Requirement Baselining in RMsis


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This presentation details out the baseline feature as implemented in RMsis

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Requirement Baselining in RMsis

  1. 1. Simplify Requirement Management for JIRA
  2. 2.  Meaning of Baseline  Once requirement(s) are defined, reviewed and approved by each stake holder, they are baselined  Baselined requirement(s) can not be changed  If there are further changes in baselined requirement(s), then new baseline should be created  Baseline in RMsis  RMsis supports following 2 mechanisms for baseline  Immediate: Requirement manager can select requirements and create a baseline  Mark and Baseline: Requirement manager can first “Mark” the target requirements and then baseline can be created after consensus
  3. 3. Select Requirements for Baseline Various filters can be used to select requirement set
  4. 4. Create Baseline
  5. 5. Selected requirements can be previewed before finalization. Provide Name and Description to Baseline
  6. 6. Select Requirement(s) to Mark for Baseline Requirements can be discussed with various stake holders and once finalized can be marked for baseline
  7. 7. Initial set of requirements are marked
  8. 8. Mark more Requirement(s) for Baseline Requirement manager can discuss more requirements iteratively and mark them for baseline
  9. 9. Once all requirements are discussed, they can be baselined. Create Baseline
  10. 10. In addition to selected requirements, ones which are marked for baseline will also be selected Create Baseline
  11. 11. Provide Appropriate Name to Baseline
  12. 12. Finally a baseline is created, which has been discussed, reviewed and agreed upon by all stakeholders Base line Created
  13. 13. View Previous Baselines
  14. 14. Filter can be applied on Baseline
  15. 15.  RMsis Home   RMsis Documents  Latest Release : +Latest+Release  Preview of latest features :  Functions included in Releases :  RMsis at Atlassian   RMsis Demo link   Project manager login details  Login: pm1  Password: project123  Team member login details  Login: usr1  Password: user123