtual Box:
  42. 42. Debra Domeyer CTO, Internet Brands With Solaris 10: “My IT staff members are experts • 20x the users in their field. So, when they call • Instantaneous vendors for technical support, it's filesystem creation critical, and not something on • Solid x86 which we can wait a day. We platform support wanted a vendor that we could • Automated rely on for expert OS support. service monitoring via That’s why we went with Sun.” Predictive Self Healing
  43. 43. Gerald T. O'Connell Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Chicago Board Options Exchange “We gain many benefits from Sun technology and our relationship with its staff. The move to Java and the Solaris OS has been instrumental in not only ensuring strong performance in our IT environment, but also in the sustained growth of our business. In my view, the code is portable, but the relationship is not.”
  44. 44. Derek Colvin Head of IT, Glasses Direct “The hardware Sun builds and the Solaris 10 Operating System are far more aligned with our IT infrastructure needs than the generic operating systems the competition offers.”
  45. 45. Ken Karls Manager of Network and Datacenter Engineering, Dow Corning “The stability of Solaris 10 has been simply outstanding. It’s delivered additional key functionality while continuing to provide the same outstanding level of availability to which we’ve become accustomed. ”
  46. 46. “Sun has an absolutely amazing team What eBay is Saying working for eBay. They listen to us, anticipate our needs and make sure that they’ve got the resources and technology to meet those needs.” 20% Application Performance Improvement with Solaris 10