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What is the overall health of my projects? What is their margin and cost variance since inception as well as in the current quarter? How much revenue have they generated since inception and per quarter? Oracle Project Analytics leverages your investment in Oracle's PeopleSoft ESA applications to answer these and many more questions about the performance of your projects. This presentation examines the benefits and functionality of Orcle Project Analytics in a real customer implementation.

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Oracle Project Analytics for PeopleSoft

  1. 1. 1 Copyright © 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. ORACLE PRODUCT LOGO Oracle Project Analytics for PeopleSoft Presenting with Manuel Puyana Principal Product Manager2 Oracle Business Intelligence Copyright © 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Safe Harbor Statements The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.3 Copyright © 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Program Agenda •  Oracle BI Applications Overview •  Oracle Project Analytics •  BI Applications in Fusion •  Implementation at AWE •  Q&A4 Copyright © 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. Oracle BI Applications Overview5 Copyright © 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management System Complete. Open. Integrated.BI  /  EPM   Planning  &   Strategy   Apps   Forecas*ng   Management   Industry   ERP  Analy*cs   CRM  Analy*cs   Financial  Close  &   Profitability   Analy*cs   Repor*ng   Management   Interactive Query & Analysis Dashboards Scorecards Reports & Publishing Office Search Detect & Alert Embedded MobilePlaDorm  BI/EPM   Common  Enterprise  Informa*on  Model   BI  Server   Essbase   Dimension  Management   Predic*ve  Analy*cs   OLTP & ODS Data Warehouses Exadata OLAP Packaged Unstructured & Excel BusinessSources   Systems Data Marts Sources Applications Semi-Structured XML/Office Processes Data   (Oracle, SAP, Others) 6 Copyright © 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  7. 7. Oracle BI Applications Prebuilt Solutions for EBS, PeopleSoft, Siebel, JD Edwards, SAP and more•  Add insight to CRM and ERP applications•  Easy to adapt and extend•  Tight integration with OLTP systems•  Works with existing IT environment•  Fast time to value; Low TCO•  Over 3,000 customers7 Copyright © 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. Oracle BI Application Analysis Spanning Heterogeneous Sources in a Conformed Model Marke7ng   Procurement  and   Financials   Spend   Sales   Price   Projects   Service  and     CRM Human  Resources   ERP Contact  Center   ANALYTICS ANALYTICS Product   Customer  Data   Supply  Chain  &   Informa7on   Loyalty   Management*   Order   Management*   Management   ORACLE  BI  FOUNDATION   AND OTHER OPERATIONAL AND ANALYTIC SOURCES* New for Fusion Applications 8 Copyright © 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  9. 9. Project Analytics Components1 Pre-built warehouse with 8 star-schemas 3 Pre-mapped metadata, including designed for analysis and reporting on embedded best practice calculations, and Project funding, agreements, budgets, over 500 pre-built metrics for the project costing, billings, revenue, performance organization. and profitability data. •  Presentation layer •  Logical business model •  Physical sources2 Pre-built ETL to extract data from a large 4 A “best practice” library of over 100 pre- number of operational tables and load it built intelligence dashboards, reports and into the DW, sourced from sourced from alerts for project managers, program CRM, ERP, and other sources. managers, project accountants, and executives.9 Copyright © 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  10. 10. Example of Business Questions Supported by OBIA Project Analytics What is the current What is the current actual What is the current forecast cost to budget cost to budget variance forecast revenue toWhat is the current margin variance for my project? for my project budget variance for my % for my project? project? How does my project’s actual and estimated to complete cost compare to What is the current the budget? revenue to budget variance for my project? What’s the expected What is the performance for performance for my my project since inception 10 Copyright © 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. project at completion? and for the current period?
  11. 11. Speeds Time To Value and Lowers TCO Oracle BI Applications Build from Scratch Oracle BI with Traditional BI Tools Applications Training / Roll-out Define Metrics ü Faster deployment & Dashboards ü Lower TCO ü Assured business value DW Design Training / Rollout Easy to use, easy to adapt Define Metrics Role-based dashboards and thousands of pre- Back-end & Dashboards defined metrics ETL and DW Design Prebuilt DW design, adapts to your EDW Mapping Back-end ETL and Prebuilt Business Adapters for Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards. Siebel, SAP, others Mapping Quarters or Years Weeks or MonthsSource: Patricia Seybold Research, Merrill Lynch, Oracle Analysis 11 Copyright © 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  12. 12. Oracle Project Analytics Overview12 Copyright © 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  13. 13. Project Based Organizations Struggle to Use Data and Intelligence to Increase Performance KEY CHALLENGES EXAMPLES •  No single integrated view of budgets, costs, and billing Lack of information across the entire •  Poor or inconsistent project metric definitions project lifecycle •  Inability to integrate multiple project management systems •  Lack of insight into Project costs and commitments Poor management of Project costs •  Unable to obtain timely project data across the systems and commitments •  Limited information to identify budget variances and other project issues •  Unable to identify trends and exceptions quickly Unable to respond to Increased •  Lack of insight to improve planning and execution Competition •  Lack of insight to aggregated data •  Continued reliance on management-by-spreadsheet Time wasted gathering data to •  Disparate project reporting and poor internal distribution manage and report •  Relevant data in multiple systems – Budget, EVM, ERP, etc. •  No single source of the truth13 Copyright © 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  14. 14. Oracle Project Analytics Rich Solutions for Project Based Organizations Project Management Dashboard •  Designed for project managers to provide a complete view of project performance, from a comprehensive high level view of accumulated and trending information for a single or a group of projects, to detail information such as cost, revenue and budget transactions Project Executive Dashboard •  Designed for project executives to provide aggregated project performance data at the organizational level, allowing users to see the cumulative impact of their projects in the cost, revenue and profitability of their organizations Public Sector Dashboard •  Designed for public sector and non-profit organizations where profitability and margin are not tracked. It is a demonstrative example of how existing objects can be leveraged to build a custom dashboard tailored to specific requirements industry requirements.14 Copyright © 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  15. 15. Role-Based Best Practices Provide Relevant and Actionable Insight for EveryoneProject Analytics – Key Objectives and Questions by RoleProject Actionable Insight for Improving Project Portfolio PerformanceExecutives •  Who are my most profitable customers? •  What are the top projects by customer or location? •  Which of my organizations are doing well? How do •  What are the forecasts for next quarter for each of my they compare with each other? organizations?Project and Track Project/Program Performance and Control Project CostsProgram •  Where am I forecasting to overspend; how can IManagers •  What is the health of projects that Im managing? control? •  Which cost categories am I over-running the •  Which resources should I utilize more to maximize budget? profitability and minimize cost? •  How are my resources performing on my project? •  How am I performing against original funding contracts?Project Complete Insight into Project Revenue, Billing and ProfitabilityAccountants •  What is our current & projected spending against •  How do current billings compare with billings from the budget? previous period? •  Which cost categories or resources are driving cost •  How is accrued revenue comparable with billing? over-runs? 15 Copyright © 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  16. 16. Oracle Projects Analytics Sample Oracle Project Analytics MetricsBudgets Forecast Cost Performance•  # of Projects •  Original EAC Cost •  # of Projects •  MAGO Revenue Amount•  Original Budget Cost •  Original Actual Cost •  Cost •  MAGO Bill Amount•  Original Budget People Cost •  Original ETC Cost •  Raw Cost •  QAGO Revenue Amount•  Original Budget Equipment Cost •  Original Actual Revenue •  Burden Cost •  QAGO Bill Amount•  Original Budget Billable Cost •  Original ETC Revenue •  Billable Cost •  YAGO Revenue Amount•  Original Budget Equipment Effort •  Original Actual Effort •  Non-Billable Cost •  YAGO Bill Amount•  Original Budget Revenue •  Current EAC Cost •  Capitalizable Cost •  Revenue Yearly Change•  Original Budget Margin •  Current Actual Cost •  Equipment Cost •  Revenue Quarterly Change•  Original Budget Margin Percent •  Current ETC Cost •  People Cost •  Margin Year Ago•  Current Budget Cost •  Current Actual Revenue •  Equipment Effort •  Margin Percent Year Ago•  Current Budget People Cost •  Forecast Margin Amount •  People Effort •  Margin Percent Yearly•  Current Budget Equipment Cost •  Forecast Margin Percent •  Quantity Change•  Current Budget Billable Cost •  Forecast Margin Percent •  Cost ITD •  Margin Quarter Ago•  Current Budget Capitalizable Cost •  Original EAC Cost - ITD •  Raw Cost - ITD •  Margin Percent Quarter Ago•  Current Budget People Effort •  Original EAC Revenue - ITD •  Burden Cost - ITD •  Margin Percent Quarterly •  Original EAC People Cost - ITD •  Billable Cost - ITD Change •  Non-Billable Cost - ITD •  Margin - ITD •  Margin Percent - ITD •  Cost Variance •  Forecast Cost Variance 16 Copyright © 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  17. 17. Unrivaled Integration with Oracle Apps Extends BI Value. Lowers TCO. ACTION LINKS – “INSIGHT TO ACTION” INTEGRATED SECURITYSeamless navigation from analytical One login. Right content for each user.information to transactional detail Data Security User Security Object SecurityINTEGRATED WORKFLOW INTEGRATED WITH PLANNING AND EPMSIntelligence-driven business processes View performance “in-context” with budgets and plans BPEL, ESB Oracle BI17 Copyright © 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  18. 18. Oracle BI Applications Release Overview18 Copyright © 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  19. 19. Oracle BI Applications New Release Concurrent with•  Full suite of pre-built CRM and ERP Analytics offerings –  Siebel, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, E-Business Suite•  Built for and certified with OBIEE –  Adopts 11g presentation features •  Presentation hierarchies, master-detail linking, cascading prompts –  Adopts 11g security model •  Role-based, not group-based –  Unlock new capabilities for BI Apps customers •  Geospatial, scorecard, mobile support, systems management•  Additional important certifications, including: –  Informatica 9.01 HF2 –  Teradata 13.10•  Additional bug fixes and ETL optimizations 19 Copyright © 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  20. 20. All Analytic Apps Work on BI Mobile Project Analytics Examples20 Copyright © 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  21. 21. Example Decision Workflow Improve Project PerformanceBusinessObjectives/Issues Is financial performance on target? Drill to Detail Are project Cost under Control?GainInsights What is the Cost Variance Which Task has more Variance? Which ResourcesTake are Causing Cost Variances?Action Target Efforts to Reduce Project Costs 21 Copyright © 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  22. 22. Oracle BI Applications Stepping Stone to Fusion for Current Oracle Applications Customers22 Copyright © 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  23. 23. Example: PSFT to Fusion Evolution •  Before FusionApps Unlimited Pre Packaged Self-Service Query Reports & &• Get faster time to Dashboards Reportingvalue with prebuiltadapters for and BI FoundationERP applications OBIA Common Enterprise Information Model• Bring data from Finance HCM SCM Procure Project CRMlegacy and thirdparty solutions viaUniversal Adaptor OBIA Data Warehouse• Make timely, more ETLinformed decisions Periodic Updatesacross the projectorganization andquickly and identify Legacy & PSFT 3rd Party Applicationsat-risk projects 23
  24. 24. Example: PSFT to Fusion Evolution •  Co-ExistenceApps Unlimited Pre Packaged Self-Service Query Fusion Fusion Apps Reports & & Embedded• Get faster time to Dashboards Reporting Analytics •  Embed analyticsvalue with prebuilt directly into keyadapters for ERP BI Foundation businessapplications processes OBIA Common Enterprise Information Model OTBI• Bring data from Finance HCM SCM Procure Project CRM •  Deliver real-timelegacy and third and analyticalparty solutions via Real-Time reporting in aUniversal Adaptor OBIA Data Warehouse Queries single user interface• Make timely, more ETLinformed decisions Periodic Updates BI View Objects •  Integrated withacross the project Oracle’s next-organization and generation Fusionquickly and identify Legacy & PSFT PPM Applications 3rd Party Fusion Applicationat-risk projects Applications 24
  25. 25. Example: Oracle PSFT to Fusion Evolution•  With Fusion Pre Packaged Reports Self-Service Query & Fusion Fusion Apps Embedded & Dashboards Reporting •  Embed analytics Analytics directly into key BI Foundation business processes OBIA Common Enterprise Information Model OTBI Finance HCM SCM Procure Project CRM •  Deliver real-time and analytical Real-Time reporting in a Queries single user OBIA Data Warehouse interface ETL Periodic Updates BI View Objects •  Integrated with Oracle’s next- generation Fusion Legacy & Fusion Application + PPM Applications 3rd Party Projects 25
  26. 26. Oracle BI Apps RoadmapOracle BI Applications AvailableOracle BI Apps (OBIEE 11g compatibility) •  Upgraded and certified for OBIEE 11g Oracle BI Apps 11g Unified Release (Fusion + AU) Controlled Availability •  Informatica version Oracle BI Apps (Fusion Apps theme) •  Full suite of analytics for Fusion Applications Oracle BI Apps 11g Unified Release (Fusion + AU) •  OTBI – Oracle Transactional BI for Fusion Apps; real-time •  ODI version analytics vs. warehouse based •  Increased depth of existing Apps (predictive analytics, scorecards) •  Combined support for Fusion Apps + Apps Unlimited + SAP + GBUs •  Full uptake of OBIEE 11g, including new capabilities Oracle BI Apps (Fusion Apps theme) •  Resource Management •  Incremental Fusion TCO improvements •  Projects to GL Reconciliation •  CxO Dashboards •  Cross Charges/Shared Accounting Project Analytics •  Leverage new BI Foundation “speed of thought” visualizations •  Commitments and Forecast for PSFTOracle BI Applications for SAP Available Oracle BI Apps (SAP Source) •  SAP Procurement & Spend Oracle BI Apps 7.9.7 (SAP Source) •  SAP Supply Chain & Order Management •  SAP Financials •  Localization, translation •  ETL through ODI •  ETL through ODI 26 Copyright © 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. "This information is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described remains at the sole discretion of Oracle"
  27. 27. Project Analytics for PeopleSoftJames Plumb, INC Research & Ramke Ramakrishnan, MarketSphere 27 Copyright © 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  28. 28. Project Analytics for PeopleSoftAgenda 1 About INC Research 2 Business Drivers and Value Proposition 3 Implementation Overview 4 About MarketSphere 5 Implementation Approach 6 Implementation Highlights & Extensions 7 Lessons Learned 8 Benefits Realized and Future Plans© 2011 MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 28
  29. 29. About INC Research© 2011 MarketSphere Consulting, LLC
  30. 30. About INC ResearchTrusted Process ® A therapeutically focused clinical research organization with a high performance reputation for conducting global clinical development programs of the highest integrity. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies look to INC Research for a complete range of customized Phase I - Phase IV programs in therapeutic areas of specialty, and in innovative pediatric and women’s health trials. Our Trusted Process® methodology and therapeutic foresight leads our customers to more confident, better-informed drug and device development decisions.Mission StatementInc Research is an organization composed of therapeutically-focused high performanceteams led by world-class project managers and leaders, dedicated to helping our customersbring products to market in order to improve world health.© 2011 MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 30
  31. 31. About INC ResearchCompany History •  Founded more than two decades ago as an academic research organization focused on CNS research •  Now a global organization with added specialties of cardiovascular, endocrinology, immunology, infectious diseases, oncology, pediatrics, respiratory and women’s health, as well as full data services and regulatory capabilities On July 11, 2011, INC Research Acquired Kendle International to create a New Force in Global Drug Development Outsourcing •  Kendle and INC Research expands therapeutic expertise and offers new levels of operational excellence •  Breadth and depth of the staff solidifies geographical scope in Latin America, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa •  Better positioned to handle large-scale global trials and commit staff to regional or functional service projects© 2011 MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 31
  32. 32. Business Drivers and Value Proposition© 2011 MarketSphere Consulting, LLC
  33. 33. Business DriversDecision Support and Alignment to Corporate Strategy •  Provide ability for decision-makers at all levels of organization to more Building a Data Management easily access, understand, analyze, collaborate, and act on information •  Transition into an enterprise-wide scalable BI foundation by leveraging Improved Strategy common BI tools Visibility for Performance •  Ability to react more quickly to business opportunities Management •  Yardstick for measuring performance and results Driving Automation •  Provided decision-makers with the ability to access and analyze through KPIs information anytime, anywhere and a centralized location to monitor KPIs and reporting •  Provided a common business layer in order to increase the re-use of Driving Internal established software assets and to satisfy all global reporting needs •  Providing the right information at the right time Responsiveness •  Gaining new insights into customers & markets Improve •  Created a ‘user-centric’ IT environment through a self-service interface and standardized reporting environment Productivity through •  Easy to use and robust tools enabling for all levels of the organization Self Service with slice & dice, dimensional analysis, data drill-down, data integration© 2011 MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 33
  34. 34. Business Drivers (continued) BI As a Continuum •  Treat BI as an ongoing program rather than a series of disconnected projects •  BI never ends: There is a hunger for more and more information •  Establish a BI Competency Center o  Standard processes, identifying costs, delivery methods, security, compliance o  Align BI with corporate strategy o  Drive MDM best practices •  Drive adoption of BI throughout the business and manage key stakeholders interests“We understand the concept that Business Intelligence never ends. There will always be more information that our end users will want to improve their execution.” © 2011 MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 34
  35. 35. Value PropositionImplementing Project Analytics Now versus Later General Value and Savings Impact on Direct Costs Impact on Indirect Costs •  Improved margins and •  Support legacy desktop user •  Manual effort large for creating productivity interface for report distribution spreadsheets •  Headcount utilization and •  Cost of reporting in PeopleSoft •  Higher cost in maintaining the economics of scale and associated customization technical architecture •  Service Leadership/ Competitive •  Increased control costs by •  Higher application cost due to Advantages redundancy in staff, effort, data, reduced data quality, redundancy •  Report Standardization, and processing reduced conformity, eliminating information silos and •  Temporary non-standard tools & •  No common business definition, data management software costs no single version of the truth, no •  One stop shop for reporting (i.e. •  Increased cost in having to enterprise standards maintain Cost Point databases & •  Higher HR cost due to turnover •  Improved reporting using support (employee retention & moral cost) performance dashboards and •  Overlapping and redundant skill scorecards sets & training •  Beyond ROI and Strategic Alignment with IT© 2011 MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 35
  36. 36. Project Analytics – Implementation Overview© 2011 MarketSphere Consulting, LLC
  37. 37. Implementation Overview Maturity Model Analytics Integrated analytics for process optimization What if analysis/scenario modeling Optimization Extrapolation of trends PredictiveCompetitive Advantage Modeling Forecasting Root cause analysis Statistical Analysis Alerts Reporting Automated alerts from pre-defined criteria Drill Down & Drill Through From category/segment to transaction/item level Ad Hoc Reporting Remediation / resolution based on need Management Reporting Standard reports on historical data Degree of Business Intelligence© 2011 MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 37
  38. 38. Implementation OverviewUse Case for Project Analytics•  Obtain timely and meaningful insights to the Projects Financials life cycle to improve efficiency and determine opportunities to improve bottom line•  Reduce business structures complexity for general reporting out of PeopleSoft due to number of locations, accounts, business units, departments, brands, etc., with lack of integrated view of all project metrics•  Improve ability to deliver standard metrics and KPI through pre-built application with rapid deployment•  Integrate data from multiple systems beyond PeopleSoft to combine operational metrics to Projects/ Financials for effective management and business operations•  Provide complete insights to track project performance and profitability•  Create consolidated project reporting while in transition (i.e. PeopleSoft & Cost Point history, CRT reporting, Actual vs. Budget and PSR© 2011 MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 38
  39. 39. Implementation OverviewProject CharterProblem StatementThere are multiple data silos for attaining project financials. There is no system to provide a global financial project report.Mission StatementThe mission is to leverage Oracle Project Analytics and report on those key project metrics transacted in ourPeopleSoft Financials environment. The focus will be on project performance, financial management, budget details,revenue, cost, and profitability details.Project CustomersFinance & OperationProposed StrategyFrom a strategic perspective, have a kick-off meeting with key sponsors, stakeholders, advisors, and keyproject team members with the sole purpose of reviewing the mission, strategy, and expectations ofProject Analytics.Establish:•  Agile team whose sole purpose is getting the BI program off the ground,•  Virtual project room with daily stand-ups so questions on requirements, design, and/or testing can get resolved quickly,•  Series of conference room pilots via a series of sprints with the intent to demo new, shippable code to our business partners every few weeks, and•  Parallel MDM team to focus on business process and data quality© 2011 MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 39
  40. 40. Implementation OverviewProject Charter, continuedProject Phases 0: Establish the technical environment & overall project plan 1: Oracle BI App Conference Room Pilot (CRP) 2: Project Analytics – Revenue + Prioritized Extensions 3: Project Analytics – Cost + Prioritized Extensions 4: Project Analytics – Budget + Prioritized Extensions 5: Project Analytics – Forecasting + Prioritized ExtensionsApplicable Metrics / Measures of Success •  Satisfaction: Does the information meet business requirements? •  Performance: Is the response time acceptable? •  Reliability: Is the business information always there when needed? •  Quality: Is the information accurate, timely and clear? •  Scalable: Can the application be easily expanded and scaled to meet business requirements?Benefits •  Leverage existing architecture & integration tools •  Build self-service mind-set with limited reliance on •  Provide a corporate data management strategy IT •  Improve end user reporting toolset •  Utilize economies of scale •  Provide a single version on the truth & one common business layer© 2011 MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 40
  41. 41. Implementation OverviewProject Team •  Keith Cheesman, •  Lance McCord, CFO Finance •  Gary Wedig, CIO •  Bill Hayfer, IT Strategy Executive Key Sponsors Stakeholders Project Project Leadership Advisors •  Rich Kemp, •  Joetta Hertal, IT Finance •  Joseph Coniker, MS •  Jim Plumb, BI Project Team Function Brian Bushman, Robyn Beimesch (INCR) Finance Managers Jim Plumb (INCR) BI Project Manager Ramke Ramakrishnan (MarketSphere) BI Lead Architect Eric Bachman, Chris Arnold, Belinda Carman (INCR) BI Analysts / Developers Chris Schultz, Joanna Ender, Sid Chatterjee BI Developers (MarketSphere)© 2011 MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 41
  42. 42. About MarketSphere© 2011 MarketSphere Consulting, LLC
  43. 43. About MarketSphereCreating Business Harmony We are strategic technology and advisory experts who helps organizations to deliver integrated Oracle EPM, BI and ERP solutions to improve business performance© 2011 MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 43 43
  44. 44. About MarketSphereBusiness Intelligence at MarketSphere •  Creators of Analytic Assessment Approach (A3)™ •  Oracle BI Pillar Partner, recognizing select partners which pass stringent competency requirements and Fusion® Certified •  Strong integration experience, including application of BI for optimal integration of ERP and EPM initiatives •  Deep technology experience across Oracle’s Business Intelligence applications© 2011 MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 44
  45. 45. Project Analytics – Implementation Approach© 2011 MarketSphere Consulting, LLC
  46. 46. A3 Process, Methodology & Analytics RoadmapA3 Execution and BI Roadmap Definition Solution Analytics High Level Solution Build vs. Buy Review & Assessment Requirements Capabilities Decision Selection Approach (A3) •  Vision •  High level review •  Business Case •  Functional review •  Measurement, Reporting, Data •  Business •  Demo of capabilities •  General level of effort •  Qualitative fit Strategies Transformation •  Evaluation of Product •  Conceptual •  Benefits of integrated •  Quantitative fit •  End Users Guides framework system •  Road Map and Implementation planning Packaged Fit Gap – Initiative Prioritization Road Map & Implementation Informed Level of Effort Planning Initiatives # Financial Analytics – Packaged and 1 Basic & Intermediate Extensions Initiatives Value Matrix Financial Analytics – Advanced 2 Extensions and Customizations Projects Analytics - Packaged and 3 Basic & Intermediate Extensions High 3 4 9 Projects Analytics – Advanced 4 Extensions and Customizations 1 2 HR Analytics - Packaged and Basic & 5 8 DO IT NOW 12 STRATEGIC 13 Intermediate Extensions HR Analytics – Advanced Extensions 6 7 and Customizations COMPAS S BI Reporting – Custom 7 e u l 10 Balanced Scorecard 8 a V Backlog BI Reporting - Custom 9 11 PSR BI Reporting - Custom 10 5 Clinical BI Reporting - C ustom 11 Budgeting & Planning 12 6 Costpoint Integration 13 SELECTIVE SELECTIVE Packaged Oracle BI Applications with Basic and Intermediate Extensions Custom BI Work Streams Low Budgeting & Planning Low Effort High Advanced Custom Development© 2011 MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 46
  47. 47. Reporting Process Definition using A3 MethodologySteps and Processes Behind A3 Methodology Workshops Pre-Workshop Questionnaires Post- Workshop meetings and one-on-one’s 1. Prioritized lists of Metrics and Reports 2. Percentage of Priority Metrics and Reports that are to be delivered in Stages 3. Strategy for capturing and integrating required data sources 4. Recommended future state Data and Reporting Architecture 5. Implementation Plan and the Timelines, Sequencing, and Activities for Reporting Workstreams by Subject Areas© 2011 MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 47
  48. 48. Reporting Approach Tool Selection – Validate ERP with BI With multiple tools that can be used to access, query, and report on data within the PeopleSoft Financial system and across the enterprise, our A3 reporting approach determined the best use of Business Intelligence tools leveraging OBI Analytics. BI Consumption Layer •  Integrates data from multiple sources into data warehouse optimized for analysis Business Intelligence •  Provides user-friendly analytic model of enterprise data and metrics Tools •  Delivers personalized performance dashboards, reports, and alerts by (e.g. OBI Apps, business function and role Actuate) •  Delivers intuitive, role-based intelligence- from front line employees to senior management - enables better decisions, actions, and business processes •  Integrates information from financial performance management, operational intelligence, & transactional applications PeopleSoft Financial & Transactional Reporting •  nVision: o  Delivered financial reporting tool with PeopleSoft, ideal for creating P&L Transactional reporting and other financial statements across any Chartfield dimension, Reporting on a real-time basis Tools o  Designed to work best with Ledger data and provides drill-down capability(nVision, PS Query, SQR, Crystal) •  Other Tools (SQR, Crystal, PS Query): o  Supplements nVision and other ; Delivers reports and inquiry o  Can write against tables and complex views © 2011 MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 48
  49. 49. Implementation ApproachValue Proposition – ERP with AnalyticsTypical Linear ApproachParallel Approach at INC Research© 2011 MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 49
  50. 50. Agile Methodology Implementation Methodology SPRINT OVERVIEW Sprint Sprint 1 Application PLAN All manual metadata and data T&E All manual metadata and data DETAIL All manual metadata and data CAPEX 1/5/2009-1/30/2009 - Basic business rules - Basic business rules - Basic business rules - Build web forms - Build web forms - Build web forms - Sample reports - Sample reports - Sample reports - No Activity -Generical security -Generical security - Generical security Sprint 2 - Initial performance testing (calc and - Initial performance testing (calc and - Initial performance testing (calc and 2/3/2009-2/27/2009 report) report) report) - Inter-application movement - Inter-application movement - Inter-application movement - Integrate Lawson GL file - Finalize T&E specific metadata - Determine LID approach - No Activity - Integrate entity metadata file - Document T&E budget/forecast - Relational drill through reporting - Integrate DW data process Sprint 3 - Automated Data and Metadata - Metadata sourced from main - Vendor and Activity metadata - Application is brought up with no 3/3/2009-3/27/2009 Sourcing planning application manually entered and updated as changes to pre built system - Finalize changes to manually - Define overnight routines needed - Determination of account needs and updated metadata - Finalize reporting needs - Define overnight routines functionality - Financial Reports updated to reflect - Revise webforms and reports as needs prior to UAT needed - Define overnight routines Sprint 4 - Account metadata is built into the 3/31/2009-4/24/2009 application - Edit Scenarios and Versions to - Final metadata changes - Make updates as necessary - No Longer in use match Planning application - Assign user level security - Edit built-in web forms and reports Sprint Backlog ~FTEs: 3 Total Hours: 2188 ~ Hours per FTE: 729 HLE (Hrs) Release 1 Release 2 Application Component (Calculated) Description HLE (Hrs) Sprint Description HLE (Hrs) Sprint PLAN Data Sourcing 104 - Data to be manually extracted from 24 Sprint_1 - Data will begin to be sourced from 38 Sprint_2 the existing Prototype application Lawson and loaded to AEO_PLAN. - For this release 2006, 2007 and 2008 Actual, 2008 Budget and 2008 Current Forecast Metadata Sourcing 60 - Manual extract of Accounts & 10 - Metadata sourcing from Lawson 40 Entity dimensions from existing CoA for entities dimension will begin Prototype. - Accounts will still need to be maintained manually since the new CoA will not be implemented in the Source Lawson system until 2010. Integration 100 No Integration 0 - Interapplication movement 12 strategy - Document movement of data Maintenance 52 - Establish core set of subvars 26 - SubVar updates/revisions 8 - Set global variables for use in run - Application setting updates time prompts - Design workspace•  Sprint Overview: Listing of planned sprints and respective timing and goals Application Metadata 80 - Application metadata is based on extracts from the existing Hyperion application and loaded via EPMA. - Time Balance settings will be reviewed to explore removal of QTD & 36 - Focus on building out necessary member formulas on Reporting metrics - Review member properties to ensure everything is properly set 30 YTD members.•  Sprint Backlog: Key document outlines planned release schedule for each - New Scenarios/Versions will be manually added to the Application - New Driver and Reporting accounts will be added under Statistics - Set currency UDAs Business Rules 66 - Calculate driver based accounts 20 - Archive Forecast Versions 34 application; Identifies functionality/ content by component for each release; - Aggregate sales data - Actualize Forecast - Currency conversion - Business Rules to calculate members on forms Web Forms 84 - Web forms built based on 26 - Revisions to web forms 36 specifications in the Excel design file - Attach sample report to Sales & Indicates expected sprint by application and release High Level Sprint 1 Report Margin Web Form - Attach sample busines rules to web Reports 44 - Develop subset of reports, Forecast 26 - Reports will be addressed in more 0 & Budget Sales & Margin reports, detail in Sprint 3 Task Security 30 Hours Planned - Generic security setup for Power 10 Hours Remaining be % Complete - Security groups will based on 12 Users current user security levels in the 01. Data Sourcing 24 existing19 Hyperion application 21%•  Sprint Plan: Listing of all tasks to be completed for the sprint and hours required; 02. Metadata Sourcing 46 21 54% - Create test users with different security profiles 03. Integration Process & Documentation 130 - Reporting definitions - Planning form input 20 32 6 - Continue user documentation - Capture performance times for 70% 18 04. Maintenance - Business Rules 42 42 calc scripts, business rules, web 0% On daily basis remaining hours updated for each task and plotted in a burn-down - Sales and Margin Forecasting forms and Financial Reports 05. Application Metadata Process 56 43 23% - Release Demo Test Script 06. Business Rules 42 42 0% 07. Web Forms 44 44 0% graph to indicate current trend 08. Reports 46 46 0% 09. Security 26 14 46% 10. Process & Documentation 58 58 0% Total 404 335 17%•  Sprint Meeting: Daily team meeting where issues/ dependencies are discussed Last Reporting Day Total Sprint Days 5 20 20% and roadblocks cleared to stay on track•  Status Report: Sprint Plan and associated reporting key inputs into the status report © 2011 MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 50
  51. 51. Agile DevelopmentImplementation Methodology•  Methodology focuses on an iterative approach emphasizing shorter development cycles and earlier release of applications to users•  Performed in small increments (“Sprints”) that last 15-20 work days with focused short-term planning•  Each sprint planned to a task level and any issues/ bugs encountered are documented and tabled to next sprint for correcting•  Working assumption- speed to exposing users to the application will identify issues/gaps earlier and prevent future re-work vs. traditional big-bang waterfall approach•  Documentation is written to be actionable, not “Historical” - PowerPoint vs. Word•  Promotes collaboration and continuous prioritization•  OBI Project Analytics implementation using Agile approach was more effective because of extensive metrics and dashboards content delivered OOTB with deployment in stages and by prioritization for effective end-user adoption© 2011 MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 51
  52. 52. OBI Project Analytics SprintsHigh-Level Phases Sprint #0: Establish Technology & Overall Project Plan •  Define Project Charter, Establish Plan and Estimated Costs •  Infrastructure in-sourcing versus outsourcing •  Define and Document Technical Architecture, Establish CRP environment Sprint #1: OBI Project Analytics OOTB •  Project Analytics Configuration to PeopleSoft Financials •  CRP Demo of Oracle BI “Out of the Box” •  Strategize future sprints with report prioritization from A3 Sprint #2: Revenue Details •  Actual Revenue Analysis; Monthly & inception to-date Metrics Agile Sprints •  Trending & Drill down to Invoice Amts, Unbilled receivables, Unearned Revenue and Write-offs Spring #3: Cost Details •  Actual Cost Analysis; Monthly & inception to-date Metrics •  Profitability analysis and Cost associated to Billable/Non-Billable. Burden/Burdened and People Costs Sprint #4: Budget Details •  Cost Budget and Revenue Budget Analysis, Monthly & Inception to-date metrics •  Project Funding Analysis; Agreement, Baseline and Allocated Amts Sprint #5: Profitability and Forecasting Details •  Estimate to complete and Estimate at completion on Revenue, Forecast and Margins •  Analyze Project Risks and determine overall financial health of Projects© 2011 MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 52
  53. 53. Implementation Highlights & Extensions© 2011 MarketSphere Consulting, LLC
  54. 54. OBI Project Analytics – OOTB ImplementationValue Achieved Through Prebuilt Content Reports•  OBI Project Analytics delivered a BI platform as a great head start with the relevant metrics and reports that are key to both Project Finance and Project Operations team•  Was able to rapidly deliver 87% of Project reporting for Finance including 28 high priority reports•  Built additional reports leveraging the delivered model with minor extensions© 2011 MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 54
  55. 55. OBI Project Analytics – OOTB ImplementationValue Achieved Through Prebuilt Content Metrics•  With 80% hit rate on the metrics, OOTB delivered about 55% of the high priority metrics and with some basic extensions, we were able to achieve around 80% of core metrics leaving only a small percentage for advanced customization and/or extensions •  Project Analytics created a good foundation with ability to expand content from PeopleSoft and other systems for broader Enterprise Reporting and Analytics. •  Delivered integrated view with rapid deployment of Project Financials metrics with consistent definitions across enterprise© 2011 MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 55
  56. 56. OBI Project Analytics- ExtensionsProject Resource UtilizationProject Analytics to include resource utilization metrics to track: •  Time spent and resource utilization on projects •  Actual gross & net employee utilization, project hours •  Time coded to billable projects in PeopleSoft; percentage of employee’s standard hours, general health check ü  Ability to analyze people’s performance by labor codes, function, geography, and project ü  Drill down capabilities to employee detail ü  Utilization tracking across multiple time periods with trend analysis ü  Saved selection on dashboards for re-use and re-execution each month ü  Expedited utilization reporting delivery by 5 business days (replaced manual excel based reporting with OBI) ü  Immediate availability of reports once labor was posted© 2011 MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 56
  57. 57. OBI Project Analytics- ExtensionsProject Forecasts•  Integrate Project Forecast in BI to compare them to budgeted hours, analyze and re- estimate project costs, and review workforce utilization.•  Developed Extension on Project Forecasting for tracking project forecast related metrics such as ETC and EAC analysis•  With Forecast Reports, PFA had the ability to track original and current forecasts across projects and its tasks, resources and across periods as well as Forecast labor Revenue and Costs variances•  Additional custom Project forecasts measures were integrated to track financial performance on Gross Margins and Unearned Project Revenues, ETC Cost, ETC Hrs, EAC Cost and EAC Hrs•  Track and achieve “Earned Value” in Projects Analytics Reporting by combining Project Performance to Forecasts© 2011 MarketSphere Consulting, LLC 57