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Denmark Immigration From India


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With world’s highest level of income equality; Denmark provides best standards of health, welfare and education.

Denmark is the most peaceful and safe country to migrate. It offers excellent education system and is one of the most lucrative countries to study from. The country also has variety of employment opportunities for skilled professionals who want to settle in a new country. The country’s immigration policy is flexible and invites people from all over the world to get a residence and work permit. Denmark has framed many schemes to attract skilled workers from outside the country.

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Denmark Immigration From India

  1. 1. The Green Card Scheme Why should you migrate to Denmark?Now it is possible to be granted a three-year residence permit for Based on the standards of Education, Health, Employment andthe purpose of seeking work, and subsequently, working in Welfare, it is ranked as "happiest place to live in the world"Denmark. A residence and work permit under the Green CardScheme is issued on the basis of an individual evaluation using a Unemployment rate is historical low which means that there arepoint system designed to assess the likelihood that the applicant many job opportunities for immigrants.will be able to find qualified work in Denmark. Denmark is one of the highest paying countries for employees which make it the best option when compared to other EuropeanIn order to be granted a residence permit under the Green Card countries.Scheme, you must attain at least 100 points. Points are given for English is the corporate language in all the companies whicheducational level, language skills, work experience, adaptability, makes the medium of communication at work place is Englishand age. A residence permit under the Green Card Scheme can be country to other European countries where the medium is Frenchgranted for up to three years with a possibility for extension of up to or Germany.four years.Some sectors in Denmark are demanding immigrants and All about Denmarkspecifically high skilled immigrants are still in demand. Because of International studies show that the population of Denmark is thethe demographical development, Denmark is still expected to face happiest of any country in the world and what else would like todemand of immigrants in more job categories when the market know before thinking about going to place as this is what is on yousituation is looking more promising in some years. and your spouses mind before taking a big decision of thisThis scheme started in the year 2007 issuing than 1500 green and is still open this year allowing many more qualified Denmark is a country in Scandinavian region of north Europe.Indians to settle in Denmark. Denmark is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system of government. It is also a member of European Union and part ofWhat does Greencard feature? its single market.You can work full time for the initial three years. You can then Denmark is ranked as the least corrupt country in the world in theextend your visa for four years and this extension is done on the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), is followed by Finland, Newbasis of you being able to support yourself without recourse to Zealand and Sweden in 2nd, 3rd & 4th position respectively.public funds and work experience gained. Copenhagen was ranked as one of the most attractive cities to liveAfter the completion of 7 years in Denmark, you may apply for and work in Europe.citizensh ip. About 9% of the population has foreign citizenship . A large portion of foreign citizens are Scandinavian ancestry, while the rest are ofCountry to other immigration opportunities in Canada and Australia variety nationalities.which take more than a year Denmark Green Card process time isless than 8 months. Denmark is ranked 10th for the greenest countries to live in the world . Denmarks market economy features efficient markets,Green Card allows you take your family members and they can above average European living standards and high amount of freealso work or study in Denmark. trade . Denmark ranks 16th in the world terms of GOP (PPP) per capita and stands 5th in nominal GOP per capita . According to World Bank Group, Denmark has the most flexible labour market in Europe; the policy is called flexibility. As of October 2012, the unemployment rate is at 7.7 percent, very less than other European countries. The worlds highest minimum wage is in Denmark. Denmark has the 9th highest export per capita in the world . Denmarks economy stands out as one of the most free in the Index of Economic Freedom and the Economic Freedom of the World About 99% of students attend elementary school , 86% attend secondary school , and 41% pursue further education . All college education in Denmark is free . Opulentus Overseas Careers
  2. 2. To obtain residence permit under Greencard Its as easy as one, two, three, four. The key to YOURscheme, the applicant must attain at least 100 Success is our four step planpoints. Points are given for:• Educatinal Level• Language Skills• Work experience• Aaptability• AgeEducational LevelTo obtain points for education, an applicant must have completed:• Bachelors degree followed by one-year Masters degree• Masters degree(Full time)• PhDLanguage SkillsPoints for language skills can be obtained, if the applicant hadcleared IELTS with overall 6.5 bands or by showing the same levelof proficiency in education and/or professional backgroundWork experienceAn applicant must have 3-5 years work experience in theoccupation given in the "Positive List" to obtain qualifying pointsunder this factor.AdaptabilityBonus points are given if you have studied or worked in EuropeAgeThe age of the applicant should be below 40 ttyears to score pointshereFinancial SufficiencyApplicant should have capacity to show the financial sufficiency ofminimum INR 600, 00 for each individual.Duration Of VisaUnder the scheme, residence permit can be granted up to 3-yearswith a possibility of extension up to 4-years. WE ARE THE ONLY CONSULTANT IN ASIA TO HAVE EVERProcess Time GOT A GREEN CARD where in other consultants are still trying to understand the logic of Applying for a Danish Green Card, thats• Opulentus:4 weeks Opulentus!!!!• Consulate/Embassy:6-8 months We are well known for our adept assistance in visa documentationOccupations in Denmark to Denmark. With our key services in offering visa consultation inScore Bonus points if you have education in occupation which is on getting a Green Card to Denmark we are proud to say that ourthe Positive list. experience and expertise is unmatched but unique. The claim ofThe Positive List being at the top most traces back to the immense experience inThe positive list consists of a number of professional fields that are processing thousands of cases in the past decade.currently experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals.• Academic Work• Office, administration, accounting and finance• IT and telecommunication• Management• Educational, Social and religious work• Purchase and Marketing• Health, healthcare and personal care• Freight forwarding, postal services, srorage and engine operation• Engineering Opulentus Overseas Careers
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