Competitive Advantage with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g/Oracle Exadata


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R. L. Polk is an end-to-end Oracle customer, providing customers with customized dashboards showcasing predefined competitive information. With businesses in every industry looking to BI to provide them with a competitive edge, Polk expedited the move from Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer to the new release of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, 11g.

In this presentation, Polk explains its unique business model and data warehouse strategy. You will be treated to a view inside the custom-built dashboards designed for its customers, pulling information from various sources: state DMV records, sales and loyalty, and geographic data. The presentation also looks at how the addition of Oracle Exadata will help Polk's loyalty marketing practice explode.

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Competitive Advantage with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g/Oracle Exadata

  1. 1. Competitive Advantage w/ Oracle BusinessIntelligence Enterprise Edition 11g/Oracle ExadataChris Royle (RL Polk) & William Both (Capgemini)Oracle Open WorldSan Francisco, CA, 5 Oct 2011
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  3. 3. Discussion Topics§  Polk introduction§  Automotive industry intelligence solution utilizing OBI 11g§  Key implementation components and lessons learned §  Addressing performance with Exadata§  Polk s experience with Exalytics§  Questions 3
  4. 4. Company Overview Automotive Data and Marketing Solutions Leader•  1870—R. L. Polk & Co. founded•  1921—Motor Statistical Operations launched•  1965—Adds monthly statistics on motorcycles, RVs, commercial trailers, boats and business aircraft•  1971—Overseas expansion•  1999—CarFax Ownership•  2000—Focus on automotive only•  2003—PolkInsight launched 4
  5. 5. Depth of Automotive DataPolk manages a complex set of online vehicle data to support theautomotive industry as our core business §  Over 118 Million Households, 195 Million Individuals §  2.6 Billion Transactions §  Compiled from 31 different §  Titles public and self-reported data §  Registrations sources §  Sales §  Over 460 Variables of §  Vehicle Manufacturers Consumer Data §  Financial Institutions §  Demographics §  Lifestyles §  Vehicle Intenders §  Internet Shopping §  500 Million Unique Vehicles §  Passenger §  Commercial §  Over 17 Million Businesses §  35 million vehicles §  Compiled from 39 different public and self-reported data source 5
  6. 6. Our Customers§  All global OEMs (incl. emerging)§  Dealers / dealer groups§  Aftermarket companies§  Finance and insurance companies§  Advertising agencies§  Media companies§  Consulting organizations§  Government agencies§  Investment firms§  Market research firms §  Web portals§  Search engines 6
  7. 7. Our Business is Providing BI Solutions as a ServiceMarket Reporting "  Analyze Market Position §  Sales and Registration "  Pin-Point Key Markets §  Loyalty & Analytics "  Identify Trending §  Forecasting §  Aftermarket "  Determine Opportunities §  Commercial "  Illustrate Competitive Threats §  Network Management Vehicle & Consume r DataPolkInsight, Polk s flagship product, is the industry standard for answering questions about automotive market activity 7
  8. 8. PolkInsight Product Overview§ Interpret new, used registration, VIO and OEM sales statistics§ Unique customized definitions of geography and vehicle segments§ Simple metrics sliced many ways – the vehicle was registered….. o  By who -- Age, Income, ethnicity, …. o  Where -- Do they live, was the dealer, …. o  Which -- Vehicle, engine, body style, transmission, ….. o  For what purpose -- Retail, fleet, government, rental, ….§ Infinitely variable drill path 8
  9. 9. PolkInsight Architecture – Before OBI and Exadata§ Oracle 4 node BI application: Discoverer, Oracle Reports, customer query tool integrated through Oracle Portal§ 6 node (4 dual-core CPUs, 64GB each) 10G RAC/RH4 cluster § 2TB warehouse – 4 shared fact tables with a combined total of 1 Billion + rows 9
  10. 10. Business Intelligence Challenges§  Users were becoming impatient with the usability of our toolset •  Make it as easy as Excel§  Users want to see traditionally disparate subject areas on a single dashboard – data mash-ups •  How does the data correlate?§  Users expect Google performance •  Why do I have to wait 30 seconds?§  Delivery to extended devices •  I want it on my iPad§  IT resources and activities were too involved in the analytical process •  I have to pay for that change? Polk selected Oracle s Exadata and Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) to help evolve and improve PolkInsight 10
  11. 11. Selecting Our Business Intelligence Software Provider Custom ? Know what is important to your users, now and tomorrow. Do multiple PoCs – prove it works! 11
  12. 12. PolkInsight 3.0 Portal Customers Implementation Highlights •  Clear requirements PolkInsight 3.0 •  Manageable scope •  Support from BI Consulting Oracle OBI Discover Oracle Group (now Capgemini) Polk MapAdvisors 11g , Viewer Reports Architecture Highlights Exadata •  Highly available, clustered environment •  Custom flex portal OBIEE implemented and integrated in 3 months 12
  13. 13. PolkInsight 3.0 Portal with OBI Dashboard Integration 13
  14. 14. Engagement Objectives§  PolkInsight had been a Customer Delivered solution based upon Oracle Discoverer •  Desire to Maintain similar Report Developer Interface to Discoverer Data Layout •  Not an OBIEE 10g Upgrade, rather a first time implementation •  One of the First Corporations to Implement OBIEE 11g •  Build 11g RPD Using BICG/Capgemini Best Practices§  Utilize Existing Custom Data Warehouse (PolkInsight) •  Minimize Physical Data Model modifications§  Create Generic Template Dashboard •  Utilizing BICG/Capgemini Best Practices for Report and Dashboard Design •  Provide Enhancements to Prior reporting capabilities§  Train Polk Advisors in use of Answers to build Customer Specific Dashboards •  Each Advisor is responsible for Several Auto Manufacturers (Polk Customers) •  Each Customer Specific Dashboard was tailored to specific Customer needs 14
  15. 15. Implementation§  Actual Design and Build is not overly difficult, rather it is complex and very meticulous work§  Customer Involvement Earlier was Critical to Success •  Project Team 80/20 Mix •  Polk Advisors Trained and developed Customer facing dashboards (User Ownership)§  Utilized BICG/Capgemini Best Practices for RPD Design§  Introduce MoM, QoQ and YoY reporting functionality by creating Time Series Aliases •  MAGO •  QAGO •  YAGO 15
  16. 16. Polk Logical Data Model§  Four Key Facts •  New Car Registrations •  Used Car Registrations •  Sales Figures (from each Manufacturer) •  Vehicles In Operation (VIO)§  Principle KPI is Counts of Vehicles§  Several Common Dimensions associated with each Fact§  Limited Dimensions that are specific to only one or another Star§  Data Model Enhancement •  Addition of a Standard W_MONTH_D table •  Modifications as needed to allow Facts to leverage the Intelligent Key 16
  17. 17. 200 + Tables New & Used Sales Facts 4 Category 23 Geography 38 64Make & Model 25 21 Parameter 8 Sale Type 14 Ethnic Code 1 1 Misc 9 Total 108 100 17
  18. 18. Logical Data Model Example 18
  19. 19. Logical Data Model Example 19
  20. 20. Logical Data Model Example 20
  21. 21. Physical Layer Best Practices Use of and Naming of Aliases Sole Metric Time Series 21
  22. 22. Physical Joins 22
  23. 23. Logical Layer Joins 23
  24. 24. Logical Layer Best Practices§  Dimensional Hierarchy for Each Logical Dimension Table§  Accurately defined Primary Keys§  Content Levels Set for each Dimension •  Detail level for Joined •  Total level for Un-Related 24
  25. 25. Logical Dimension Tables §  Frequently multiple Logical Table Sources §  Both Common as well as Customer Specific flavors or Dimension tables §  Simple PKs §  Minimal need for Custom Fields 25
  26. 26. Customer Specific Dimensional Hierarchies §  Each Logical Table has a separate Dimensional Hierarchy •  Even if it only consists of a Total Level and a Detail Level §  Each Customer Specific Hierarchy could differ on Naming conventions as well as number of levels 26
  27. 27. Dimensional Hierarchies (Cont) §  Several Cases where Hierarchies had multiple branches §  Customer Specific Preferred Drill Paths 27
  28. 28. Logical Fact 28
  29. 29. Presentation Layer §  Standardized Naming Convention •  NA •  China §  Common, Polk Standard Subject Area §  Customer Specific Subject Areas 29
  30. 30. Subject Area §  Standard Subject Area Layout for each Customer §  Includes both Common (Generic Polk) and Customer flavors of attributes where appropriate §  Standardized Field Naming conventions except where Customer has indicated otherwise 30
  31. 31. Lessons Learned§  Security Discussion •  Authentication (Oracle SSO) •  Authorization (LDAP - OBIEE User Groups) •  Data Level (TBD)§  Caching Strategy •  Comprehensive approach to handle diverse customer profiles beyond initial implementation •  Purge Strategy§  Organizational BI Ownership •  Content •  Metadata •  Data •  H/W 31
  32. 32. Establishing a Performant Foundation with ExadataHighlights:§  10x out of the box query improvements§  Less data center space§  Compression resulting in less storage and performance gains 32
  33. 33. Our Experience with Exadata§  Our Half Rack Exadata server was Delivered July 2010 •  Oracle techs were on site for 3 days •  Configured the server according to our specifications •  Left us with a fully functional system §  Our Flagship Product (PolkInsight) was in Production by October •  Most of the time was spent testing the upgrade from 10G RAC to 11G RAC •  Our goal was to migrate the database, without trying to leverage Exadata specific performance features (we are doing that now) •  Other than a dramatic improvement in performance, the migration was transparent to our customers§  By January 2011, all of our Customer Facing BI Apps were running on Exadata •  We have decommissioned quite a bit of existing hardware •  We consolidated a number of stand alone databases in the process 33
  34. 34. End User Report Return Time § Out of the box improvement § Now optimizing to Exadata strengths •  Index removal •  Materialized Views •  Storage Indexes 34
  35. 35. Polk s Experience with Oracle s Exalytics§ Test Pilot Program Overview•  Analysis was performed in Oracle’s lab•  Full copy of Polk’s 2TB production data set, running on an identical Exadata Half Rack•  The Exalytics box was connected to Exadata through InfiniBand •  Test case were chosen by Polk, targeting underperforming dashboards and drill paths § Performance results•  10.5x average performance gains against Exadata cache misses•  Maximum improvement of 114x on corner case drill paths•  All end user response times within 3 seconds with 87% of all interaction with less than 2 seconds response time 35
  36. 36. Polk s Feature Findings§ Exalytics summary aggregate advisor •  Analyzes usage patterns •  Builds appropriate aggregate tables in memory or on Exadata •  Admin must run the analysis tool, set parameters and execute the creation of the aggregate tables •  This is the secret sauce – more analysis required§ Interactive visualization and data discovery •  No ‘go’ button, new data selector types •  Type ahead dropdowns •  Removal of complete screen refresh in § New chart types (not available in the beta release) •  Trellis •  Multi panel view and microcharts •  Wheel chart •  Animation 36
  37. 37. Business ValueFor our customers:§  First to know Enable better decisions `§  Speed to sell more cars, parts§  Most complete view of the industry and services§  Easy to be the expertFor Polk: Remain the leading§  Improve customer satisfaction provider in `§  Generate and retain business Automotive Intelligence 37
  38. 38. Questions? 38
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