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Optix Solutions is an award-winning online marketing solutions and web design company based in Exeter, specialising in providing innovative services and consultancy to some of the country’s leading companies and organisations.

We have been working with Social Media, both internally and externally, since its marketing potential first emerged and have been providing bespoke online solutions and Social Media consultancy to clients for the past three years.

If you would like more information on the Optix Solutions Social Media Survey 2010 contact Amanda Parsons on 01392 667766. The survey can be downloaded at

Optix Solutions Social Media Policy Generator can be downloaded at

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Social Media Survey 2010 - Optix Solutions

  1. 1. Contents Foreword Investment in Social Media Summary of findings Social Media Policy & Strategy The Power of Social Media Conclusions Thoughts from Alastair Banks A quick guide to getting started with Market growth and trends Social Media How Social Media is being used Top tips from Like Minds around the World Why we created this survey Legal considerations The Results A look to the future Investment in Social Media Lets keep the conversation going Use of Social Media About Optix Solutions Who filled out this survey
  2. 2. Foreword We've gone from thinking of Social Media as "gee whiz" and we're into the "okay, now what?" phase. Whether you're ready or not, your buyers and customers are using Social Media tools and networks to talk about you and your products. It's time to get a bit more understanding on what this means for you. The Internet of 10 years ago or even 5 years ago isn't what you're facing today. Now, it's a matter of real-time information streaming rapid fire through loose social ties. More sectors of society than ever before are embracing these tools to build relationships, to express interests, and to pursue information. For the first time in the web's history, search is losing ground to social search: asking friends. This is the new radio. This is the new phone. Learn how to engage, and seek your own success today. Chris Brogan President of New Marketing Labs Chris Brogan is President of New Marketing Labs, a new media marketing agency. He works with large and mid-sized companies to improve online business communications like marketing and PR through the use of social software, community platforms, and other emerging web and mobile technologies. 3
  3. 3. Summary of findings Top 3 reasons respondents use Was Social Media originally part of Social Media. (multiple choice question) your current Online Marketing budget? To retain our existing customer To find new No base customers 70% 30% 60% 73% Yes 45% Top 5 Social Media platforms To monitor what respondents spent up to an is being said about hour a day on. (multiple choice question) our brand LinkedIn Facebook Do you have a formal Social Media Strategy? 73% Blog Yes 57% 68% 37% 32% 45% 57% No YouTube Twitter 4
  4. 4. Summary of findings Other Online Marketing channels used. (multiple choice question) While the great majority of respondents see Social Media as a means to retain and grow a Search Engine customer base, almost half have no measure of Optimisation Email Marketing return on investment (ROI) against the social platforms they use. Almost 70% have no formal Social Media 70% strategy in place, despite significant concerns 78% Online PR over the lack of time, resources and knowledge required to use Social Media effectively. It is clear that Social Media is being used as part 58% 60% of a multi-touch marketing strategy for 52% businesses. However, with the majority of respondents not measuring ROI or having a strategy in place - we have concerns that they Direct Mail Blog are not capable of harnessing the best of these Marketing tools and ensuring success. On average 47% of those Top 3 barriers for implementation of surveyed do not measure Social Media strategies. (multiple choice question) their Social Media ROI 71% 50% 43% 47% Lack of Unsure of ROI Lack of knowledge resource time or value 5
  5. 5. The Power of Social Media Until very recently Google was the biggest referrer of traffic to websites but the increasing use of Social Media is beginning to take it over. In May of 2010 social networks accounted for 11.9% of all UK internet visits, while search engines accounted for 11.3%. (Source: Hitwise June 2010) Before falling foul of privacy concerns, Burger King’s “Sacrifice ten friends” Facebook campaign went viral and resulted in the loss of over 230,000 friends. Social Media sites enable users to participate in and build communities and networks of people who share similar interests and activities. This is possible through a plethora of tools and features, including discussion forums, blogs, videos, photos, instant messaging, etc. These sites quickly become part of the day-to-day life of their users, who develop a rapport with fellow members. IBM’s network of blogs allow staff with different expertise to give insights into the latest developments and products across this multinational and multilayered organisation. You can encourage interaction with Social Media networks and applications on your website via social bookmarks, allowing your customers to share information from your site with their communities and networks. In order to reap the rewards of this opportunity, you need to regulary engage with and contribute to these platforms. As you are dealing with an essentially social process, it is important that you get the right balance between promoting a product and engaging. 6
  6. 6. Thoughts from Alastair Banks Harnessing the enormous potential of Social Media is both the biggest online opportunity and challenge for businesses across all sectors. As a co-director of one of the South West’s leading Web Design and Online Marketing agencies, I’ve seen first hand how rapidly the internet has changed. Social Media is the latest technological advance that organisations are striving to get to grips with, but it is very different from traditional and online marketing tools. This process requires developing skills around engaging with existing and potential customers, establishing relationships with them and creating opportunity by listening and understanding what it is that they look for from your company or brand. Alastair Banks Director of Optix Solutions Alastair grew up in Essex before moving to study in Exeter, where he helped found Optix Solutions with James Dawkins while still at University. He now runs three successful businesses. Alastair believes in practicing what he preaches. His own blog is made up of articles and advice based on personal experience covering all aspects of starting and growing a business. He has recently gone back to his roots, starting a mentoring scheme for promising undergraduate students from Exeter University. 7
  7. 7. Market growth and trends About 2 million UK workers are spending at Facebook accounts for 1 in 6 UK page views and least 1 hour each day on social networks is the second most visited website in the UK. In while at work. (Source: Bizreport, Aug 2010) July 2010 it accounted for 7.14% of all UK Internet visits and over half (54%) of all visits to social networking websites. (Source: Hitwise, Aug 2010) 2 Million 55% 10% 6% 1 in 6 33% 10% of workers 6% spend at least 55% of the UK’s work 33% of workers spend claim social networking an hour on social force access Social Media at least 30 minutes on while at work makes networks. at work. social networks. them more productive. More than 700,000 local businesses have YouTube now serves more than active pages on Facebook. (Source: Facebook, 1 billion videos per day. Jan 2010) (Source: YouTube Blog Oct 2009) 67% 15 million 700k Businesses with blogs generate 67% more online leads than There are now 15 million LinkedIn users on the 1 billion businesses without blogs. European continent. This site has grown by (Source: Hubspot Apr 2010) around 40%, now with over 70 million users globally. (Source: Econsultancy blog Jul 2010) 8
  8. 8. How Social Media is being used around the World USA Unique Audience 127 Million United Kingdom 24.2 Million 3.7 Million 46.5 Million 2.9 Million 2.7 Million 19.7 Million 2.1 Million Italy 13.4 Million 11.3 Million 16.4 Million 1.9 Million Spain 15.2 Million 1.4 Million 1 Million Brazil 0.9 Million 11.6 Million 11.4 Million ; 6.6 Million 28.7 Million 2 Million Australia 8.7 Million 1.4 Million 1.8 Million 5 Million 5.9 Million 1.7 Million 1.3 Million 1.1 Million 0.8 Million Facebook Badoo MySpace UOL Comunidades Twitter Orkut Flickr iG Comunidades LinkedIn ; Tuenti Data taken from Econsultancy: Social Media Statistics Compendium 9
  9. 9. Why we created this survey We aren’t short of Social Media success stories. Who hasn’t heard of the millions Dell has made through Twitter? Businesses throughout the UK are keen to harness Social Media for their own similar success stories. This Survey was created to help form an understanding of how organisations throughout the UK are using the various platforms, what return they are yielding and gain an insight into their future plans for Social Media. A foundation, we hope, for your own Social Media success. 10
  10. 10. The Results 11
  11. 11. Investment in Social Media How much has your Social Media How much of your monthly budget do training cost to date? you allocate to Social Media? We are not using More than £500 We are not using Social media Social media More than 7% £500 12% 18% 7% Under £100-500 £500 15% I am self 75% taught £0-99 56% 10% There is no denying how cost effective Social Media has been for respondents, with the majority professing to be self taught and investing less than £500 a month. Top 5 Social Media sites respondents spent up to an hour a day on. (multiple choice question) LinkedIn, up to Facebook, up to Twitter, up to YouTube, up to an hour a day Blog, up to an an hour a day an hour a day an hour a day hour a day 73% 57% 57% 45% 36% 12
  12. 12. Use of Social Media How long have you been using Social Media as part of your marketing strategy? More than 2 years 10% 6 Months to Over 50% of respondents had 1 year and 6 1 year started using Social Media within months to 2 years the past 12 months of partaking 31% in the Survey. 5% Only 10% of respondents had 1 year to 1 year been using Social Media for more 6 months than 2 years. 15% 13% 26% We are not using Social media Less than 6 months Top 5 Social Media sites respondents plan to use More than half of respondents over the next 12 months. (multiple choice question) engage with and/or use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Blogs as part of their Social Blog Media strategy. Facebook Despite being the second 64% largest search engine in the 90% world, less than 50% of 67% respondents used YouTube. 47% 73% LinkedIn YouTube 13
  13. 13. Use of Social Media What type of business are you? B2C Whilst the majority of respondents saw 10% Social Media’s positive potential in finding new customers and retaining existing ones, it was also seen as a monitoring tool, both of feedback on own brand and to keep informed of competitors. 30% Almost 10% of respondents admitted to introducing Social Media because their 47% B2B competitors had done so. B2B & B2C Top 5 reasons respondents were using Social Media. (multiple choice question) To retain our existing customer To find new To monitor what To keep ahead is being said about of our To monitor our base customers our brand competitors competitors 73% 60% 45% 42% 36% 14
  14. 14. Who filled out this survey? The most popular sectors for respondents were Media, What sector do you work within? Creative, Marketing, PR and Advertising, followed closely by Management, Non Profit, IT, Accountancy 3% Recruitment and Retail. 7% IT 51% of respondents reported Legal 4% having less than 100 customers, while 49% reported having over Media, Creative 13% 100 customers, reflective of the power Social Media has to Marketing, PR 22% engage with audiences of all Advertising 6% sizes. Recruitment Sports & 3% Leisure 4% Engineering & How many customers do you Manufacturing have? 8% Management 11-100 8% Non Profit, Charities 0-10 32% Public sectors 5% 19% & services Retail 6% 11% Other 101-500 17% 32% 500+ 15
  15. 15. Investment in Social Media Has a portion of your existing Was Social Media originally part of marketing budget been allocated to your current Online Marketing Social Media? budget? Yes Yes 64% 70% 36% 30% No No Will Social Media be a part of your Where did the funding for your next budget? Social Media budget come from? External grant No Yes 1% 27% 38% Creation of new budgets It’s already a part of our budget Moving funds from 40% one budget to another 35% 16 59%
  16. 16. Investment in Social Media How much do you invest in Social Media each month? The most profound finding was that 45% More than £500 of respondents had no measure in place We do not use for return on investment (ROI). 7% Social Media 3% of respondents reported returns in 18% excess of £50k through their blog, followed by 2% attributing similar success trhough Twitter and 1% through LinkedIn. 75% Under £500 How much ROI can you attribute to the following Social Media sites? (multiple choice question) LinkedIn, £1-5k Twitter, £5-10k Blog, £50k+ Facebook, 3% I don’t measure ROI £500-1k Flickr, 5% £25-50k 3% 45% 11% 2% 4% Twitter, £1k-5k 5% 2% Facebook, £1-500 LinkedIn, £25-30k 17
  17. 17. Social Media Policy & Strategy Does your company have a Social Do you have a formal Social Media Media Policy for staff? Strategy? Yes Yes 74% 68% 26% 32% No No Data Collection Acknowledgements The results of this survey were collected online. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all that took the time to contribute Promoted via: to this publication. LikeMinds Conference Social Media channels For a full list of our acknowledgments, Email marketing please visit: Traditional media The survey ran for a period of 10 months in total. 18
  18. 18. Conclusions For true success in employing Social Media you should ensure you have provided all the tools to empower your internal team and make using it part of their daily working routine. It is important to back this up with a proper strategy – one that fits with and into an overall online marketing strategy. Although many respondents did claim to have a Social Media strategy in place, the majority didn’t have a Social Media policy or measure ROI. To ensure a consistent, informed and coherent approach to Social Media, all three elements need to be brought together. The huge growth in the amount of time spent on Social Media sites, and the ever-increasing number of businesses establishing a presence on them, make it vital to develop a structured and coherent approach to Social Media; differentiating your business and brand, while delivering consistent messages. 19
  19. 19. A quick guide to getting started with Social Media Develop a Social Media Strategy. Spend time defining who you are targeting, what you 1 are hoping to achieve and how you are going to go about achieving it by identifying which of the Social Media networks are most suitable. This should include identifying key words and phrases relating to your business, i.e. ‘web design, Exeter’, that you want to monitor. These are useful catalysts for beginning to establish engagement. 2 Identify who in your business can be your Social Media ‘champions’. 3 Invest in training to ensure that staff know how to use the platforms they will be expected to engage in properly – and ensure they have spent some time learning how others are using each channel before allowing them to throw themselves into it. 4 Allow all staff, especially sceptics, to buy into the process by ensuring they understand what you are trying to achieve and why. 5 Develop a Social Media policy and ensure it is signed by all staff. Incorporate it into your HR processes. 20
  20. 20. A quick guide to getting started with Social Media Invest in equipment. You may need to equip your Social Media ‘champions’ with a video 6 camera, laptop, mobile phone, etc… to enable and support their engagement. Make the leap and start engaging via the channels you have identified in your Social 7 Media strategy. Ensure customers are made aware of your presence on Social Media sites and encourage 8 them to engage with you. Ensure that you are regularly measuring and optimising what you are doing so you can 9 increase success by identifying your achievements and new opportunities. Don’t neglect other forms of advertising and promotion – Social Media is a key 10 part of a marketing mix, not the whole package. Enjoy it! Socialising should be fun. :) 21
  21. 21. Top Tips from Like Minds Like Minds was founded in August 2009 amidst the boom of Social Media. Their mission is to create a platform through conferences held around the world, where participants can join fellow “like minds” in order to inspire one another and make those ideas happen, all on a level that is accessible both financially and structurally. Ask not what the internet can do for you, ask what you can do for the Internet. There is no secret to Social Media. You could rename it participation media or relationship media - it would all echo the same sentiment of enabling people to get involved. Some want to get involved a little, and some a lot, as is bourne out in this report. But the beginning and the end of it is around providing a platform that matters to people. Scott Gould Scott Gould is co-founder of Like Minds, where he is connecting people across the world through talking and then doing. He is internationally recognised as a leader in Social Media and community, working with Fortune 500 companies and speaking at events across the world. Social Media takes me around the world, in person, and gives me a chance to talk with people face-to-face. Those face-to-face conversations reveal what I believe are the fundamental drivers of Social Media: 1) everyone wants to be heard, 2) everyone wants to be understood, and 3) everyone wants to know his or her life matters. Trey Pennington Trey is leveraging Social Media to connect with audiences around the world. HubSpot ranks his Facebook profile as the #4 most influential in the world. They also routinely rank his Twitter profile in the top 0.1% of all profiles ranked. 22
  22. 22. Top Tips from Like Minds The socialisation of Media marks the end of corporate communications as a top down, command-and-control channel. It is an evolutionary leap in the way humans interact. Olivier Blanchard Olivier is a Brand Strategist with 15 years of marketing management experience across a variety of B2B and B2C industries, from manufacturing and distribution to new media and consumer goods. He currently manages BrandBuilder Marketing, a brand consulting and marketing management firm. Make sure you join LinkedIn NOW! Create a WOW (buyer friendly) profile and add all your “Raving Fans” and contacts. But, MOST IMPORTANTLY, don't forget to reach out and ask for the... appointment, project or job. “Navel gazing” is just not an option. Julian Summerhayes Julian Summerhayes is a Social Media consultant to the professional services sector, and, having worked as a lawyer for 14 years, he is able to offer key strategic advice to leverage a firm's creative intellectual capital. In short, he walks the talk. 23
  23. 23. Legal considerations Whether you are using Social Media for business or personal reasons, it is important that you understand the legal issues which could cause problems for you and your organisation. As Social Media continues to grow and develop so do the legal considerations. On one hand businesses have looked to restrict or even prohibit staff using Social Media in the workplace, whilst at the same time they are looking to embrace the opportunities that it brings. Social Media is here to stay and its use both in the private and business environment will increase. The opportunity for businesses to capitalise on Social Media and increase its market knowledge and reach are massive, but it is imperative that this is done in a manner which does not expose a business to unnecessary and costly legal disputes. Anyone embarking on a Social Media campaign needs to consider a number of legal areas including data protection, employee rights, potential defamation/libel, breach of confidentiality and protection or infringement of intellectual property. Garry Mackay Partner, Ashfords LLP Garry is a Partner in Ashfords’ Intellectual Property and Information Technology Team. He advises clients on their commercial agreements and in particular IT contracts. His work includes outsourcing agreements, software licensing, development agreements, maintenance contracts and major commercial project agreements. Ashfords LLP is a full service law firm providing a broad range of legal services to both commercial and private clients. As a major law firm, Ashfords serves regional, national and international clients. Ashfords size and experience means that they are able to provide a wide range of expertise to meet their clients needs. 24
  24. 24. A look to the future When we created the survey back at the beginning of 2010, the social landscape had a very different form to that you’ll find now. Geo-location services were in their infancy in the UK, so we didn't include questions on them. Platforms like Foursquare, Gowalla and now Facebook Places were relatively unused or non-existent. Now they are coming into their own, look out for more retail and B2C businesses using these ‘check-in’ services to reward regular customers going into 2011. Mobile Apps, such as Qype and Voucher Cloud, are getting more traction and offer end users and businesses excellent ways of finding each other. The landscape is evolving and it’s exciting; who knows what we'll be writing about next year... Alastair Banks 25
  25. 25. Lets keep the conversation going This survey is not the end. Social Media platforms continue to evolve and there is always something to say, so why not join us and share your comments? LinkedIn Group: Twitter: #smsurvey Blog: Whether you have a comment or question on the results of this survey or want to share your own experiences with Social Media, we want to hear all about it. 26
  26. 26. About Optix Solutions Optix Solutions Ltd is among the UK’s leading and most innovative web design & online marketing agencies. Based in Devon, our client base includes some of the country’s leading companies and organisations. We specialise in providing bespoke online solutions, including all aspects of website design, development and online marketing. We work in partnership with our clients, building a thorough and ongoing understanding of an individual business, the market it operates in and its future development. We have been working with Social Media, both internally and with businesses looking to employ it effectively, for the past few years. Part of our reason for conducting this survey was to measure our experience of Social Media usage against that of other businesses, and identify the principal challenges they face in employing Social Media to optimum benefit. For more information on us, please visit: