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Inbound Marketing for 2012


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Inbound Marketing for 2012

  1. 1. Inbound Marketing in 2012
  2. 2. Agenda Introduction and a bit of background Inbound Marketing & ‘The Shift’ Businesses Use of Social Media – Blogging – Facebook – YouTube – Twitter – LinkedIn – Google+ Q & A and Discussion Session
  3. 3. Introduction and a bit of background Alastair Banks – Director Established in ‘99 with business partner James Dawkins – Exeter Uni Based in Exeter – Clients all over the UK Team of 10 – Specialists in their own areas of the web – Design / Development / Online Marketing Since 2006 has been featured in Telegraph and Times top 100 travel websites in the world 2007 won ‘Best Franchise Website’ Award at the Franchise Marketing Awards – beating Domino’s 2008/2010 finalists at the FSB awards for Enterprise 2009 client won ‘Green Web Award’ 2009/2010 – Likeminds Social Media Conference Official Partners 2011 - Engaged by Exeter University to deliver their SM strategy
  4. 4. Questions...Do you want more opportunities to build stronger relationships with suppliers/clients/partners?Do you position yourself as an authority in your industry...or maybe you want to?Are you interested in FREE marketing?
  5. 5. How do you market your business?
  6. 6. Too Much MarketingIt’s a fact that the average adult consumer is presented with more opportunitiesto spend money, in one 4-hour period than he was in thirty 24-hour periodsjust a decade ago.There is a mammoth amount of marketing ‘noise’ bombarding the consumerevery day, vying for their discretionary income and their credit.In business-to-business marketing the same basic situation exists. Although,there is less cold call selling going on today than at any time I can recall, there ismuch more business-to-business marketing taking place.
  7. 7. InboundOutbound versusAdvertising, PR TV, SEO, PPC, Email, Radio Social Media
  8. 8. What is Inbound Marketing?Focus on getting ‘found by customers’
  9. 9. David Meerman Scott Inbound – Earn Their Way InOutbound – Buy, Beg or Bug Their Way In Consumers have more power Marketers must show more respect Photo source: wikipedia
  10. 10. Seth GodinPermission Marketing NOT Interruption Marketing 2 concepts
  11. 11. Sneezers
  12. 12. Sneezers Actions Work out who your sneezers areMake sure they have your message Give them the means to pass it on(this is where social media comes in)
  13. 13. Social Media
  14. 14. What Social Media Is NotIt’s NOT SELLINGIt’s NOT what you’ve just eaten for breakfast ...or lunch ...or dinnerIt’s NOT going to take you all day...although there is a costIt’s NOT about celebritiesIt’s NOT just for kidsIt’s NOT an’s a processIt’s NOT a quick fixIt’s NOT going to hide/solve a poor business plan or customer serviceIt’s NOT SELLING
  15. 15. What Social Media Is...Social Media is about engagement and conversation Broadcast media Social media Broadcast Discussion One way Two way Repeating the message Adapting the message Entertaining Influencing / Involving Company creating Co-creating Public Relations Personal Relationship Governed Guided Static DynamicSocial Media is ‘Inbound Marketing’Social Media is about participationSocial Media is great for networking – as an enablerSocial Media is not just about the tools – Needs business fundamentals andstrategySocial Media is about engagement and conversation
  16. 16. Blogging
  17. 17. Blog Strategy
  18. 18. A few key reasons for businesses to blog Blogs are well respected by Google Blogs usually have RSS built in - keep users easily updated on your news Gives personality to your business
  19. 19. Facebook
  20. 20. Facebook  1,277,757 fans – and growing (doubled in the last 12 months)  Whenever they make an update to their page, these fans are notified  They make a point of updating their page multiple times a day  Post snippets of articles, directing traffic to their site for the full article  Host discussions on their page through comments, helping to attract new interest and gain free coverage
  21. 21. Facebook  7,323 fans  Fantastic engagement with community  Backed up by their other social networks  Ideas include – sending photos in at their restaurants/offers/competitions  Great example of holistic approach:
  22. 22. A few key reasons businesses should consider Facebook  Facebook has over 850 million users!  More than half return everyday  The viral nature of Facebook means stories can spread within minutes
  23. 23. YouTube
  24. 24. YouTube  CVP TV has had 522,211 video views (more views than the Guardian) and have 731 subscribers  Intro / Showcase of the Sony HVR-Z7E Professional HD Video Camera / Camcorder got 100,812 views  Customised channel is a gateway to their website  Update the channel multiple times a month and have dozens of videos that have been added since 2008
  25. 25. A few key reasons businesses should consider YouTube Google owns YouTube - Results are seeded with videos It’s the second largest search engine in the world - maybe people are searching for your product/service? Video shows depth and dimensions not possible with text and images
  26. 26. Twitter
  27. 27. Twitter  Now has more than 1.5million followers  Tweeting ‘twitter only’ deals  Providing customer support  Famously quoted as making approx $3.5 million in first 18 months from Twitter
  28. 28. Twitter  10,229 followers  Has successfully built a community feel to their SM presence  Engage and Interact with community giving personality to the brand  Push out offers/comps/prizes
  29. 29. A few key reasons businesses should consider tweeting Real Time results are now showing up in Google It’s digital word of mouth - if you’re not there, you’re less likely to benefit Provide customer service/value to followers, be seen as a resource Build Connections/Relationships with Clients/Suppliers/Journalists Crowd Source
  30. 30. LinkedIn
  31. 31. LinkedIn  More about Personal Brand than Company Brand but still valuable  Position yourself as authority through groups and answers  Target people for sales (but not in a pushy way)  Building your network of contacts
  32. 32. A few key reasons people should be using LinkedIn  It’s the Grown Up Facebook - or ‘Facebook for Business’  Ability to position yourself as an expert in your industry  Great tool for networking (and possible sales prospecting)
  33. 33. Google+
  34. 34. Google+  Both Brand and Personal spaces  Position yourself as authority through circles  Target people for sales (but not in a pushy way)  Building your network of contacts
  35. 35. A few key reasons people should be using Google+  It has immense potential for SEO, Google is the largest and most popular search engine  Ability to position yourself as an expert in your industry  Great tool for networking (and possible sales prospecting)
  36. 36. Questions/Discussion/Debate