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Banking on mobile


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by Kris Nygren

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Banking on mobile

  1. 1. BankingonMobileKris NygrenOptimal Usability
  2. 2. BankingonMobileKris NygrenOptimal Usability
  3. 3. 6 billion mobiles outnumber landline connections 5:1
  4. 4. 1.2 billion active mobile web users• Outnumber fixed broadband connections 2:1• Make up 8.5% of all Internet page views• Many mobile web users are mobile only (25% in the US)
  5. 5. Annual revenue from mobile advertising? $US2.5 billion
  6. 6. Hang on…say what?! “We had more than 425 million mobile active users in December 2011….we expect customersaround the world will continue toincrease the amount of time they spend and the information they share and consume through mobile devices” Facebook IPO Statement
  7. 7. Pop QuizWhich mobile operating system was the global leader in mobileweb page views in January 2012?
  8. 8. c) 32%
  9. 9. 1.5 billion handsets sold in 2011 2:1 “94% were not iPhones” mobiThinking
  10. 10. 488 million smartphones sold in 2011 2:1
  11. 11. 488 million smartphones sold in 2011 1:1
  12. 12. 300,000 apps developed in the past three years …downloaded 10.9 billion times …1 in 4 apps never used again
  13. 13. Always go native?
  14. 14. MobileFinancialServices
  15. 15. MFS users globally 1.1 billion +2000%55 million 2009 2015
  16. 16. • 87% of Americans have a mobile phone• 35% have a smartphone• 18% used mobile banking in the past 12 months• A further 10% plan to use it in the next 12 months
  17. 17. 48% cited security concernsas a reason they don’t usemobile bankingA MyPrivateBanking study lookedat almost 200 apps from 50 of theworld’s biggest banks:• “Mobile apps offer less security than online banking”• Only “30% mobile banking apps offer strong security”
  18. 18. Mobilebankingtrends?
  19. 19. Mobilebankingtrends?
  20. 20. Who is leading the charge?
  21. 21. …or as his mum calls him when he is in trouble: JP Morgan Chase• “Best in Class” for Mobile Banking in 2011 - Javelin• #1 Mobile Banking Offering 2012 - Keynote Mobile Banking Scorecard• #1 in Mobile Website and App 2011 -Keylime Interactive• Best Use of Smartphone Camera 2011 - Webby Awards• Average 4 stars from iPhone and iPad reviewers. More than 50% gave a perfect 5.
  22. 22. JP Morgan ChaseComplete Mobile banking offering – txt,Mobile Web, iPhone, iPad, Android andBlackberry
  23. 23. What aboutMobile “UX”?
  24. 24. • Usability guidelines are similar to desktop – but a lot less forgiving (smaller screen , time poor users) = reduce, remove, synthesise• Jacob Nielsen’s mobile usability guidelines have grown from 85 to 210 over the past two yearsUsability is improving:• Tested user success rates of mobile sites is up to 62%• Mobile native app success rate is 76%• Desktop success rate is 84%Customers are raising the bar (expectingmore)…• So from now on, your mobile sites and apps better be good
  25. 25. International eBanking Benchmark StudyAustralia JapanBrazil PolandCanada RussiaChile South AfricaCzech Republic South KoreaFinland SpainGermany SwitzerlandIreland UKItaly USA
  26. 26. Keypads for field entry defaults to alpha or numeric respectivelyKeypads defaulted for entry Most banks do default the keypad to the Yes No alphas or numeric depending on what is required from the field. 24% R: The keypad should always default to alpha or 76% numeric depending on what is required.
  27. 27. Site feels secure and offers sufficient help?Security shown There is an expectation that secure mobile solutions give an indication that it is secure, yet some banks Yes No still missed this vital piece of information. 38% Though apps are supposed to be very easy, for the62% beginner there seems to be little to no help offered by many of the banks. Help offered Yes No 34%66%
  28. 28. Top banks that met most of the usability evaluation criteriaMost of the criteria met: Woori bankMany of the criteria met:
  29. 29. MB$ ?
  30. 30. MB$ ?
  31. 31. "The best thing a mobile interaction designer can do is observe human behaviour“ Nick Finc, UX guru
  32. 32. So what aboutright here?
  33. 33. Penetration of smartphones in NZ? (accepting that mobile penetration is 100%) 33%18%
  34. 34. Percentage of people accessing the internet on a mobile or handheld device30% 27%25%20% 18% 5 hours or15% more per week10% 7% 5% 0% 2007 2009 2011The AUT World Internet Project December 2011
  35. 35. TNS Mobile Life Study - Mobile Banking “Using now”“The results of our studyshow that mobile bankinggrowth will be driven by 28%solutions that facilitate easyaccess to accounts, buyingphone credit and payingutility bills, for example.” 39% Dave Thomas, TNS “Interested”
  36. 36. And finally, someinteresting newstuff…
  37. 37. Person-to-person credit card payments (using the smartphone camera) lets users pay for items by holding their credit card up to the phone’s camera. The new apps are meant for person-to-person payments e.g. splitting lunch, paying for gas etc.
  38. 38. Make an onlinepurchase with cash –through mysmartphone?PayNearMeThe consumer buys something online with thePayNearMe mobile option. The merchantrenders a barcode so that when the consumerwalks into their store they can scan the barcodeand accept the cash payementA receipt populates on the phone and themerchant recieves the payment.
  39. 39. - Aims to change the ways kids use and think about money- Platform for earning, saving, giving and spending- Kid-friendly access to curated and controlled Amazon store
  40. 40. Thanks forstopping by !