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Harmony of Oracle Cloud for EPM and BI: The Baxters Recipe for Success


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Harmony of Oracle Cloud for EPM and BI: The Baxters Recipe for Success [CON7412]
Elaine McKechnie, Head of Group MIS, Baxters Food Group
Neil Sellers, Director, Qubix International Limited
The heritage of Baxters Food Group is so strong that some of the recipes that made the business successful in 1868 are still among the best sellers today. Although some of the fundamental ingredients for success have not changed, the world in which those recipes are made, distributed, and sold has. In this session, hear insights about a program of work that blends public and managed cloud services to deliver a world-class financial reporting and supply chain management framework, all driven from a centrally held and governed demand forecasting solution: Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service. The session shares some of the background to this initiative and some of the challenges, benefits, and opportunities that the solution has provided.

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Harmony of Oracle Cloud for EPM and BI: The Baxters Recipe for Success

  1. 1. “Harmony of Oracle Cloud for EPM and BI” Elaine McKechnie Head of Group MIS Baxters Food Group Neil Sellers Director Qubix International Ltd
  3. 3. 3 The Company • Baxters Food Group is a 4th generation family owned business, established in the Highlands of Scotland in 1868. • We make premium quality food products, all long life shelf stable in a wide range of packaging formats. • Our current Chairman is Audrey Baxter, a visionary entrepreneur who has driven the company through a period of phenomenally successful growth. • 12 years ago we were UK based turnover of USD $75Million. • We now have a significant international footprint and a turnover of USD $½ Billion • Much of our growth has come through acquisition, and we will continue to build our business this way. • Our ambition is to reach USD $1Billion within the next 10 years.
  4. 4. 4 Global footprint EUROPE SOUTH AFRICA NORTH & SOUTH AMERICA AUSTRALASIA Europe NorthAmerica Australia
  5. 5. 5 Wornick Foods helps brand owners successfully innovate and grow with convenience driven products that address consumer’s demand for wholesome, better tasting, ready-to-serve foods. Moving the bar….
  7. 7. Embracing new technologies • Tools to enable the business to make informed decisions • Fast , consistent and accurate information • Visualisation formats to suit the management style • Drive the focus on the delivery requirements
  8. 8. How Oracle has helped so far WHAT I HAVE CURRENTLY! • An ERP platform that has been rolled out through 6 implementations and been totally stable throughout. • Transparency of core data. • Centralised data governance for the Group • Robust transactional entry processes thanks to Oracle Process Flows. WHAT INFORMATION DO I GET ? • Profitability by customer, by product, by brand, by geography down to SKU • Group wide standardised management accounts. • A consolidation process that copes with multiple currencies. • An in-house developed solution for production planning and gross margin forecasting.
  9. 9. • Too much data and too little information. • Too much finance time spent collating reports not analysing results. • Spreadsheets, spreadsheets, spreadsheets = BUSINESS RISK!!! BUT ..
  10. 10. What we had … Essbase forecasting system UK Gross Margin auto output Group wide (excl Wornick) overhead input templates 1x Group consolidating primary statement model Manor & Retail offline P&L models 4x business unit primary statement models Wornick auto output primary statements Oracle Wornick Forecasting System Canada & Oz gross margin models Automated Manual Retail & Manor budgets prepared off-line in own full P&L models Standards & prices loaded into Essbase automatically UK sales teams provide volumes, direct entry into Essbase Essbase provides GL lines for Sales to GM onto spreadsheet Oz & Canada sales teams provide volumes, entry into off line model Once Can & Oz finance happy with volumes, provided to UK to load into Essbase Standards & prices loaded into offline model Cost centre managers provide spend figures into spreadsheets Finance upload overheads into Oracle Finance uploads Essbase output to GL Finance uploads trial balances into Oracle Wornick forecasts entered into web-based integrated P&L and BS model Wornick forecasting system full set of primary statements and supporting detail into spreadsheet Finance uploads trial balances into Oracle Oracle auto- outputs P&Ls into business unit models for balance sheet & cash flow modelling Balance sheet and working capital assumptions added to spreadsheet models Business unit spreadsheets primary statements loaded into consolidating spreadsheet Wornick spreadsheet output pasted into consolidating model spreadsheet Consolidation, FX, interest assumptions Balance sheets loaded into Oracle by finance PROFITABILITY BY CUSTOMER BY SKU VS BUDGET: CANADA, OZ & UK. Vs Forecast = UK ONLY Cash flow spreadsheet model BALANCE SHEET & P&L ACTUALS VS BUDGET Financial statement generator auto output into excel Automated daily sales vs budget Trial balance loaded into spreadsheet to calculate cash flow Cashflow page moved across to accounts pack ACTUALS VS FORECAST ALL UNITS PRIMARY STATEMENTS = “CTRL C” Daily sales and profitability information loaded into Essbase automatically
  11. 11. Scalable and robust platform, cloud first Strategic Growth Release 12 Total integration Data structures updated
  13. 13. Strategic Priorities for Global CFOs in recent years CFOs Want to Modernize Finance Source: Oracle-Accenture Research: Empowering Modern Finance: The CFO as Technology Evangelist, February 2014 • Data analysis • Systems expertise • Business partnering • Big Data • Mobile • Cloud-based systems • Respond faster to internal and external clients • Flex the business model in response to change Improve Speed of Decision-Making Leverage High-Impact Technologies Restructure the Finance Skill Set
  14. 14. It’s Cloud until its Not
  15. 15. Build versus Buy • Time frame for deployment • Don’t try to reinvent the wheel • OBIA creates data warehouse ‘off-the-shelf’, save a large amount of build time, based on best practice and Oracles experience in multiple customer sites • Qubix Cloud Services Enterprise Planning Template • Added value from building on the foundations
  16. 16. 17 How does it work? Infrastructure + Software + Implementation + Training + Support PBCS fixed scope implementation and rapid delivery
  17. 17. 19 On Premise versus Cloud
  18. 18. The integrated cloud solution Take 2 Cubes of PBCS + 1 Private Cloud Data Warehouse + Mix in a Pinch of Qubix CloudBridge * 9 Years of Hosted EBS Recipe for Success
  19. 19. Qubix Cloudbridge A Package to get your “On Premise” source systems and Excel spreadsheet data structured and through to Oracle Cloud quickly and easily. Create bridges between cloud products Connect to 3rd party on-premise or cloud products such as Salesforce or Workday Extract and transform data and dimensions Seamlessly upload data and dimensions into BICS, EPRC and PBCS
  20. 20. Qubix Cloudbridge
  21. 21. Qubix Cloudbridge
  23. 23. 25 Harmony of the Oracle Cloud….. Modelling & Planning Analytics & Understanding Operational BI Public Cloud – Oracle PBCS Private Cloud – Oracle BI & BI Apps
  24. 24. Information flow…
  25. 25. What we delivered
  26. 26. Big step forward
  27. 27. Planning • Reduce time spent on planning process- allowing more time for analysis and challenge. • Process consistency across Group • Improved accuracy of forecast Business Analytics and Reporting • Improved decisions - faster • Improved availability of business information • Preventative alerts rather than after-the-event reports Ownership • Fast route to deployment • Lower total cost of ownership • Provide Secure and scalable environment Measure of success
  28. 28. Today , tomorrow and for the future GLOBAL STANDARDISED BUSINESS INFORMATION • ORACLE Business Intelligence. • ORACLE Business Intelligence APPs. FORECASTING • ORACLE Planning Budgeting Cloud Services (PBCS). • QUBIX Cloud bridge – interface between PBCS and core Oracle. ORACLE ROLLED OUT TO MOST RECENT ACQUISITIONS • 18 Month program of strategic MIS upgrades. WHY IS THE CLOUD IMPORTANT? • Rapid deployment across the Group at once. • Minimised risk. • MIS team focussed on solution delivery not black box maintenance. • Using expertise: Quality specialised Oracle partner – QUBIX. FUTURE • ORACLE Release 12 • Manufacturing Analytics • HCM • Enterprise PBCS – WORKFORCE AND CAPEX