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Core tech db for jde e1


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Core tech db for jde e1

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here>Optimize your JD Edwards Infrastructure with a realmaximum availability approach at a maximumSecurity level
  2. 2. AgendaWhy JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is better with Oracle Database• Availability: Oracle RAC, Data Guard, Golden Gate• Security: Oracle Database Vault Tablespace Encryption Data Masking Pack• Performance: Oracle Exadata Database Machine• Manageability: Oracle Enterprise Manager• Q&A 2
  3. 3. High Availability and Disaster RecoveryOracle Real Application ClustersOracle Data GuardOracle Golden Gatewith JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 3 Copyright © 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Oracle Clusterware • Provides shared infrastructure for server pooling • Monitors Oracle software and 3rd-party applications to make them highly available Node 1 Node 2 Node ... Node n Oracle RAC Oracle ASM / ACFS Oracle Clusterware Consolidated Pool of Storage with Automatic Storage Management (ASM)© 2009 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 4
  5. 5. Automatic Storage Management (ASM)Before ASM ASM Tables Tables Tablespace Tablespace 0010 0010 0010 0010 0010 Files 0010 0010 0010 0010 0010 File Names Automatic File System File System Storage Logical Vol Logical Vol Management Disks Disk Group Networked Storage (SAN, NAS, DAS)
  6. 6. ASM Dynamic Re-balancing • Add disk • Drop disk • Resize disk ASM Disk ASM Disk ASM Disk ASM Disk ASM Disk Disk Group Disk Group•On-line capacity management•No more hot spots - eliminate manual I/O tuning•Optimal performance
  7. 7. ASM Failure Groups• A Failure Group is a set of disks sharing a common resource whose failure needs to be tolerated • Redundant copies of an extent are Palazzo 1 Palazzo 2 stored in separate Failure Groups• Failure Groups assigned by DBAs or automatically by ASM a b Disk Group
  8. 8. Simple failover Server 1 Server 2Instance ‘A’ Instance ‘A’ If Server 2 doesn’t receive the heartbeat (Server 1 crashed), it Database gets control of the external disks, gets IP address of Server 1 and starts the database instance (and does instance recovery) on Server 2 itself.
  9. 9. Real Application Clusters (RAC) Interconnect Cache Fusion TCP/IP UDP VIA (NIC 100/1000) Server 1 Server 2 Istanza ‘A’ Istanza ‘B’ Shared disks SAN*, NAS* iSCSI/FC DatabaseZero Downtime (HA) – Load Balancing – Performance – (Linear) scalability© 2009 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 9
  10. 10. RAC - Preferred Access Scheme14.00 msec 2.50 msec 0.01 msec Block in Block in“remote” Block on Disk local Cache Cache
  11. 11. RAC - Transparent Application Failover Select Failover  Failover allow s the application to continue execution or fetching  Leverages Oracle’ s multi-versioning read consistency to ensure results are identical ClientSELECT * FROM emp; SELECT * FROM emp; empno name empno name 7369 Smith 7369 Smith Instance 1 Instance 2 7499 Allen 7499 Allen 7521 Ward 7521 Ward 7566 Jones 7566 Jones **** BANG ***** 7654 Martin 7698 Blake Rows Partially Returned When Failover Occurred Continues Returning Remaining Rows DB
  12. 12. Parallel executions in RACLet’s suppose that a query needs n CPUs to be executed (as decided by the database optimizer or forced by a user sql hint):1. Database Cost-based optimizer chooses to execute it on the local node (the node where the client is connected) if the local node has the n CPUs available2. If not all of the n CPUs are available on the local node then the cost-based optimizer can decide to use CPUs from other RAC nodes.
  13. 13. Real Application Clusters Workload Management HR SALES ERP• Run all databases for all applications on shared platform• Highly available and scalable• Adapts to changes in workloads
  14. 14. Real Application Clusters Workload Management HR SALES ERP• Run all databases for all applications on shared platform• Highly available and scalable• Adapts to changes in workloads
  15. 15. Oracle Database Real Application ClustersReal Application Clusters (RAC)• Scale workload across multiple servers• Consolidate into fewer servers and databases• Incremental expansion for scalability• Fail-over among nodes eliminates single point of failureImprovements as of JDE E1 Tools 8.98 Update 3:• Advice and samples of setting up Transparent Application Failover (TAF) services for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne• Built-in utility to verify the validity of a SELECT statement during a node failure• Additional testing with RAC: All interactive and batch test cases survived a node failure 15
  16. 16. Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture Integrated Deployment of Oracle HA TechnologiesProduction Site Active Standby Site Real Application Clusters & Oracle Clusterware Fault TolerantOnline H/W & Online Table Server Scale-OutS/W Upgrade Redefinition Data Guard Primary Database Active-active Sites, Data Standby Database Protection, Rolling Upgrades Automatic Storage Management Fault Tolerant Storage Storage Storage Scale-Out Flashback Technologies Recovery Manager & Move Back in Time to Correct Errors Oracle Secure Backup Data Protection & Archival
  17. 17. Disaster - Example• Errors observed in the alert.log of the production database: • Errors in file /opt/app/oracle/admin/dg/bdump/dg1.trc: • ORA-01186 : file 93 failed verification tests • ORA-01251 : Unknown File Header Version read for file number 93 ORA-01251 - Corrupted file header. This could be caused due to missed read or write or hardware problem or process external to oracle overwriting the information in file header.• Database crashed – applications down
  18. 18. Oracle Data GuardData Availability and Protection Primary Site Standby Site SYNC / ASYNC Data Guard Active Primary Standby Database Database• Disaster Recovery• Best corruption protection for Oracle Database• Automatic database failover• Full systems utilization – reduces the effect cost of DR
  19. 19. Data Guard What a Difference an SCN Makes! Production DBMS Standby DBMS Control Oracle Apply Files fil Network I/O Oracle validation Online Logs Archive 7X less Logs volume* FlashbackUpdates Logs 27X fewer network Data I/Os* Files SYSTEM USER TEMP UNDO
  20. 20. Maximum Availability ArchitectureReal Application Clusters and Data Guard End User Oracle JD Edwards Maximum Availability Web Client WebLogic EnterpriseOne with Data Guard Server Application Server Public Network (SCAN) RAC STBY Private Network STBY RAC 1 RAC 2 ASM ASM 1 ASM 2 Archive Logs Transported Between Shared Storage Primary and Standby External External Disk Array Database Disk Array Data Guard Primary Data Guard Physical Standby Database Database 20
  21. 21. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne with RACand Data GuardWhite Paper and Recorded Demo• JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Oracle 11gR2 Database Data Guard with RAC White Paper [My Oracle Support ID 1315368.1]• JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Oracle 11gR2 Database Data Guard with RAC Demonstration [ My Oracle Support ID 1324181.1] • Oracle Database RAC - Failover • Oracle Data Guard – Switchover 21
  22. 22. Oracle GoldenGate Oracle GoldenGate provides low-impact capture, routing, transformation, and delivery of database transactions across heterogeneous environments in real-time Key Differentiators: Performance Non-intrusive, Low Impact, Sub-second latency Extensible & Open, modular architecture - Heterogeneous Flexible sources & Targets Maintains Transactional Integrity - Resilient Reliable against interruptions and failures22 22
  23. 23. GoldenGate How It WorksCapture: Committed changes are captured (and can befiltered) as they occur by reading the transaction logs. Trail files: Stages and queues data for routing. Pump: Distribute data for routing to multiple targets. Route: Data is compressed, encrypted for routing to targets. Delivery: Applies data with transaction integrity, transforming the data as required. Pump Source Trail LAN / WAN / Target Trail Capture Internet Delivery Pump (TCP/IP)Source Target Trail Source Trail Target Delivery CaptureDatabase(s) Database(s) Bi-directional 23
  24. 24. Oracle GoldenGate Topologies Unidirectional Bi-Directional Peer-to-PeerQuery Offloading Live Standby or Load Balancing, Active-Active for HA Multi-Master Broadcast Integration/Consolidation CascadingData Distribution Data Warehouse Data Marts 24 24
  25. 25. Oracle GoldenGateUse Case: Off-load JDE E1 Operational Reporting• Large, intensive reports or batch jobs can impact interactive performance• GoldenGate replicates data in real time to a secondary instance• Zero impact on interactive users in the primary instanceWhite Paper: Deploying Oracle GoldenGate to Achieve Operational Reporting for Oracle JD Edwards[Doc ID: 1112406.1] 25
  26. 26. SecurityOracle Database VaultOracle Transparent EncryptionOracle Data Masking Packwith JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 26 Copyright © 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  27. 27. Higher Security with Oracle Database VaultOracle Database Vault• Controls on privileged users• Restrict highly privileged users DBA from application data• Provide Separation of Duty• Security for database and information consolidation Financials User Data Sheet: Oracle Database Vault with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and Sample Security Policies 27
  28. 28. Oracle Database Vault: Realms• Database DBA can see HR data select * from HR.emp Benefit: Compliance and DBA protection from insiders HR HR• HR DBA can see Financial HR DBA HR Realm Department data Benefit: avoid security risks due to Fin Fin consolidating more FIN DBA Fin Realm applications on the same database
  29. 29. Oracle Database Vault: Rules• Database DBA runs alter system……. “alter system” command remotely DBA Benefit: rules on the IP address can block the command HR create … HR• HR DBA executes actions HR Realm forbidden during the HR DBA 3pm Monday working hours Benefit: Rules based on date and time can block Command rules provide a these actions flexible security control system
  30. 30. Higher Security with Transparent Data EncryptionTransparent Data Encryption Strong• Full tablespace encryption Authentication• Built-In Key Management Network• Managed by the database Encryption• Network Encryption 75,000 ^#^*>*• Strong Authentication• Supported with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne as encrypted Encrypted Tape Backups, Disk Backups, Exports tablespaces Data Sheet: Oracle Advanced Security: Encryption for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications 30
  31. 31. Oracle Data Masking Pack• Provides end-to-end secure automation for provisioning test databases from production in compliance with regulations.• Irreversibly replaces original sensitive data with fictitious data• Comprehensive and extensible mask librarySecure Production Data Data Mask Masked Data ABC XYZ JDE E1 Data Types Mask Library Character String Date Variable String Integer JDE UTime White Paper: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Character (Blob) Identifier (ID) with Oracle Data Masking Binary (Blob) Numeric [Doc ID: 1273548.1] 31
  32. 32. Performance Partitioning Exadata with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne32 Copyright © 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  33. 33. Partitioning Application SQL• Partitioning allows a table, index, or Sales index-organized table to be subdivided into smaller pieces (partitions).• Each partition has its own name, Jan Mar and may optionally have its own Feb storage characteristics.• No modifications are necessary when accessing a partitioned table Methods using SQL queries and DML •Range partitioning statements. • List partitioning• From the perspective of a database • Hash partitioning administrator, a partitioned object • Composite partitioning • Range-Hash has multiple pieces that can be • Range-List managed either collectively or • Range-Range (new 11g) individually. • List-List (new 11g) • List-Range (new 11g)
  34. 34. Partition for PerformancePartition pruning06-Jan • Only relevant partitions will be accessed • Static pruning with known values in advance06-Feb • Dynamic pruning uses internal recursive SQL to find the relevant partitions06-Mar • Minimizes I/O operations • Provides massive performance gains06-Apr SELECT sum(sales_amount) FROM sales06-May WHERE sales_date BETWEEN ‘01-MAR-2006’ AND ‘31-MAY-2006’;06-Jun
  36. 36. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on theOracle Exadata Database Machine • Oracle Exadata Database Machine: extreme performance, extreme scalability, fault tolerant • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne tests show: 1) The Oracle Exadata Database Machine can be implemented easily with no changes to the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne product. 2) Interactive user load scaled to 3000 users with constant subsecond (0.3) response time. 3) Concurrency between interactive user load and batch load was very high with 2000 interactive users and 65 batch jobs. 4) Completed 33 percent more batch jobs within the same one-hour window. 36
  37. 37. Oracle Applications on ExalogicBest Oracle Applications Ownership Experience  Easier deployment  Integrated management Standardization  Simplified maintenance & Consolidation  Improved support  Streamlined supply chain 37
  38. 38. Oracle Exalogic and Exadata Together Designed for Seamless Interoperability, Unmatched Performance • Exclusive: direct InfiniBand integration! • Extreme performance, reliability, security • Simple to deploy and manage Exalogic ExadataCopyright © 2011 Oracle Corporation - Proprietary and Confidential 38
  39. 39. Oracle Addresses a Broad Range of Customer Needs Engineered Systems Oracle OptimizedHIGH SolutionsEFFICIENCY Servers, storage, network, software • Oracle Exadata* • Oracle Exalogic* • Oracle Exalytics • Oracle SPARC SuperCluster • Oracle Database Appliance Manageability & Simplicity HIGH 39
  40. 40. SPARC T4-1 Optimized Solutionfor JD Edwards EnterpriseOne• A single "All-in-One" SPARC T4-1 server – 1 CPU SPARC T4, 8 core, 64 thread (64VCPU) – 64GB (Up to 256GB) RAM – 2RU datacenter footprint – Oracle Solaris, Containers and ZFS…at zero cost• Tests Oracle SPARC T4-1 – 1,200 interactive web users – 0.27 second response time See: "Oracle Optimized Solution for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne" jdedwards-enterpriseone-432111.html 40
  41. 41. Collapsing the Installation Timeline with VM Templates Accelerated Installation ProcessTraditional Installation Process Build and Install Apply System Install JDE Deploy hardware & Patches & Test & E1 Full prerequisites ESUs Validation Package 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 DaysVM Installation Process Why not take JDE Load and Oracle DB Install VM Test for a test drive Virtual Machine Template: • Oracle Linux operating system • Oracle Database • Oracle WebLogic Server • JDE E1 components, with updates/ESUs • Tested configuration Deployed at Customer Built at Oracle 41
  42. 42. Enterprise Manager Cloud ControlCentralized WebManagement of allthe infrastructureelements (DB, RAC,DG, Middleware,etc...): performances,patches,configurations, etc...For detailed info:
  43. 43. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne with OracleDatabase Resources• JD Edwards EnterpriseOne White Paper Index [Doc ID: 870244.1]• JD Edwards EnterpriseOne with the Oracle Exadata Database Machine Performance Characterization [Doc ID: 1188240.1]• JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Oracle 11gR2 Database Data Guard with RAC White Paper [Doc ID: 1315368.1] and Demonstration [Doc ID: 1324181.1]• Deploying Oracle GoldenGate to Achieve Operational Reporting for Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne [Doc ID: 1112406.1]• Oracle Database Vault Certification with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne• Oracle Advanced Security: Encryption for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications• JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Oracle Data Masking Technical Paper [Doc ID:1273548.1] 43
  44. 44. 44
  45. 45. The preceding is intended to outline our generalproduct direction. It is intended for informationpurposes only, and may not be incorporated intoany contract. It is not a commitment to deliverany material, code, or functionality, and shouldnot be relied upon in making purchasingdecisions.The development, release, and timing of anyfeatures or functionality described for Oracle’sproducts remains at the sole discretion ofOracle. 45
  46. 46. 46 Copyright © 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  47. 47. 47 Copyright © 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.