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No Ops? Or Yes, Ops! The Future of Operations in a DevOps World


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DevOps is supposed to bring the worlds of software development and IT operations together, leveraging automation to shift the responsibilities of ops personnel away from traditional ops tasks.

In some circles, the natural evolution of this trend leads to ‘NoOps’ – where data centers are entirely lights-out, with nary an ops person in sight. For enterprises, the ops role will certainly evolve, but rumors of its demise have been greatly exaggerated.

In the future, IT capabilities will become a set of shared services with central governance that supports autonomy across the entire organization, so that teams can be as close to the customer experience as possible.

Join Jason Bloomberg, president of analyst firm Intellyx, and Darren Cunningham, vice president, marketing from OpsRamp, who will discuss:

What should be the role of IT ops in the new modern, hybrid, multi-cloud, cloud native world
What are the new skills, approaches, and strategies that ops teams will require
How DevOps and other transformative trends will actually make ops more important, not less

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No Ops? Or Yes, Ops! The Future of Operations in a DevOps World

  1. 1. Darren Cunningham, OpsRamp Jason Bloomberg, Intellyx No Ops? OrYes, Ops! The Future of Operations in a DevOpsWorld
  2. 2. NoOps? Or Yes, Ops! The Future of Operations in a DevOps World Jason Bloomberg President @theebizwizard Copyright © 2018, Intellyx, LLC
  3. 3. The Shifting Landscape of IT Operations • Manual tooling • On-prem only • Strained relationship with appdev • Reactive ‘firefighting’ – Increasing automation – Fully hybrid, cloud-first – Collaboration & increasing ‘infrastructure as code’ – Predictive, leveraging AI Copyright © 2018, Intellyx, LLC All here today
  4. 4. What is NoOps? • Fully automated IT environment • Entirely abstracted from underlying infrastructure • No need for team to manage infrastructure in- house Copyright © 2018, Intellyx, LLC PhotoCredit:PhotoCredit:ChristopherBowns
  5. 5. Where is NoOps in Practice Today? • At Google? – A lot of buzz around NoOps in 2016, but focus has shifted to expanding set of services • At AWS? – Pushing for NoOps at customers, but not internally • Apple, Facebook, NetFlix, etc.? – Ops at scale doesn’t mean NoOps • Enterprises? – Not on your life Copyright © 2018, Intellyx, LLC PhotoCredit:JonathanStewart
  6. 6. NoOps On the Cloud (not in It) NoOps on the Cloud Copyright © 2018, Intellyx, LLC ImageCredit:TylerTreat Traditional Ops
  7. 7. NoOps vs. DevOps Gene Kim boils down DevOps to three principles: • Flow: movement of features through CI pipeline – NoOps lowers friction & increases flow, making DevOps better • Fast feedback: as features progress through pipeline – NoOps facilitates shipping of defects as well as features – Proper monitoring and feedback necessary • Continuous learning & improvement – NoOps is culmination of this process Copyright © 2018, Intellyx, LLC To say NoOps is the end of DevOps is to say we have nothing left to learn and nothing to improve. – Jordan Bach, DevOps engineer Quote:
  8. 8. NoOps vs. ‘NewOps’ Copyright © 2018, Intellyx, LLC ImageCredit:TylerTreat Add ‘on premises’ for fully hybrid environment
  9. 9. What is ‘Hybrid IT’? • Management approach centered on a workload- centric and value-driven abstracted technology stack • May include: – Legacy infrastructure – On-premises virtualization – Private and/or public cloud – IaaS, PaaS, and/or SaaS Copyright © 2018, Intellyx, LLC9 PhotoCredit:SeanEllis
  10. 10. When would NoOps be Practical? • When your environment is largely homogeneous • When change at the infrastructure level is rare • When you have nothing more to learn about ops Copyright © 2018, Intellyx, LLC PhotoCredit:KindnessArt Ain’t gonna happen
  11. 11. Modern Ops, or ‘NewOps’ • Cloud-first • Proactive – AI-driven predictive insights and automation • Collaborative – Constant feedback, learning relationship with appdev, ops as services • Fully hybrid – Public cloud, hosted/on-premises private cloud, on-premises virtualized environments, and legacy environments Copyright © 2018, Intellyx, LLC PhotoCredit:ChristoDrummkopf
  12. 12. Darren Cunningham, OpsRamp From Operational to Transformational Digital Operations
  13. 13. From Software Everywhere to Ops Needed Everywhere 2015 "Every business will become a software business, build applications, use advanced analytics and provide SaaS services.” -Satya Nadella Today Every business unit is a software startup, not waiting for IT, sourcing external providers.
  14. 14. There are 3 Transformations Driving IT Today IT Transformation Infrastructure Transformation Proliferation of Cloud Services Device-centric to workload-centric Cost escalation DevOps Transformation Supporting continuous delivery From “specialist” to “versatilist” Agility is the primary driver Tool Transformation Point tools are a reality Many metrics, but no system topology Contextual views are now a rarity
  15. 15. 15 Infrastructure Transformation OLD WAY Datacenters Servers Private Cloud Virtualization Centralized IT Staff NEW WAY Multi-Cloud Serverless Cloud-Native Applications Hybrid IT Management Decentralized Teams
  16. 16. The Dev-ification of Ops Focus is on: • Flexibility • Agility • Continuous Deployment “Operations has been adopting so many of the techniques used by developers to support more agile and responsive processes that we're seeing a kind of "dev-ification of ops.” -Gene Kim
  17. 17. 17 DevOps Requires A New Kind Of Business Mindset Real- Time Visibility Application Performance Business Service Availability Reporting System Health
  18. 18. 18 But Do Point Tools Miss the Point?
  19. 19. Control the Chaos with a Unified Platform 100% Visibility across your hybrid IT infrastructure 50% Cost savings vs. too many ITOM tools in place today. 50% Reduction in MTTR Take Action Faster with Context and Insight (AIOps) Be the First to Know Run IT Ops as a Service 50% Reduction in MTTD
  20. 20. From Jason: • Cloud-first and proactive (AI-driven predictive insights and automation) • Collaborative (Constant feedback, learning relationship with appdev, ops as services) • Fully hybrid From Darren: • Recognize the shift to IT Operations as a Service • Seek to become service-centric, not element centric • Investigate AIOps and a platform approach to modern IT Ops Next Steps