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Do you know how you look on social media?


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Do you know how you look on social media? We give you some insightful advice to look better on social media. Looking good on social media makes possible to get more traffic and result! Want to learn more about social media optimization? Visit us with

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Do you know how you look on social media?

  1. 1. Do You Know How You Look On Social Media? When one mentions social media practices, the first thing that comes to our minds is a question like “What are we going to do on Facebook?” or “How should we use Twitter?” On the other hand, would you be surprised if I told you that your website is your first and the foremost social media tool. Let’s take a closer look. Every day, tens of people like, share or tweet pages of your website. An important portion of your website’s social media traffic is created by this kind of sharings. Your social media visibility, on the other hand, is tens of times bigger than this traffic. More people than the ones who visit your website see your brand in these posts. Actually, your brand awareness is created by these posts. Well, have you ever taken a closer look at how your website looks on social networks? Successful companies get one step forward in the competition by giving extra care to their social media visibility. That’s where real opportunity lies. You can increase your website’s traffic coming from social media by optimizing its social media look. You can design how it will look once someone likes your pages. And this should be a part of the marketing team’s work, not the developing team’s. As someone who have been working on this topic, making tests and getting results, I want to share some practical information regarding this with you. • Keep this question always in your mind while writing sharing texts: “What do I want people to say while recommending my brand to their friends?” We don’t write these copies for robots, we write for real people. That’s why you should choose texts that include advice and motivate the friends of the sharer.
  2. 2. • Image is everything. You can choose which image will be shown on social media sharings. If you don’t choose it yourself, posts will be shared with random images. See these images as poster designs. You should use big images that are interesting and in the right size. If the images are not in the right size for social networks, they will be shared in a smaller form and will be less visible. • Activate the right Twitter card for your content! Twitter cards have many different features for different content types. Identify the Twitter card that is the most compatible with your website and content and use it. Posts with Twitter cards create 4-5 times more interaction. • Don’t think of social media sharing texts as fixed. This is actually a medium for advertising. Change these texts in different campaign periods, announce your campaigns. Provide people with reasons to visit your website and make a purchase. • You can lead people to follow your brand on social networks right after they share your page on Twitter or Facebook. This may look like a very trivial detail but it’s very important to make people who like your brand a part of your community. • Check your social media sharing texts once in a month. Identify faulty pages. Many different things like wrong sized images or missing or too long texts can cause faults in posts. • Analyze your most shared pages! Analyze what kind of a sharing performance your website’s pages show on different social networks.
  3. 3. Analyze the most shared pages to see what is interesting and significant to your users. This social sharing trends data will provide you with valuable insight about your content, products and brand. Let’s keep on with a couple of examples with perfect social media look for a little inspiration. Thenextweb’s Facebook posts capture one’s attention with big sized images. Every article has a social media summary. This way, more people click on the link. Moreover, its Facebook meta tags are chosen elaborately. Writers of articles are also made visible in the posts.
  4. 4. We love’s explanatory texts. In those texts, it’s explained what makes Fab different and why we should do shopping on Fab. Let’s take another look at Fab’s product pages. Explanatory text talks directly to people. It’s written like an ad copy.
  5. 5. Or, let’s take a look at’s Twitter posts. What we see is an amazing Twitter cards use. All posts are shared automatically with a big image and the product’s price tag. With these examples, we’ve introduced you to the secret weapon of champion companies. Applying these principles, you can both improve your social media look and double your website’s traffic coming from social networks.