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Work Is Something I Do, Not A Place I Go - Roland Leggat – Microsoft


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“Work is something I do, not a place I go” has become the mantra for many organisations, as they leverage the power of collaborative technologies.
In this session Roland Leggat, Partner Technology Advisor for Microsoft will present thought leadership on the future knowledge worker, focused on the evolving workplace.
Hear the major trends driving early adopters who have embraced the opportunity to distinguish themselves from their competition, and learn how your organisation can develop comprehensive strategies to address these changes and transform your business.

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Work Is Something I Do, Not A Place I Go - Roland Leggat – Microsoft

  1. 1. Roland LeggatMicrosoft
  2. 2. Trends in FY14 are Driven by…
  3. 3. MarcelProustThe only truevoyage ofdiscovery is notto go to newplaces, but tohave other eyes
  4. 4. From remotesensing toproximalsensingInput Output
  5. 5. Complexity2013Of the individualdeviceOf the collectionof devices
  6. 6. MaintainconsistentUIMaintainconsistentUXDilemma:How to minimizecomplexity while addingdevices?PC, Phone,Tablet andTVPubliccloud,privatecloud, oron-premise
  7. 7. Motor-SensoryCognitiveEmotionalThe mostimportanttechnology tounderstand is thehumanSocial
  8. 8. Everything is best for somethingand worst for something elseEverything is natural for somethingand unnatural for something else