What is the Review Center?

         The Review Center allows you to submit any document created in Optimal Resume to a c...
Review Center Tools
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                                                      The todo list allows you to make note...
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Review Center Help


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Extensive help file for OptimalResume.com's Review Center, Optimal 2.0 version.

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Review Center Help

  1. 1. What is the Review Center? The Review Center allows you to submit any document created in Optimal Resume to a career counselor for review. Counselors can provide helpful feedback to guide your writing and presentation. In some cases, you will be required to submit documents to the review center before they can be put on your resume website (see Adding Document to Your Website). Reviewing Process Submitting a Document Clicking the Review Center button to expand the Review Center and show the current status of your document, messages from career counselors, and a todo list. If this is your first time submitting your document, its status will be set to Not Reviewed/Pending automatically. When submitting a document for the first time, you will need to pick a group or career counselor. Use the drop-down menus to find your career counselor or group. You can also include an optional message. When you’re ready to submit your document for review, click the Submit button. Once a document is submitted, you will need to wait for a response from your career counselor. If the status of your document has changed, or if you have received new comments or todo items, it will be reflected in your notifications. You can also check back in the Review Center to see a history of com- ments and status changes in your document. Document Status There are three statuses you could receive on a document: Pending – Your document has not been reviewed yet; approval is pending review Not Approved/Requires Edits – Counselor believes that document is not ready; you must make changes to your document and resubmit it for approval again. Approved – Your document is appropriate and ready to be used in other programs and modules. If your document is not approved on the first submission, you will have the option to make edits and resubmit your document to the same counselor. Check your Comments and Todo List to see if there are specific areas you need to edit in your document. When you’re ready for the next submission, click the Resubmit button above your status. 1 www.optimalresume.com • 877.998.7654 • support@optimalresume.com
  2. 2. Review Center Tools Todo List The todo list allows you to make notes about what needs to be completed in your document. You can enter todo items by clicking the Add button, entering a new item, and clicking Submit. Your todo list will show a history of all todo items, including date added, and whether it has been completed. New items will appear in the Pending Items tab, meaning that they have not been completed yet. Once you have completed an item, check the box next to it, and it will be moved to the Completed Items tab. Comments The rightmost box in the Review Center shows a history of comments sent between you and your counselor regarding your document. Click the Show All button to see the entire history of comments. To send a new comment to your counselor, click the Add Comment button, enter your comment in the text field, and click Submit. Adding Documents to Your Website In some cases, you will need to have your documents approved by a counselor before you can add them to your resume website. To see if this applies to you, go to the website builder and check the document type that you wish to use. If you see a message that reads “Only approved resumes can be selected,” you will only be able to use documents that have been submitted and approved via the Review Center. 2 www.optimalresume.com • 877.998.7654 • support@optimalresume.com