The Art of the Possible: Designing an Omni-channel Strategy


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Dr Catriona Wallace - Customer Experience Specialist
The current convergence and integration of customer experience channels and the increasing sophistication and use of multi-media channels and devices by consumers means the consumer landscape is changing rapidly.
Today, organisations are seeking to gain competitive advantage by creating a continually improving customer experience to improve loyalty and potentially reduce operational costs.
In this session Catriona will outline a company-wide approach to the design and development of an omni-channel customer experience strategy discussing the use of co-creation and design thinking techniques, big data analytics and modelling. Catriona will also explore the impact of this approach on an organisations culture and the importance of having a technology roadmap for the future.

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The Art of the Possible: Designing an Omni-channel Strategy

  1. 1. Customer Experience Strategy& Omni-Channel Delivery. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Dr Catriona WallaceCustomer Experience Specialist
  2. 2. Customer Experience (CX)
  3. 3. Customer Experience is defined as …….the internal response of an individual to their interactions with an organisationsproducts, people, processes, technologies and environments. Internal responseincludes the thoughts, feelings, senses, physical reactions and emotions experienced asa result of the experience.As a result of a customer’s experience they will have a level of Engagement which is aphysiological state. As a result of Engagement the customer will then display certainFuture Behaviours including propensities to:1. Recommend (NPS)2. Purchase (Yield)3. Renew4. Be RetainedCustomer Experience
  4. 4. Multi Option Channels
  5. 5. Channels Used by Australian Consumers98%Phone84%33%61%13%47%16% 8% 8% 10%55%9%56%Correspondence58%Online & MobilePhoneconversationAutomated phone Automated &phoneconversationOnline phone call Web self-service Web chat Social media /online forumSmartphone App SMS / Text Email OtherCorrespondenceAustralia n=520
  6. 6. Contact Method Usage – Future Use: Next 12 months38%52%20%7% 16% 14%70%14% 21%Online phone call Web self-service Web chat Social media /online forumSmartphone App SMS / Text Email Letter / Fax None of theseBase: Q5 / Australia n=520In addition to traditional phone/voice Australian consumers will use more often….
  7. 7. Customer Experience StrategyContingent ProjectsHuman Capital – People & CultureTechnologyData Analytics, KPIs & ReportingOrganisational CapitalProcess & OperationsUnique Customer Value Proposition(s)Customer Experience Journey(s)Customer Experience OutcomesAligned to CorporateStrategyFinanceMarketing & SalesCustomer Knowledge Strategy & Voice of Customer Voice of EmployeeOperationalManagementCustomer Experience Design Thinking & Customer Co-creationCX Strategy Framework
  8. 8. Customer Experience Strategy Development& CO-CREATION
  9. 9. ENGAGEMENTStrategic GoalsPeople,Process,Technology,CommunicationsMulti-channelProduct & ServiceRoadmapEXPERIENCECUSTOMERULTIMATE CUSTOMER KPIsRECOMMEND ACQUIRE RETAIN YIELDHow it all……workstogetherCustomer Experience Strategy Predicting Business KPIs
  10. 10. Customers will pay at least 10% more for Consistent Customer ExperienceQuestion: How much more money would you be prepared to pay to a company that alwaysprovides you with an excellent customer experience compared to a company that didn’t?10% More20% More30% More50% More75% More100% More24% 8% 4% 5% 0% 1%Base: Australia n=52042%
  11. 11. And Why?There is a correlationbetween organisationsthat have a matureCustomer ExperienceStrategy &Measurement andstrong overall BusinessPerformance(Source: Fifth Quadrant & IBM Study)R= 0.402Customer Experience Maturity Index vsBusiness PerformanceCustomerExperienceMaturityIndexN=150 orgs
  12. 12. So what do you need to know?1. Customer Experience is a Strategy2. CX Strategy is delivered through Omni-channel3. Customer Co-creation is key4. Technology strategy is the key sub-strategy5. Data Analytics is the new killer approach
  13. 13. About UsWho we are:Established in 1998, Fifth Quadrant Pty Ltd is a Customer Experience Strategy, Design and Research company.We provide management consulting, customer experience design, customer research, industry analysis, data modelling,operational improvement programs and executive training programs.We work across contact centre, face-to-face, online, social media, mobile, correspondence & video interaction channels.What we do:We work with our clients to design and operationalise customer experience strategy in order to enhance customer experience &engagement, drive revenue through customer acquisition, retention and yield, reduce operating costs and optimise operationsacross multiple channels.Fifth Quadrant conducts extensive research across the customer experience, contact centre, online, social media and mobilitysectors, producing benchmarking reports that underpin our approach to consultancy with evidence-based statistics and analysis.Currently our engagements with Boards, CEOs and Executive teams revolve around the following topics:• Formal Customer Experience Design Methodology• Approaches to Customer Co-Creation Design• Multi-channel Strategy Design• Best Practice Contact Centre design• The Future Workplace• The rise of Social Media and Mobility as customer interaction channels• Data Modelling and Big Data strategies for Customer Experience• 3 year Technology Roadmaps• The new Consumer Power Economy – the shifting power balance betweenorganisations & consumers
  14. 14. For more information please contact:E: +61 2 9927 3333Contact Us