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Oracle Business Analytics Product and Technology Roadmap


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Oracle Business Analytics Product and Technology Roadmap [CON7355]
Hari Sankar, GVP, Product Management, Oracle
Raghuram Venkatasubramanian, Senior Vice President, Oracle
This session is for anyone responsible for managing, deploying, or using Oracle Business Analytics products, including Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service, Oracle Essbase, and Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher), Oracle Business Intelligence Applications, and upcoming innovations. Learn about what’s driving Oracle’s business intelligence product strategy as well as what’s on the horizon for future product releases.

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Oracle Business Analytics Product and Technology Roadmap

  1. 1. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Safe  Harbor  Statement   The  following  is  intended  to  outline  our  general  product  direcGon.  It  is  intended  for   informaGon  purposes  only,  and  may  not  be  incorporated  into  any  contract.  It  is  not  a   commitment  to  deliver  any  material,  code,  or  funcGonality,  and  should  not  be  relied  upon   in  making  purchasing  decisions.  The  development,  release,  and  Gming  of  any  features  or   funcGonality  described  for  Oracle’s  products  remains  at  the  sole  discreGon  of  Oracle.   2  
  2. 2. Business  AnalyGcs  Product     and  Technology  Roadmap   CON7355   Raghuram  Venkatasubramanian   Senior  Vice  President,  Product  Development   Oracle  Business  AnalyGcs   October  25-­‐29,  2015   Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |  
  3. 3. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Program  Agenda   Business  AnalyGcs  Strategy,  Key  Product  updates  to  date   Overview  of  12c   Key  investment  focus     Oracle  AnalyGcs  ApplicaGons  update     1   2   3   4   4  
  4. 4. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   In  The  Cloud   On-­‐Premise   Oracle  Business  AnalyGcs  Strategy   Any   Data   Overview   Seamless   Experience   5   Visual   AnalyGcs   Self  Service  
  5. 5. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Overview  Product  updates  in  the  last  12  months     6   BI  Cloud  Service   • Dashboards  &  reporGng   • Mobile,  Database   included   • Flexible  Data   IntegraGon   • Thin  Client  modeler   • ApplicaGon   development  and  LCM   framework     ExalyGcs  X4-­‐4   • 4th  generaGon  HW   • Larger  Memory  +  Flash         BI  Cloud  service  update   • Visual  Analyzer   • Self-­‐service:  Data  Mash-­‐ up   • DBaaS  integraGon  for   Cloud  DW   • Migrate  on-­‐premise   applicaGons  to  cloud  (Li_   and  shi_)   • Data  sync  framework  to   enable  scheduled  data   uploads  to  service  via   REST  interfaces   Oct  2014   OBI  (On  Premise)     • MAD  V2   • Support  for  Hyperion   Planning   • Big  Data:  Impala  and  Oracle   Big  data  SQL.   Feb  2015   Feb-­‐May  2015   Mar  2015   Oct  2015   OBI  12.2.1  (On  Premise)     • Visual  Analyzer   • Business  friendly  –  Self-­‐ service,  Agile,  Easy  to  use   • IT  friendly  –  Governance,   Enterprise  ready   • Advanced  AnalyGcs  –   binning,  clustering,  outlier   analysis,  trending  etc.   • Mobile  –  Visual  analyzer   opGmized  for  mobile   • In-­‐memory  Essbase   • Big  Data:  Spark  
  6. 6. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Program  Agenda   Business  AnalyGcs  Strategy,  Key  Product  updates  to  date   Quick  overview  of  12c  [Monday  2:45  pm.  Room  2020]   Key  investment  focus     Oracle  AnalyGcs  ApplicaGons  update     1   2   3   7   4  
  7. 7. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   AnalyGc  offerings  in  the  market  today   Business  user  friendly   1.  Ease  of  Use   2.  Agile   3.  Self-­‐service   Oracle  ConfidenGal   8   IT  friendly   1.  Governance   2.  Singular  semanGc   3.  Enterprise  ready   OR  
  8. 8. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Oracle  Business  Intelligence  12c   Interactive Dashboards Published Reporting Ad-hoc Reporting Office Integration Mobile Information Delivery Common Enterprise Information Model Enterprise Data Physical Logical Presentation Connections Dimensions Mappings Calculations Security Categorization Personal / Departmental Data Data Mashup Keyword Queries Mobile Authoring Visual Exploration Oracle Data Visualization Business  user  friendly   Ease  of  Use,  Agile,  Self-­‐service   IT  friendly   Governance,  Singular  semanGc,   Enterprise  ready   AND  
  9. 9. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Visual  AnalyGcs   •  IntuiGve  visual  grammar  guides  users   during  analysis   •  AutomaGc  brushing  enables  discovery  of   new  panerns   •  Consumer-­‐style  filtering  and  exploraGon   •  Rich  library  of  visual  components   •  Advanced  trellising  exposes  hidden   panerns  in  data   •  Canvas  model  seamlessly  blends   reporGng  &  dashboarding  
  10. 10. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Self  Service:  Model  Extensibility  and  Data  Mashup   11  
  11. 11. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Data  Discovery  on  the  Go   •  AdapGve  mobile  design  for  self-­‐ service  analyGcs  opGmized  for   tablet  and  phone  form  factors     •  Touch-­‐friendly  funcGonality  for   authoring  new  analyGcs  on-­‐the-­‐ go   •  Based  on  HTML5  –  works  on  any   tablet  device  
  12. 12. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   New  Advanced  AnalyGcs  CapabiliGes   Oracle  ConfidenGal  –  Internal/Restricted/Highly  Restricted   13   •  Instantly  answer  predicGve  and  staGsGcal  quesGons   •  Add  custom  R  scripts  without  heavy  IT   •  Can  be  run  online  or  batched  mode   Built  into  Oracle  BI  
  13. 13. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   New  Oracle  Alta  UI   •  Focus  on  Data   •  Minimal  Chrome   •  Browser  and  mobile  support   •  Clean  page  design   •  Consistent  across  Oracle  products  -­‐   cloud  and  on-­‐Premises   14   A  modern  applicaGon  design  system  
  14. 14. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Program  Agenda   Business  AnalyGcs  Strategy,  Key  Product  updates  to  date   Quick  overview  of  12c   Key  investment  focus     Oracle  AnalyGcs  ApplicaGons  update     1   2   3   15   4  
  15. 15. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   16   Key  Focus  Areas   Pervasive  AnalyGcs   AnalyGcs  for   everyone,  Complete   deployment  flexibility   and  portability   Consumerize   AnalyGcs   Socialize  findings,   Collaborate,  Mobile   Visual  AnalyGcs   Rich  and  easy  to  use,   Self  service,  Data   access    
  16. 16. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Demo..   17  
  17. 17. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Theme  1:  Visual  AnalyGcs   •  Data  blending  will  allow  business   users  to  weave  data  from  mulGple   different  sources  into  one  coherent   analysis  in  a  few  mouse  clicks.   •  Enrich  and  align  the  data  drive  bener   analyGc  insights.   •  Smart  joins  –  few  mouse  clicks,  tons   of  best  pracGces  codified  (to  avoid   fan-­‐trap,  chasm-­‐trap  etc.)   18   Data  Blending      
  18. 18. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Theme  1:  Visual  AnalyGcs   •  Trend  lines  –  one  click  to  have   trend  lines  overlaid  on  your   data.     •  Smart  binning  –  Fixed  range   bins,  accounts  for  outliers   •  ForecasGng,  outlier  analysis   and  more…   •  FuncGon  extensibility  via   custom  R  scripts   19   PredicGve  analyGcs  in  a  few  clicks  
  19. 19. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Theme  1:  Visual  AnalyGcs   •  ConGnued  addiGons  to  the  already   rich  palate  of  chart  types   – Dense  visualizaGons,  Combo  charts,   Parallel  coordinates  and  more   •  SDK  to  embed  custom  visualizaGons   that  support  all  the  interacGvity   enabled  in  the  product   20   Rich  VisualizaGons  
  20. 20. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Theme  1:  Visual  AnalyGcs   •  Common  sources  of  data   – SaaS  services:  Enable  data  blending  across  SaaS  services  (Eg.  Campaign  effecGveness)   – Databases  (any  ODBC/JDBC  source)   – User  private  files:     •  Allow  users  to  analyze  data  in     – Today  -­‐  Leverage  Data  Sync  to  extract  and  load  data  for  analysis  or  download  and   analyze.   – Coming  soon  –  Direct  connecGvity  to  SaaS  services,  databases  and  common  file/ object  store  cloud  services.  Enable  both  ‘extract  and  analyze’  and  ‘shipping   computaGon’  as  a  user  level  opGon.   21   Data  ingesGon  enablement  for  Business  users  
  21. 21. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Theme  2:  Consumerize  AnalyGcs     22   Story  Telling  to  democraGze  your  findings     •  Communicate  your  findings  as  a   story,  by  walking  the  consumer   through  a  sequence  of  sub-­‐plots   •  InteracGve  and  collaboraGve   consumpGon  –  consumers  will  be   able  analyze  each  presented  story   point  to  ‘kick  the  Gres’  and   validate  conclusions   •  Consume  anywhere  –  mobile,   desktop.  
  22. 22. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Theme  2:  ConsumerizaGon   Consume  all  OBIEE  and   Mobile  App  Designer   content   Full  featured  Visual   analyzer  on  mobile   Oracle  ConfidenGal  –  Restricted   23   Mobile     Search  (type  and  voice   enabled)  for  quick  analyGc   insights   Push  analyGcs  based  on  usage   history  and  user  preference     Fast,  in-­‐memory  Visual   experience  to  analyze  and   gain  insights  on  device   resident  data     Mobile  HD   (available  today)       Day  by  Day   (arriving  soon)   Project  Lens   (next  12  months)  
  23. 23. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Introducing Day by Day A  new  app  that  is  opGmized  and  built  from  the  ground   up  for  the  only  real  mobile  device….  Your  phone       •  Voice  Queries   •  Personalized  analyGcs  based  on  :   •  Where  you  are`   •  Time  of  day   •  Who  you  are  communicaGng  with   •  NoGficaGons  and  Business  alerts   •  CollaboraGon  and  Sharing  built  in  
  24. 24. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Data  VisualizaGon     Cloud  Service   Arriving  shortly   Data  VisualizaGon     On-­‐premise   In  the  next  12  months   BI  Cloud  Service   Available  Now   BI  12c  &  Data  VisualizaGon   Available  Now   Oracle  ConfidenGal   25   IT  managed   Lines  of  Business   Cloud   On-­‐premise   Theme  3:  Pervasive  AnalyGcs  
  25. 25. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Theme  3:  Pervasive  AnalyGcs   •  Portability  –  Move  applicaGons  from  On-­‐Premise  to  Cloud  (or  Vice  Versa).     •  Flexibility  –  Deploy  you  analyGcs  on  the  cloud  accessing  data  on-­‐premises   (or  vice  versa).  Subsequently  move  your  data  to  the  cloud  w/  near  zero   changes  to  your  analyGc  applicaGons.     •  CompaGbility  –  Allow  LOB  deployments  to  access  the  IT  owned  instance  as   a  data  source  to  leverage  curated  metrics  and  rich  data  models.   26   Future  proof  your  analyGc  investments  
  26. 26. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Theme  3:  Pervasive  AnalyGcs   27   Lines  of  Business  offerings   Data  VisualizaGon  Cloud  Service     • No  Data  model,  No  IT  required:     •  No  RPD,  No  Modeler  –  100%  business  user  self-­‐service.     • Simple  cluner-­‐free  Discovery  experience:     •  Easy  data  ingesGon  -­‐  mash-­‐up,  blend.     •  VA  -­‐  Visually  explore,  Discover   •  Share  insights:  Story  telling   •  No  Answers,  No  Dashboards.   •  Data  Blending   •  Rich  discovery  dashboards   •  New  Home  Page  with  Search    &  BI  Ask   •  VA  analyGcs  from  tablets  &  smart  phones   •  One-­‐click  predicGve  analyGcs   •  Web  catalog  li_  and  shi_   •  On-­‐premise  query         Arriving  soon   Next  12  months   Data  VisualizaGon  Standalone     •  Personal  Data  Discovery   •  Desktop  offering  –  easy  to  download,  setup   •  Fully  featured  discovery  with  Visual  Analyzer   •  Enables  disconnected  analyGcs   •  Workgroup  Data  Discovery   •  Easy  to  install  Server  product.  No  desktop  install  to  manage   •  Fully  featured  discovery  with  Visual  Analyzer   •  Users  can  share  insights  with  others  via  story  telling    
  27. 27. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Program  Agenda   Business  AnalyGcs  Strategy,  Key  Product  updates  to  date   Quick  overview  of  12c   Key  investment  focus     Oracle  AnalyGcs  ApplicaGons  update     1   2   3   28   4  
  28. 28. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   ApplicaGons  Cloud  AnalyGcs:  Delivering  Business  Insights   •  Real-­‐Gme  OperaGonal  ReporGng   Embedded  in  Oracle  Cloud  ApplicaGons   •  Support  daily  decision  making,   proacGve  problem  resoluGon,  and   business  speed  and  agility   •  Always  Available,  Delivered  in  Context   •  Support  OperaGonal  Excellence   •  Available  across  a  user’s  touch  points  –   Web,  Mobile,  Microso_  Office™   Oracle  TransacGonal  Business  Intelligence  
  29. 29. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   ApplicaGons  Cloud  AnalyGcs:  Unlocking  Strategic  Insights   •  Strategic  AnalyGcs  for:   – Human  Resources   – Enterprise  Resource  Planning  (Coming  Soon!)   •  Designed  for  execuGves  and  analysts  to   drive  strategic  growth  of  business   •  Cross-­‐Source  AnalyGcs  for  cloud,     on-­‐premises,  and  3rd  party  sources   –  EBS  &  PSFT  on-­‐prem  compaGbility  (Coming  soon!)   •  Advanced  AnalyGcs   •  Cross-­‐FuncGonal  Visibility   Oracle  TransacGonal  Business  Intelligence  Enterprise  
  30. 30. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Expanding  your  Enterprise  AnalyGcs:  Tapping  into  the  Cloud   •  Hybrid  Cloud  Support  for  Oracle   ApplicaGons  Cloud  –  HCM,  ERP,  CRM   •  ConGnued  innovaGon  for  Apps   Unlimited  sources  –  ERP,  Supply  Chain,   HCM  &  CRM   •  Improvements  in  upgrades  and  lifecycle   management  driven  by  Cloud   innovaGons   •  ConGnued  cerGficaGons  for  latest  BI   Technology,  ETL  and  environments   Oracle  Business  Intelligence  ApplicaGons   CX   HCM   ERP   SCM   Oracle  Business  Intelligence  ApplicaGons  
  31. 31. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   What’s  Next  for  ApplicaGon  Cloud  AnalyGcs   •  New  Content  Areas  and  InnovaGon   – Integrated  Supply  Chain   – Consumer  Experience  &  Loyalty   •  DescripGve  Insights,  Business   VisualizaGons  &  PredicGve  AnalyGcs   •  Extensibility  via  ConfiguraGon     – Novel  metrics/hierarchies/content   – Extend  for  custom  sources   •  Seamless  ExploraGon  &  Mashups   •  Integrated  Planning  and  What-­‐If   Aggressive  Roadmap  for  Cloud  and  Hybrid  AnalyGcs   Roadmap
  32. 32. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   What’s  Next  for  ApplicaGon  Cloud  AnalyGcs   •  Exploratory  experiences  to   drive  business  innovaGon   •  Quick  access  to  all  Oracle   ApplicaGons  Cloud  systems   •  Business  user  interface   •  Find  insights  and  tell  data-­‐ driven  stories     •  Feed  back  into  operaGonal   monitoring  and  strategic   processes   What’s  in  the  Lab:  DVCS  based  ApplicaGons  Cloud  AnalyGcs  for  CRM   Roadmap
  33. 33. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   •  Rapid  global  growth  since  GA   •  100+  cerGfied  analyGc  applicaGons   and  tools,  including  full  suite  of  OBI   and  Hyperion  applicaGons   •  Proven  ROI  based  on  superfast   analyGcs  and  TCO  advantages   Oracle  ExalyGcs   Solid  Customer  Momentum   34  
  34. 34. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   ConGnued  Investments  in  ExalyGcs   •  New  Hardware   –  ExalyGcs  X4-­‐4  with  “Designed  for  Oracle”  Intel  Xeon   E7-­‐8895  V2  processor   –  60  cores  per  server  with  licensing  flexibility   –  50%  more  memory;  100%  more  flash;  33%  more  storage;   10X  more  networking     •  Expansion  of  so_ware  footprint  supported  on   ExalyGcs   –  Oracle  Database  In-­‐Memory  OpGon  on  ExalyGcs   –  Hyperion  Financial  Management  on  ExalyGcs   •  Lifecycle  Management   –  Enterprise  Manager  based  patching   –  AutomaGc  Systems  so_ware  updates   35  
  35. 35. Copyright  ©  2014,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Safe  Harbor  Statement   The  preceding  is  intended  to  outline  our  general  product  direcGon.  It  is  intended  for   informaGon  purposes  only,  and  may  not  be  incorporated  into  any  contract.  It  is  not  a   commitment  to  deliver  any  material,  code,  or  funcGonality,  and  should  not  be  relied  upon   in  making  purchasing  decisions.  The  development,  release,  and  Gming  of  any  features  or   funcGonality  described  for  Oracle’s  products  remains  at  the  sole  discreGon  of  Oracle.   37