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IAB Ad Operations Summit- The Impact of Consolidation on Operational Efficiency


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Mike Leo, CEO and President of Operative, spoke at the IAB Ad Operations Summit in New York on November 7, 2011 on how publishers can balance innovation and efficiency, and why they no longer need to choose between the two.

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IAB Ad Operations Summit- The Impact of Consolidation on Operational Efficiency

  1. 1. November 7, 2011The Impact of Consolidationon Operational EfficiencySteve Sullivan, Vice President, Digital Supply Chain Solutions, IABHeather Keltz, Group Director, Ad Operations, NYTimes.comKirby Winfield, Senior Vice President, Campaign Verification, comScoreBill Wise, Chief Executive Officer, MediaBankAn Introduction by Mike Leo, President/CEO
  2. 2. 2Does the consolidation of the industry’s operatingsystems mean less complexity and more orefficiency—or less choice, less competition, lessinnovation?
  3. 3. 3Is there consolidation?
  4. 4. 4Consolidation Is Not Happening IAB Associate/Vendor Membership 140 125 25 1 2001 2005 2009 2011
  6. 6. 6Do I have to choose betweeninnovation and effectiveness?
  7. 7. No. But there is a formula:Business Management Software
  8. 8. 8What is anOperating System?
  9. 9. 9Source: SearchCIO-Midmarket
  10. 10. 10 Criteria for Choosing an Operating System“Nearly all men die of their 1 ① Agnosticremedies, not of their • Enables creation and innovation ofillnesses.” solutions stack • Can’t compete- Jean Baptiste Moliére 2 ② Enterprise-wide • The whole company • A unified yield curve – all channels 3 ③ Scale – this drives integrations
  11. 11. Who We’re Left With…
  12. 12. 12The Job of Ad Operations….What is my approach to building anefficient company that continuallyinnovates?