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Analytics for Human Resources


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Organizations with the strongest workforce analytics perform better, with 58% higher sales per employee and 24% higher net operating income growth. An analytical human resources approach is necessary to optimize your workforce.

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Analytics for Human Resources

  1. 1. CHALLENGES THE ANALYTICS ADVANTAGE WHAT YOU NEED TO GET THERE OTBI ENTERPRISE FOR HCM CLOUD SERVICE DELIVERS MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU Enable leaders with predictive analytics to identify potential problems before they impact the business Inform deep workforce insights with HR best practices, dashboards, reports, and rich metrics to gain competitive advantage Get a complete picture with cross-functional visibility into HR, recruiting, finance, sales and additional data sources Gain 360º Business Insights Anticipate and Shape Future Outcomes Accelerate Business Agility and Innovation Analytics for Human Resources HR Professionals and Business Leaders Face Pressure Competing in a Global Landscape Copyright © 2014, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. 141474 141202 Sources available on request. Manage headcount cost to budget Optimize talent sourcing based on vendor, channel, and candidate performance Increase retention of the top performers Support strategic planning and problem solving Track key metrics in headcount demographics and movement Monitor and optimize cost and efficiency of HR programs Boost leadership alignment at all levels Develop competitive talent strategies to enable sustainable growth Understand workforce health and composition CHIEF HR OFFICER FINANCE BUSINESS LEADER HR MANAGER 8% 58% 24% $18.9M of companies say they have strong HR analytics 86% 67% say they are weak at using HR data to predict workforce performance of companies report no HR analytics capabilities for every $1 Billion in revenue higher sales per employee higher net operating income growth 55% of executives at top performers report predictive analytics is most critical Advanced and Predictive Analytics 76% of C-level executives need cross-department input to apply data Cross-Source Analytics 83% of business leaders don’t believe homegrown HR analytics focuses on the right questions Best Practice Analytics ORGANIZATIONS WITH THE STRONGEST WORKFORCE ANALYTICS PERFORM BETTER IN SAVINGS LEARN MORE AT CLOUD.ORACLE.COM