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Corporate presentation (english)


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Corporate presentation (english)

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Corporate presentation (english)

  1. 1. We are a platform of multidisciplinary professionals network with over 12 years of experience in IntegratedCommunication, which we serve to our customers with our strategic and creative capabilities.We only understand Integrated Communication as the one that seeker effective, competitive and profitableresults using any of the disciplines of Communication and Marketing online and offline (Marketing, PublicRelations, Corporate Communications, Commercial Communication, Digital Communication, etc.).. "An optimist sees the opportunity in every calamity, a pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity." Winston Churchill (1874-1965) Barcelona. C/ Del´s Vergós, 54; 1º2ª · C.P. 08017 · Telf. +34.931.241.312 Madrid. C/ San Marcos, 33; 4º· C.P. 28004 · Telf. +34.915.324.313 Valencia. C/ Pintor Salvador Abril, 29; P. 10· C.P. 46005 · Telf. +34.963.342.771
  2. 2. We BELIEVEOur philosophy is to love, respect and share what we do, because is the only way we understand and satisfy the needs ofindividuals and entities involved in each project.- We believe it is necessary now a days, to be optimistic, give the best of ourselves and enhance organizations we work with,guiding them to follow the way of Excellence, through techniques from different disciplines such as Communication, Marketing,Total Quality Management, Knowledge management(Economics Knowledge), etc..- We believe that organizations are social subjects beyond economic agents. Our focus are people and belong the socialresponsibility. We are focus in YOU.- We believe that business can be sustainable, friendly with people, nature and resources; and be profitable.- We believe that collaboration and interdisciplinary intersection of talent means continuous improvement.- We believe that its the little nods that make a difference.Therefore we encourage organizations which we work with to be responsible not only in social, economic and ecologist way , butalso to promote the responsibility of customers with for example the use of their products.Therefore, our mission is to help organizations to establish trusting relationships with their audiences based oncoherence, Excellence and optimism, thereby contributing to build a society and economy more responsible. Follow-on liableCommunication projects that will help the organizations improve their (our) reality.
  3. 3. Vision and valuesWe have created because our vision is to contribute to our work to a more optimistic through realistic andtangible projects that change our present to a better future.Engines and principles that inspire us. Our values ​are:OPTIMISM.- Where there is a problem, we see an opportunity to improve. We are optimistic because we know that good workand our passion to bringing value to society through our clients, always becomes good results.EMPATHY.- The ability to get in the situation of our customers.PASSION.- for what we do, learning and constant innovation.CREATIVE SENSIBILITY .- Ability to break paradigms and create.CONFIDENCE.- We base our relationships on respect and mutual trust, without which we can´t grow as individuals andorganization over the long term.INTEGRITY.- We are coherent and consistent in our values, and we put the benefits to society and the client before our profit.COMMITMENT.- Work in what we like and know best, but above all, we are committed to our environment (people, nature, things,cultures, etc.).TEAM.- Ability to work as a team. Knowledge management, participation and good work unites us, makes us grow as individualsand collectively. 1 +1> 2
  4. 4. We DOWe are a Integrated Communication platform that can give response to any need for an organization, because if we do not havethe specialists in our fixed staff, we collaborate with other professionals of proven quality.The services more demanded by our actual clients are: Strategic research (especially in the design of new qualitative research tools based on technology, ethnography and trend analysis). The research itself should be a planned process to obtain key information for any project. Strategic planning and branding. Our experience allows us to create Brand Platform models and Frame Work models (for any brand, regardless of the size of the organization or product). Design and implementation of Corporate Communications Plans. The actions of any organization should be consistent with corporate identity, business strategy and communication, and based on a proper diagnosis to be effective strategic and profitable. Our Communication Plans are basic tools for the communicative function of the organization, and seek the usefulness and efficiency. We think long term and propose actions from any discipline that would be accurate for our client. Public Relations. (Optimization Reputation Management –on & offline-, mobilization in professional & social networks, Press Office, etc) .- We understand PR as communicative function that manages the image and reputation. Pioneers in the definition of how should be the management of Public Relations on the Internet, we develop programs to optimize online communication tools that support effective action to improve the visibility and positive reputation, unique and consistent long-term of our customers. On the Internet, more is not necessarily better, so the key is balance between resources, the communication objectives and the needs of our clients target audiences. Creation of communication tools: Websites (corporate, commercial, promotional, intranets, knowledge managers, CRM, CMS, etc..), Corporate review, house-organ, magazines, and so on.(We have designed, developed and / or optimized over a hundred websites since 2000, scalable and usable building sites). Crisis Management. Crisis manual, advice on crisis management, training speakers, etc.. Communication assessment. Conducted audits of the communicative function of organizations, and valuation of the actions made, through various existing tools or developed ad-hoc. All our projects include evaluation reports, which reflect success, corrective actions and recommendations.
  5. 5. We DOWe also have experience and we offer: Innovation: Training sessions, creation of processes of Total Quality, Innovation workshops (of product, Communication, Commercial area, etc.). Content Creation: Copy advertising, multimedia and publishing (internal, commercial, corporate magazines & blogs, etc.). Design: Communication materials (logo, corporate manual, apps, etc..) Packagings, product, industrial, ephemeral architecture and so on. Production: Video (corporate, advertising spots, etc..), music production, any event (Street marketing, conferences, courses, team building, etc.). We have a Pricing Policy co-responsible, budgeting based on the size and competence of the client, trying to give a fair price to our customers (“bigger organitation & saturated market means more work”).
  6. 6. MethodologyEvery project has four key steps: Research, Planning, Action and Evaluation.INVESTIGATION. The research phase is the important one, and that´s why we design custom research, even tools foreach customer. Analysis tools always used -regardless of the size of the client organization- are:• In-depth interviews to Clients project and key areas managers; our clients customers, suppliers, opinion leaders, etc..- The amount and depth of investigation depends on the project.• Communication Audit; analysis of results, strategy and tools used to date, as well as a web analysis and traffic audit to learn about the work done so far.• Online Reputation Monitoring. Online reputation is a reflection of all the areas of the company, and this analysis helps us to understand better the organization, industry and competition, as well as the key project areas.• Analysis of market trends. To work on the current reality is necessary but not sufficient, we must have an eye to the future to anticipate.• Benchmark of competitors and / or related fields. The observation and comparison is a basic communication method. Positive and negative things of others is the beginning of the action itself, and therefore will help to achieve our communication objectives.• SWOT is the final diagnosis tool, which allows a global view of the key areas on which we should work.PLANNING. Any project involves planning, allocation of responsibilities, resources and timing of actions, the production of what weare going to develop, and so on.ACTION. The action is the implementation of what we planned: Communication Plan, production and mobilization of materialssuch as advertising, the event´s production, etc. Everything depends on the project and resources, and we adapt them toachieve our client´s goals.EVALUATION. The evaluation is as essential as research, because it show us results and help us to implement corrective measures ifnecessary. Our mentality is focus in Excellence and Total Quality as a discipline of Continuous Improvement.
  7. 7. We COLLABORATEWE have worked with the following brands:
  8. 8. We ARE: Strategic team Lucía González Ortiz Patricia Plaza Silvestre María Vecino González mariavecino@optimistical.net36 years. BA in Advertising and Public 35 years. BA in Advertising and Public 35, PhD student, Politics, Media and SocietyRelations San Pablo CEU, Valencia; Relations San Pablo CEU, Valencia. (Blanquerna); Master in CommunicationMaster ESIC in Business Administration, Optimistic, cheerful, creative sensibility, Management (EAE) and BA in BusinessMaster in Marketing and Sales planner, dreamer, tireless traveler, Administraton (Staffordshire University). Thisby University of Barcelona and a perfectionist, passionate of movement and year begins a Master in ManagementDigital Marketing and e- action .. and Innovation in Communication (UMA).Commerce Master by the UOC. I think life is a wonderful journey, and during Creativity is to see and doThe passion for Marketing and it, we get the most for our learning, that we things different, therefore I apply myCommunication and the joy of living serve as an inspiration and enjoyment of creativity to solve problems. I see the best inmoves me within my work; I always new and different perspectives that travel people and things, and that gives me asee the positive side of things. I love my offers. My stars mean: freedom, revolution wonderful vision of life! I´m animals andjob and to find synergies with clients and and love. humans lover. I love to enjoy a good meal,with the rest of the team I work with. I Key experience: surrounded by my family and friends, whilebelieve that communication and Optimistic professional with over listening Radio3.clarity are key to assertiveness, and that twelve years experience in Tourism, Key experience:language has an important role. My Leisure and Internet companies, assuming Social and business entrepreneur, I havedesire is to stay update and to learn! I like responsibilities in ​Marketing and worked more than twelve years in the field ofpeople and open books. Communication area: Communication and the Internet, assumingKey experience: Marketing and - Developing and executing strategic plans . responsibilities in the areas of CorporateCommunication optimistic for all types of - Managing the different brands, advertising Communications, Marketing, Branding,businesses and to serve the public as it campaigns online, offline, below the line and Business and Innovation (working indeserves, more than 10 years, working Public Relations. agencies, media, publishing, national andas Product Manager, Marketing - Key account of the different partners and international client-and consultancy),Manager and Director of Marketing and suppliers. developing and implementing strategicCommunications Consultant off-online - Market research and CRM. plans and managing wide customer base.projects for over 3 years. Previous experience in advertising agencies. Expert in Information Technologies and Social Networks. Lecturer in various subjects of Public Relationships and Communication in some universities & business schools. 8
  9. 9. We ARE: Production Teamña_lapedra
  10. 10. “If you want to do something unconventional based on your social values, do it!” Paul Efmorfidis Coco Mat Founder. Barcelona. C/ Del´s Vergós, 54; 1º2ª · C.P. 08017 · Telf. +34.931.241.312 Madrid. C/ San Marcos, 33; 4º· C.P. 28004 · Telf. +34.915.324.313 Valencia. C/ Pintor Salvador Abril, 29; P. 10· C.P. 46005 · Telf. +34.963.342.771 10
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