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Natural home remedies for managing depression and anxiety

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Natural home remedies for managing depression and anxiety

  1. 1. Understanding Your Health at a Whole New Level
  2. 2. We offer weekly Q&A calls with our team of health experts to review your MAP results A Client Call-In Question...
  3. 3. You say that The MAP works for understanding the source of depression. What things would lead to depression in our biology? Question:
  4. 4. Yes. In the biology, it’s the stress hormones. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you live a stressful life. Answer:
  5. 5. Stress May Not be Perceived • Can come from changes in your body, your diet, your job • Your relationship or finances can also cause stress
  6. 6. Biological Stress • Can be age dependent • Females are particularly susceptible due to hormonal changes
  7. 7. Stress Hormones • Deplete the production of the nitric oxide gas in the brain • Which leads to anxiety and depression
  8. 8. Use of Supplements • To mute or eliminate the production of the stress hormones • To increase the production of nitric oxide
  9. 9. Anxiety & Depression • Can be regulated via neuro-transmitters • Such as dopamine and serotonin
  10. 10. For information about the biological evaluation process known as The MAP please go to