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How to reduce your biological age with natural home cures


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How to reduce your biological age with natural home cures

  1. 1. Understanding Your Health at a Whole New Level
  2. 2. We offer weekly Q&A calls with our team of health experts to review your MAP results A Client Call-In Question...
  3. 3. On my MAP results, it says my biological age is older than my mother’s. How freaked out should I be? Question:
  4. 4. Well, if you’re not in terrible health, you shouldn’t worry. Answer:
  5. 5. About Your Biological Age • It’s just a sign, an indicator • To signal us to pay attention • Like the red light that comes on when the car is low on oil
  6. 6. Things To Watch Out For • Biological stress in your body • Imbalances & Deficiencies that impair system functions
  7. 7. What it Indicates... • You have a higher concentration of free radicals than antioxidants • That is what accelerates the aging process
  8. 8. For information about the biological evaluation process known as The MAP please go to