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Strategies to Improve Mental Health in the Workplace


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"1 in 5 of your fellow co-workers is experiencing some form of mental health issue. Support between colleagues and thoughtful mindfulness through cognitive behaviour therapy can be great ways to create better work-life routines. Mental health still has a stigma and it should be better understood — the purpose of this webinar is to explain healthy strategies and best practices surrounding mental health in the workplace. We wanted to get leaders thinking and talking about ways to support their talent, as well as to reduce the cost burden on the organization."

Chakameh Shafii, the CEO of Tranqool shares her personal experiences with mental health in the workplace and why it is important to have a company-wide mental health agenda. Hilary Turk, a Wellness Advisor at Optimity share 3 tips on how you can support mental health in the workplace.

Expert: Chakameh Shafii, CEO, Tranqool

Host: Hilary Turk, Wellness Advisor, Optimity

Published in: Business
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Strategies to Improve Mental Health in the Workplace

  1. 1. Strategies to Improve Mental Health in the Workplace Chakameh Shafii CEO, TranQool An Optimity Webinar
  2. 2. Sponsored by Host: Hilary Turk Wellness Advisor @myOptimity
  3. 3. Webinar Tips • Connect to audio using your computer’s microphone and speakers OR Select “Use Telephone” after joining the webinar to turn on sound • All guest lines are muted to avoid background noise • Type in your questions in the tool and we will answer them in the Q&A period • The slides and webinar recording will be sent out to you to share with others • In the handout section there is a Willis Wellness Industry Trend report, Optimity Case Studies, BONUS downloadable Mental Health Posters
  4. 4. About Optimity The Optimity Digital Wellness Platform is used by organizational leaders to produce an ROI through holistic health support for their employees 24/7. The digital platform is mobile-first and strategically targets high-cost issues to proactively coach employees on making better lifestyle choices, everyday.
  5. 5. 2014-08-14 | 1-416-450-7585 5 Easier Management and Better Data Our customers can run more initiatives, faster and easier, and coordinate multiple sites. The cohesive database allows them to be data-driven on their initiatives to adapt and drive outcomes Reduced Benefits and Claims Costs We have proven results in targeted wellness programs that reduce drug claims, absenteeism, STD/LTD. Clients are getting $1.80 to $6.93 back for every $1 spent on wellness. ● 7x previous year engagement ● Improved employee health during audit season ● Reduced attrition ● Promoted PwC culture ● Saved 200 hours for HR in 2016 ● Ran 3x number of successful programs ● 4x engagement prior to Optimity ● 25% improvement from previous year engagement on Optimity ● Drug costs went from 20.3% YoY increase change to 7.4% YoY ● Reduction of absenteeism ● $1.80 back for every $1 spent ● 6x previous year engagement Control drug claims, benefits costs, and boost engagement RESULTS AND CASE STUDIES
  6. 6. ● Chakameh: Understanding Mental Health & Why It Is Important ○ What is mental health & what is evidence based therapy? ○ Top mental health trends ○ Benefits of having company wide mental health agendas ○ 2017 checklist for setting up your company ● Hilary: Optimity Digital Wellness Implementation Strategies ○ 3 Case studies of mindfulness practices, and associated business outcomes ○ 3 Tips on getting the highest participation on strategic mental health programs ● Q&A Agenda
  7. 7. About Hilary Turk & Chakameh Shafii Hilary is a Wellness Advisor at Optimity. Her background is in human kinetics and health promotion programs. She works with clients to customize wellness programs for targeted health support and to drive better outcomes. Chakameh is the CEO and co-founder of TranQool, an online mental health platform. An engineer by education, Chakameh is a passionate mental health advocate and social entrepreneur.
  8. 8. About TranQool TranQool is an online mental health platform that allows users to speak one-on- one with Licensed Psychologists or Registered Social Workers through video, from the comfort of home.
  9. 9. Why the Focus on Mental Health? • Costs $50 billion to our economy, $20 billion from workplace losses • Only 23% Canadian workers feel comfortable talking about mental illness • 30% of STD and LTD claims from mental health problems • 500,000 Canadians absent daily • HR is strategic for cost-containment and organizational success
  10. 10. What is mental health? What is CBT and evidence based therapy?
  11. 11. Meditation, Mindfulness & CBT • Mobile-first • Adaptive solutions • Holistic health • Outcome driven results • Incentivized self-care Mental Health Top Trends
  12. 12. • Company Culture • Overall Outcomes • Employee Resilience Benefits Of Company Wide Mental Health Agenda
  13. 13. Checklist for Mental Health Initiatives ● Gather past experiences ● Understand the top 5 industry best practices - media research ● Identify 2017 initiatives and tools for mental health ● Calculate estimated ROI: business impact ● Get C-level support, budget and resources ● Implement targeted initiatives - get help from vendors, if needed ● Track results to ensure ROI is realized
  14. 14. Learning From Startups
  15. 15. Optimity provides gamified wellness solutions to companies that achieve ROI in employee health through easy and scalable implementation of best practices in wellness.
  16. 16. Multiple demands Hard to coordinate New requirements High employee to HR ratio Metrics driven & data analytics
  17. 17. Employee Participation
  18. 18. Personalized Content
  19. 19. Optimity Internal Mindfulness 2 minutes at our Friday team meetings helps me work better with my colleagues collaboratively on more initiatives. - Trista Chan Wellness Advisor
  20. 20. More Results From Partners ● 21% reduction in absenteeism over 3 years, 66% reduction in grievances - Homewood Health ● 10.66 to 6.55 days reduction in absenteeism, 7% reduction in healthcare costs - Michael Garron Hospital ● 30% reduction in sick leave - Upper Canada District School Board ● 9 % increase in engagement, 12% above industry average for employee engagement (Ontario Hospital Association) - North York General Hospital
  21. 21. Cost to businesses in North America each year $1,100,000,000 Milken Institute, CA, USA EMPLOYEE HEALTH COST Costs per employee per year $11,304 and growing at 6.5% 9.3 days absenteeism 7-20% YOY increase in Rx costs Aging population
  22. 22. ● Drug claims ● Benefits Utilization ● Stress & sick leave, short-term disability, long-term disability ● Absenteeism ● Turnover ● Tracked ROI for Current Wellness Initiatives Why a Strategic Focus on Outcomes
  23. 23. POCKET HEALTH COACH Holistic health Micro-habits Social Gamified Rewards
  24. 24. CORPORATE WELLNESS Centralized Hub Rewards Management Claims Insights Customized Content Population Analytics ROI Measurement
  25. 25. Fully-integrated Ecosystem Devices & Health apps Centralized Admin Dashboard & Database Connected Wearables Customized Mobile Experience Retargeting for Highest Cost Issues
  26. 26. (Inactive) Average SickSuper Fit DEMENTIA Only Optimity focuses on the middle majority Traditional Wellness Programs Disease Management Programs
  27. 27. 77% PARTICIPATION
  28. 28. ● Recruit champions across the organization ● Build leadership culture within staff ● Decentralize effort, but centralize coordination and results
  29. 29. ● Bring-your-own-device ● Right information at right time ● Decrease clutter: reduce emails with push notifications
  30. 30. ● Get metrics ● Leverage subject experts’ support ● Improve and customize your offering over time
  31. 31. 1. Takeaways from Mindfulness and Mental Health in the Workplace ● Top industry trends, impact of mental health on workplace ● What is mental health and CBT? ● Chakameh’s personal experiences ● How to get to started - 2017 checklist to be more mindful 2. Digital Wellness Implementation Strategies - Mental Health Optimity allows HR managers to leverage cutting-edge technology to run customized, engaging and adaptive employee programs from one hub. ● Digital solutions and best practices ● 3 Tips on getting highest participation in strategic mental health programs ● Holistic health can be scalable and engaging Mental Health in the Workplace: Summary
  32. 32. For anyone located in Ontario and are looking to learn more about Tranqool: Please e-mail Leslie Wise Learn more about how to improve mental health in your workplace: Hilary Turk
  33. 33. Next Webinar on Employee Engagement Best Practices: Thurdsay, April 6th at 2:00pm EST Register on our website: