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Using RMsis Traceability Capabilities to manage ICD-10 Migration


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Given the number of artifacts involved, the ICD-10 migration project can quickly turn into a nightmare. Here is how RMsis can help you remain on top of the situation.

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Using RMsis Traceability Capabilities to manage ICD-10 Migration

  1. 1. RMsis v.1.4.1Simplify Requirement Management for JIRA
  2. 2. PROCESSES Processes Sub Process 1.1 Sub Process 1.2 Sub Process 1.3 Sub Process 1.4 Process Links Sub Process 2.1 Sub Process 2.2 Sub Process 2.3 Sub Process 2.4PRODUCTS All relevant ICD-9 All impacted screens – codes – N1 M Impacted Screen 10.25 Divide the ICD data across all screens in different test Cases ICD Codes (N1+N2)/M Product Function All relevant ICD-10 codes – N2 Key entities for validation
  3. 3. Build inventory of all key entities and relationships
  4. 4.  Develop an overall plan, including key milestones • Breakdown into smaller sub-projects • Prioritize the changes with large business impact • Establish milestones, especially for handover to Testing Team and for final deployment Develop Specifications • For all the impacted entities in the inventory, it is critical to write down specification for • The Transition Phase • Steady State • Mechanism of exception handling Make changes to the products • Implement and test the implementation as per specifications at the individual product level. Plan for and implement the changes • Planning is critical due to the implications and the number of entities involved. • However, the changes themselves should be simple enough.
  5. 5. Develop Test Cases against each entity
  6. 6. Create and run test cycles
  7. 7. Auto log issuesVisualize impact on Inventories
  8. 8.  Application Note explaining this viewpoint ◦ pabilities+of+RMsis+to+manage+ICD-10+migration View demo as a Team Member ◦ Demo Link  ◦ Login details  Username : demo.user  Password : demo.user ◦ Project :  ICD 10 Migration
  9. 9.  RMsis Home  RMsis Documents  Latest Release : +Latest+Release  Preview of latest features :  Functions included in Releases : RMsis at Atlassian  RMsis Demo link   Project manager login details  Login: pm1  Password: project123  Team member login details  Login: usr1  Password: user123